Are You Curious What’s Going On In My Kitchen This Month?


November 1, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Moroccan-chicken-preserved-lemons-whatsonthelistAre You Curious What’s Going On In My Kitchen This Month?

You have already clicked through, so you might as well satisfy your curiosity now that you are here!

With a blink of an eye, last month became this month and I honestly don’t know where time goes!

I surely would love to know…YOU?

Thank you Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for your In My Kitchen monthly series that allows me to keep track of time and love being invited into other people’s kitchens worldwide and having fun!

This month was exceptionally busy as Chef Georgio and I hosted our Moroccan Tagine Party and what a GREAT night!

Moroccan-party-theme-whatsonthelist Moroccan-tagine-party-whatsonthelist
Lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of memories made, lots of food and most of all everyone really enjoyed trying new things as there were 15 things on the menu!

I “sense” by know, you know I love to cook and bake!

Some of the dishes on the night included the featured photo of Moroccan Tajine Chicken with preserved lemons and olive, Stuffed Dates with honey, cinnamon and walnut cream, Manaeesh Flatbreads with Za’atar and a beautifully vibrant Eggplant Stew!

Stuffed-dates-appetizer-whatsonthelist Manaeesh-Moroccan-bread Eggplant-salad
Traditional Moroccan mint tea was served at the party and think now I am hooked!

I am “traditionally” a coffee drinker and am spoiled every morning as Chef Georgio aka Barista Georgio makes my coffee and delivers it to my computer!

When I saw this absolutely adorable tea pot and cake stand at the dollar discount store near me, they just HAD to make their way In My Kitchen this month!

Teapot Cucpake-stand
I LOVE making restaurant quality Ciabatta bread at home and with Thermalina (my Thermomix), it saves SO much time and money!

As part if my International Food Challenge – InterAustralia Cuisine, I did a twist on the Aussie damper bread creating Joanna’s Pesto Sundried Tomato Aussie Damper Scrolls.

One word?



And then there’s the gadgets!

I have the curiosity of a five year old and remember vividly asking (probably exhausting) my mum when I was little, “What’s this?” “What’s that?”

My unending barrage of questions was probably more than any parent could handle, so now I understand why the Encyclopedia Britannica (sadly no longer made or will be sold) was one of my many “intellectually stimulating friends!”

“What’s this?”

I had never seen an Onion Saver and wondered if it worked!

Needless to say it came home with me from the shops and made it In My Kitchen today!


I swear I think my friends search high and low for all unusual, interesting and quirky things to bring me to try!

You should see the “smiling cheshire cat” look on their face when they present a gadget to me; especially one I had never heard of or seen!

Cheshire-cat-smile                            Image Courtesy of Behind The Voice Actors

A Stone Hot Pot with a unique steam release vent that can be used in the microwave!

How unusual and it definitely has my curiosity; look forward to what I create!

While still in the dollar discount store this Ice Cream Genie and ice cream ceramic dishes were part of the Clearance aka further on sale rack!

I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D when I saw this Ice Cream Genie and put it to the side of my face as if I was being filmed for a tv commercial and started with:

“Want ice cream in three minutes?”

Well, you too can do!

Mums, Dads, Kids….ALL you have to do is shake and in three minutes you can have fresh ice cream to make and enjoy anywhere….spoon included!”

I know, HOW old am I?

The staff at the local store know me and know my blog, like me, is all about fun!

The salesgirl said once she heard my commercial pitch, she wanted to buy one too!

I thought my words were only being played in my head on the day; I must not have had my word filter on that day! lol

How cool are these and can’t wait to make ice cream!

Last, but not least, today I made a Roasted Potato & Garlic Bacon Soup for a blog post coming soon!

Chef Georgio gave it two thumbs up; a keeper recipe!

Even my imaginary friend Count Dracula would love this soup In My Kitchen!

Do you enjoy peeking In My Kitchen every month?

Is there something that caught your eye in my blog post today?

Do you enjoy hosting your own parties?

Look forward to the next party, coming right around the corner In My Kitchen!

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All comments “on my blog please” brighten my day and in sharing Are You Curious What’s Going On In My Kitchen This Month?


47 thoughts on “Are You Curious What’s Going On In My Kitchen This Month?

  1. Sandy says:

    Someone else’s in my kitchen post had an awesome link to pomegranate choc brownies! Might be worth looking into!

    This year sure has gone quickly!
    Your morrocan night looks amazing – the red tagine pots look so fancy.
    And oh those walnut cream dates, mmmmmmmmmm my favourite!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a delicious kitchen you have this month…. Love love everything 🙂 and if you ever want La Morena chipotle my local former stocks them so I could send them to you! Thanks for sharing! Liz x

  3. oh yes i have one of those onions savers too. i love it and use it often. which is strange as who would think to have bits of onion left over? but oddly enough I do! love the tea pot and stand. so pretty.

  4. heidiannie says:

    Joanna- your IMK posts are always a party!
    And I love the onion keeper- sure looks neater than the plastic sandwich bag in my fridge!
    Thanks so much for sharing- I always enjoy visiting here!

  5. Joanne, looks delicious to me! Oh, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of dried pomegranate seeds; no idea what I’d do with them! I do love fresh pomegrantes and I’m always reminded of my father who loved them, too, but only after my mother or I did all the messy work and presented him with a bowl of arils/seeds.

  6. Curious to know where you got your pomegranate seeds from, Joanne? They sound fantastic.

    • Thanks Christine for stopping by! I got them at my local health food store, but am sure you can order them directly from Morlife online or an online health food store if you are looking for freeze dried….for dried pomegranate seeds, always order from Herbie’s.

  7. fergie51 says:

    Such a great sense of joy and cheery colour radiating out from your kitchen!

  8. Joanne, your dining room looks so festive! I love the row of red tagines lined up ready for serving! Your new teapot and cake plate are very cute, and I would have bought as many tins of chipotles in adobo as I could carry, even if they were out of date – they’re my favourite. Your bread is looking divine as well! Have a great November! x

  9. Hi Joanne! You’ve taken my breath away – what a roundup! I’m intrigued with your icecream ‘maker’ – I’ve always wondered if they worked! I’ll be on the look out for one now!

  10. Joanne, your Moroccan themed party looks festive and the menu sounds tasty… wish I was there! I also love your scroll rolls & flavor combo. Yes, I definitely enjoy peeking in your kitchen!

  11. Never been to a tagine party, everything sounds scrumptious and I would love a dollar store like you have – so many treasures to be found.
    Have a lovely day Joanne.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  12. Wow Joanne what Ia busy month, I love a tagine and those dates look so good I want to order them by the dozen.
    I think we all have those kitchen ware shops assistance that look at us and know, “yep, they’re a blogger” and think $$$. I’m glad, they encourage your sense of humour!
    Does your icecream machine work? I never have any luck with the infomercial type gadgets.
    Look forward to one day having a cuppa together, maybe on the tv hehe.

    • G’day and big thanks for visiting Jason as your comments always make my day! I have GREAT luck with gadgets; kind of like me being Dr Doolittle (one of my other nicknames) with animals, excepts talking to gadgets works too! I have the ice cream thing on my list to do! 🙂
      I will look forward to that cuppa and celebrating your TV debut! 🙂

  13. What a fun looking Moroccan party. All those gadgets look great, I would go crazy too but don’t know where I would out them all.

  14. Haha I’m laughing so much at Vicki’s pee in your kitchen. Sorry Vicki 🙂 Joanne where do you put all your gadgets? I’m sure I’ve asked before – can you give me a bit of notice if you ever have a garage sale please!

  15. My Kitchen Stories says:

    You just love a gadget. Where do you put them all?. I like the look of your soup makes me really hungry

  16. Wow you have been busy! I love the look of the chicken tagine and it looked like it would have been a fantastic party – love Moroccan food. I also bought those freeze dried pomegranate seeds (made pomegranate choc chip brownies with them). I’m going to have to try those sundried tomato scrolls, they look delicious and can’t wait to see the recipe for the soup. Thanks for such a great pee into your kitchen.

  17. Glenda says:

    Hi Joanne, your Moroccan Tagine party sounds like fun. I love the menu and all you other little gadgets.

  18. Your Moroccan party sounds fantastic 🙂 I love the tagine pots too – and those ice cream cones!

  19. Oh my goodness what is not happening in your kitchen!! Its all there! lol love the morroccan dish looks divine. Love what you did with the damper – damper is so boring so you nailed that challenge. Love the icecream bowls and the gadgets and wow my kitchen is never that exciting! Thank you for sharing it all with us at Sunday Brunch! have pinned that Morrocan dish 😉 have a great week

  20. Francesca says:

    t’s always fascinating popping into your kicteh with so many new gadgets on the go. Thanks for sharing.

  21. lizzygoodthings says:

    Such deliciousness, Joanne… where did you find the pomegranate seeds?

  22. What a fun party idea … definitely bookmarking that! I need to try those sun-dried tomato rolls and the eggplant stew. Yum:)

  23. I love Moroccan flavors. Your dish look amazing with all the olives. Pinned and stumbled.

  24. I’ve never heard of an ice cream genie but I think I need one. Or any other kind of genie too! Good things in your kitchen, Joanne!

  25. Angela says:

    So many delicious treats!!! That soup sounds fantastic!!! I love the tables cape for the Moroccan night! `

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