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July 26, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

OzHarvest-cooking-for-a-causeMy name is Joanne aka mickeydownunder aka Joanna aka FANG and I have a confession!

I was previously a food waster and based on my Yelp Adelaide Cooking For A Cause – OzHarvest, I have reformed my ways and am “inspired” (thanks to cook Silvia Hart and South Australian state co-ordinator for OzHarvest Hayley Everuss) to minimize food waste through recycling foods, and/or re-creating others ways to use.
Hayley-Silvia-Ozharvest,jpgWhile I am not usually “a statistics kind of gal“, I thought you might like to know an “astounding” 35 TONNES of excess food is collected by the wonderful volunteers of OzHarvest which operates in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide!

The food that is collected is delivered to over 500 charities.

In June this year, OzHarvest Adelaide rescued “their 1,000,000th” meal.

For those who have not previously heard of OzHarvest, it is a non profit charity that was founded in 2004.

OzHarvest believes “good food should not be wasted.”
WasteExcess food is “generously” donated by professionally catered events and licensed food caterers; not individual homes.

In turn, the excess food collected enables the charities to utilize funding in other programs for the less fortunate.

Did you know you can re-use garlic peels? I previously discarded…YOU?

Do you use the greens of celeriac? I previously discarded too!

Did you know you can add apple pulp from juicing (skins and all) instead of sugar in a recipe?

Cook Silvia Hart (owner of The Seasonal Garden Café) provided heaps of “hints and tips” and was “inspirational” as can be!
Silvia-Hart-cooking Silvia-Hart-food-wastageI know Silvia opened my eyes to not only HOW much food is wasted, but also HOW much excess food winds up in landfills that we never get to use or see!

As part of our Yelp Adelaide Cooking for a Cause – OzHarvest experience, 19 selected Elite reviewers (led by Yelp Adelaide Community Manager Chloe) were selected to cook 100 meals for the homeless.
VolunteersWhat I loved on the day (under the guidance of Hayley, Silvia and Chloe), was “the sense of community” our group shared.We cooked, we talked, we listened, we cooked. (Did I mentioned we cooked? lol)
Food-volunteers Cooking-volunteers

There were several work stations and everyone gravitated towards a given task.
volunteers-food Lee-Lam

I thought it was fun (and the laughter in the room said it all), that TEAM TOMATO was egging on (no pun lol), TEAM TABOULLEH and TEAM POTATO was making TEAM ONION cry! (tears of joy)

Group-photo“What can be donated?, I “hear” you say?

Fresh produce without significant decay, chopped fresh produce, frozen or fresh meat, eggs, bakery items etc.

I “honestly” did not think I wasted a lot of food as wasting food has been a lifelong “pet peeve” for me!

A “VERY BIG” thank you to Hayley, Chloe and Silvia, what this Yelp Adelaide Cooking For A Cause did for me, is make me A LOT “more aware” of how every person, every business, every food event CAN make a difference AND change people’s lives REMARKABLY!


If you are a café, supermarket, caterer, Function centre manager, Tourist operator, Hotelier, Food Wholesaler, Retail of food, Restaurant owner, Deli owner or other provider of food (not individual homes) reading this post…PLEASE “reach out“, “get involved” “donate your excess food” by contacting OzHarvest Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle!

Based on reading this today, is there something YOU can do?

I would love to hear your comments about YOUR food wastage and perhaps on behalf of OzHarvest you can visit or phone YOUR local business and get them involved in a GREAT cause that makes a difference!

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24 thoughts on “Yelp Adelaide Cooking For A Cause – OzHarvest

  1. I loved reading this!!!! Awesome info!!

  2. fabulous post Joanne! thanks for reminding us about this wonderful cause. i HATE waste, it really upsets me when I hear of restaurants using a bit of a vegetable for garnish and chucking out the rest instead of using it for stock, compost or chicken food etc.

  3. mymixngspoon says:

    It’s so nice to see people passionate for a cause!!! What a great post to share with FFF, Joanne! Love it! 🙂 –Zannie

  4. G’day Joanne! Thank you so much for sharing this post. I know we all agree this is a global issue. It is always important to get the word out and this is the perfect platform for this important cause.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with Foodie Friends Friday.

    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

  5. Such a fantastic cook4acause! Save more food for ppl who need them the most! Well done Joanne and glad to see Natasha and Sylvia!

  6. Sounds like a great program! I try to waste as little food as I can. I use a lot of leftovers from veggies to make stock and I compost any food waste to feed my plants. Great post 🙂

  7. Gloria C-L says:

    What a wonderful program, especially in light of how much food unnecessarily goes to waste! It’s a big problem here in the US, too, unfortunately. I very much enjoyed reading your post, and learned something new, too (I had no clue that garlic skins can be put to good use!)
    Keep it zesty 🙂

  8. This is such a good program and it’s so fantastic that all this perfectly good food is not needlessly discarded. It just goes to show that the world has enough of everything for everyone as long as it’s properly distributed xx

  9. The amount of food waste is such a problem! Great post and good on you for spreading the word about waste Joanne 🙂

  10. A lovely event and great cause!



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