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March 2, 2016 by Joanne T Ferguson

This newly created, innovative Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant Adelaide will even make a carnivore's heart sing!Have you heard about the newly creative, innovative Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant in Adelaide?

Executive Chef and Owner, Justin Miles has launched and revealed his “passionately created” 8 course Vegetable Degustation Menu showcasing “real local South Australian produce.”

Justin’s shared, “Consumers are wanting to know where produce comes from,” and was inspired by Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of Dirt Candy, an award-winning vegetable restaurant in New York City’s Lower East Side.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Margy Abbot, owner and director of
AMJ Produce & Co. who is one of South Australia’s 50 most influential people in the food industry.

Margy, along with her husband Chris (who she describes as “the real hero of the business”) are “wholesale suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables to restaurants and caterers.”

Margy shared her company’s unique story of listening to chefs, who she considers “the life-house of the restaurant business,” supporting South Australian growers, promoting South Australian fruit and vegetables and endlessly seeks to explore and create a vision of “what’s going to work on the plate.”
Food is about where it is grown and who grows and facilitates foods getting to restaurants, like for this Vegetable Degustation menu Windy Point Restaurant.
It was also lovely meeting AMJ Produce & Co.’s Project Flash Dance Growers Tony and Tracy who were delighted seeing all their hours of passionate work on their farm and the ending as it transpired on the plate.”

It was a first time experience for Tony and Tracey and I do agree with Margy that on the night, Tony and Tracey had a twinkle of delight in their eyes as they capitulated exactly why for family generations they grow produce for the people of South Australia.”

Starting the night was a delight with Jusitn’s house-made crunchy Olive Bread served with Hindmarsh Valley demi-sel (semi salted) Butter.
Olive Bread with Hindmarsh Valley Butter is a great way to start this Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant Adelaide.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
First Course: pickled baby vegetables, sauce gribiche (mayonnaisse cold egg sauce), beetroot
Mushroom –
treasure trove map of vegetable delight for the palate; loved depth of flavor & combination of mushrooms that appeared as soil
Wine Match: NV Dalzotto – fresh, crisp, fruity, subtle spice and fun
Mushroom as the first course of this Vegetable Degustation Menu uses a combination of intense porcini and other mushroom varieties.
Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Second Course: watermelon, carrot chips, Persian fetta, caper leaves
Beetroot –
refreshing tri-colored pressed watermelon cubes soaked in beetroot juice combined with an enjoyable vegetable “taste-texture”
2015 Pewsey Vale Reisling – light, fruity & pleasant
What a unique way to experience pressed watermelon infused in beetroot juice as part of the Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant.
Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Third Course :
 papadum, fennel, cavolo nero (dark, loose-leafed cabbage aka Tuscan kale), quail egg
Potato –
an unusual combination of mild, spiced potato curry with light, crunchy kale and papadum; big fan of fennel and the quail egg was perfect
2014 Hill Smith Chardonnay –
simply stated….think of floral and spice…lovely match
This third course of potato, combined with fennel, Tuscan kale and quail egg is exquisitely divine on the vegetable Degustation Meni Windy Point Restaurant.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Fourth Course: buffalo mozzarella, mint, pea, za’atar
Zucchini – 
delicately, delicious mini zucchini, hand picked on the day with the mozzarella, mint and za’atar combination, left me yearning for more; the vegetable sorbet cleanser of this degustation menu and was interesting to learn the difference between a male and female zucchini flower
2013 Geoff Hardy Gruner Veltiner – slightly heavier fruity, lemony with a subtle hint of spice
This fourth dish on the Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant combines the beautiful freshness of hand picked zucchini with buffalo mozzarella, mint, pea and za'atar.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Fifth Course: cumin puree, vincotto, peanuts
Carrot –
tri-colored carrots, with Middle Eastern cumin, smooth, creamy, rich, delicious puree with a sweet drizzle of vincotto, lightly thick and syrupy; the peanuts provided a crunch texture to the dish, however was a tad salty based on personal taste. The Asian style carrot salad was nicely spiced with coriander, chili and lime topped with “fun, fennel fronds”
2010 Barratt Pinot Noir – fruity & smoky, beautifully matched and complimented the dish   
Carrot is the fifth course of the Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant and combines a rich Middle Eastern spiced puree, syrupy vincotto and peanuts to round of the dish.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Sixth Course: cucumber, brown rice, pomegranate

Cauliflower – really enjoyed this beautifully spiced cauliflower curry with pickled cucumber; provided a wonderful chili and spice zing made from Justin’s own roasted Ras al Hanout recipe. While the puffed rice may not have been my particular favorite, overall an enjoyable dish
2013 John Duval Plexus GSM – fruity, minty, peppery matched and complimented this course
Cauliflower with an intense flavor cumin curry added some beautiful spice to this sixth course Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Seventh Course : marjoram, spinach, tomato, bernaise
truly exciting puff pastry mini pie; the burst of fresh flavor sweetcorn was truly the star of this dish with a beautiful sauce
2013 Fox Gordon Nero d’Avola –
translates to Black of Avola; really enjoyed the deep, depth of chocolate and mint flavor which complemented this dish
Sweetcorn was truly the highlight of this Vegetable Degustation menu Windy Point Restaurant as the corn kernels burst with flavor.Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant
Eight Course:
chickpea, date, wild strawberry, rockmelon
Fig – great way to sadly end this chorus of Vegetable Degustation Menu dishes; all of the elements danced on the plate with each other, leaving you with a happy, healthy, vegetable smile
Mr Pickwick Port –
one can never go past this port to finish off a wonderfully exciting meal
Vegetable-Degustation-Menu-Windy-Point-Restaurant-Fig-whatsonthelistThe launch of this Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant in Adelaide is different and unique, even making a carnivore’s curiosity peak!

What a great way to show support for South Australian produce grown and cultivated with pride, as well as experiencing a variety of seasonal South Australian vegetable dishes and South Australian wines.

Not only do these dishes “do the vegetable happy dance” on the plate, but serve to appreciate the amazing South Australian people for their unending passion for growing and producing the best of the best best, showcasing to the world what South Australia has to offer — great food, great wines and passion for being innovative second to none!

I do hope South Australians come and experience this Vegetable Degustation Menu and what a great way to bring both carnivore’s and vegetable lover’s together for the night, as I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you to Executive Chef Justin Miles and Head Chef Nathan Mrotek for being invited to experience this Vegetable Degustation Menu and for yours and your staff’s wonderfully enchanting hospitality!

Windy Point Restaurant
Windy Point Lookout
Belair, South Australia 5052
(08) 8278 8255

$115.00 Food Only
$185.00 Food With Matching Wines (recommend)

36 thoughts on “Vegetable Degustation Menu Windy Point Restaurant

  1. Wow! These are some delicious meals, Joanne! I would love to try this unique and mouthwatering food!

  2. theninjabaker says:

    Love the artful plating and the passion behind showcasing the produce of Australian farmers. Every time I read your posts, I feel pulled once again to visit the Great Land of Ozzies =)

  3. Hi Joanne, this restaurant looks like a great place with such unique foods, I love the way they style the food. I think I would have loved to do this sort of thing at some point.

    I saw you stop by Marilyns today and just had to pop over and say hello.
    Be well my friend!!

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Api.H says:

    Thanks Joanne for giving us such types of vegetable degustation menu. Every Menu looks yummy. This is remarkable for veggie lovers.

  5. Amira says:

    Good to see you back my friend. All the dishes look lovely and the photos are great… what a nice menu!!

  6. theninjabaker says:

    Oh my goodness, Joanne. I’d certainly have more than a twinkle in the eye..Maybe a tear of joy enjoying all those lovely delights of South Australia…Prepared in such gourmet fashion! P.s. Gorgeous photos! Pinning!

  7. Farm to table…doesn’t get any better.

  8. What a wonderful, creative menu! Everything looks so delicious and I love that it is a Vegetable Degustation Menu – with dishes this colourful, tasty and creative there’s no need for meat. I really enjoyed reading about the wine pairings too. When we finally get to Australia, Windy Point Restaurant will definitely be on the list 😉

  9. Great to see you back! Wonderful article, delicious food, intoxicating wine! Enjoy your return to Whats on the List!

  10. JOANNE! So nice to read a post! And wow what a treat this even was, all the dishes are too beautiful to at, but taste amazing for sure.

  11. Every dish looks absolutely amazing Joanne! Oh how i wish we didn’t live a world away! One day for sure we must plan a visit!

  12. Judi Adams says:

    what a wonderful degustation. hAving family members who are vegetarian, this is inspirational to me.

  13. Such beautiful, eye catching dishes!

  14. jeanne says:

    oh wow joanne, what a beautiful evening that would have been. Windy point is a fantastic restaurant, the food is always great and the views amazing wether on a clear night or even a stormy night. The vege menu looks amazing and mouth watering, photos you took look brilliant too, great write up. Good to see you back on your blog.

  15. christine morris says:

    Yummy, what a beautiful Restaurant and fantastic menu with matching wines, My mouth is watering just looking at these photo’s, Great review Joanne, i hope you will take me to the Windy Point restaurant when i come to visit you in Adelaide.xx

  16. trudy shearer says:

    I have always wanted to visit the Windy Point restaurant and after reading your review and seeing the wonderful photo’s I now know it’s a must do! It all looked and sounded fantastic!

  17. Lisa says:

    What an insatiable and memorable menu can’t wait when visiting Adelaide hopefully later this year, great review Joanne

  18. leggypeggy says:

    Oh wow, what an amazing degustation. It’s truly wonderful to see vegetables as the star on such an innovative and stylish menu. We have family in Adelaide, so there’s always a chance that we’ll be able to put this ‘on the list’.

  19. Cecilia Warrick says:

    Mmm, my mouth is watering now, those vegetables all look amazing! Making a mental note to seek out Windy Point Restaurant when in Adelaide. 🙂

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