These Chocolate Shoes were made for Adelaide Walking (Part 2)


November 13, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Chocolate-food-tour-Adelaide-whatsonthelistI hope by now you have been able to “delectably digest” my chocolate adventures from These Chocolate Shoes were made for Adelaide Walking (Part 1).

Officially, Adelaide is known as “The City of Churches,” but unofficially as the “The Adelaide Festival City of Arts”; that post will have to wait for another day!

Adelaide-city-churches-food-tour-whatsonthelistFor today’s post, Adelaide is known as “The City of Chocolates!”

Let’s continue on with the OpenCity Chocolate Walking Tour – Adelaide City led by our very “passionate and enthusiastic”, “lover of all things chocolate” tour guide Romina!

As our group ventured through the iconic Adelaide Rundle Mall, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Rundle-Mall-Adelaide-Christmas-whatsonthelistThank you Romina and readers today for putting up with my “Chocolate S-Q-U-E-A-L of Delight” (you are used to me squealing about all things food by now lol) in seeing Tuffles, Horatio and Oliver return!

“Who are Truffles (chocolate related?), Horatio and Oliver?”, I “hear” you say?
Rundle-Mall-Adelaide-pigs-art-whatsonthelist These (now iconic) sculptures were commissioned by Adelaide City Council; created by world renowned artist Marguerite Derricourt; let’s just say “initially” there was a bit of “controversy” for a variety of reasons, but Truffles (the standing pig and possibly chocolate related lol), Horatio and Oliver (the pig at the bin; my fave) won tourists over as well as locals who enjoy being tourists in their own town!

As our group turned the corner, the S-Q-U-E-A-L-S of delight were upon us as Mr. Blackeby from Blackabeys Lolly Shop welcomed us!
Candy-shop-Adelaide-food-toru-whatsonthelist Candy-store-Adelaide-signage-whatsontheolist Joanne-candy-Adelaide-food-tour-whatsonthelist NOTE to my readers today (and I did warn Romina too! lol), “something takes over me” when you combine me with CHOCOLATE and a lolly shop which transports me back to my childhood in New York!

Blackeby’s has “quite” an extensive history; “It remains committed to maintaining a link with our past, producing high quality, well remembered and loved confectionery.  All the original equipment and methods have been retained, as have the original recipes, many written in Mr. Blackeby’s own hand in lb’s and oz’s.”

I was not only fascinated with the mechanical display that was part of a display in a former Rundle Mall business, but as mickeydownunder (my nickname I am known as in the food world) I could not help but photograph Mickey on the way to the CHOCOLATE fudge!
Store-Adelaide-candy-whatsonthelist Mickey-candy-store-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Fudge-homemade-candy-Adelaide-whatsonthelist CHOCOLATE samples were “graciously” provided by Blackeby’s to taste (as part of the tour)  and my favorite was the CHOCOLATE and caramel pieces that “melted” in my mouth!

I DO wish you could come through the screen and try, but for now, you will have to take my word for this, “pacing myself” through this “Chocolate Tour of Delish” is every chocolate lover’s wish!

I was looking for CHOCOLATE Pop Rocks on the day (as I have an extensive history with them lol), but they only had Strawberry!
Nostalgia-candy-Adelaide-whatsonthelistOn the more positive side, they did have the Million Dollar (New York) CHOCOLATE bars!
Candy-looks-like-money-whatsonthelistI did mention it was starting to look a bit like Christmas at Rundle Mall, and our next CHOCOLATE stop was no exception!

Adelaide Central Plaza (the home of David Jones) was our next “Secret Chocolate Stop” on the OpenCity Chocolate Walking Tour – Adelaide City!
Christmas-tree-mall-Adelaide-whatsonthelistDo you think it is starting to look a bit like Christmas in Adelaide?
Christmas-ornaments-Adelaide-mall.whatsonthelistOn our group’s way to David Jones Food Hall, I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D with delight in seeing one of my favorite childhood games of Twister that Princess Svetlana (Halloween’s All About Traditions and Fun fame lol) used to LOVE to play!

It is a shame that Princess Svetlana and I live 15,000 miles apart or else we know what she would be getting “as a CHOCOLATE surprise!”

I guess I will just have to go for plan B; and “sense” when the parcel arrives, Princess Svetlana will be S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G with excitement as recently found something from our childhood as nostalgic  which will make her smile too!
Game-Twister-childhood-nostalia-whatsonthelistAnyone for a Gourmet CHOCOLATE pizza? lol

Of course I just “had” to open the box to see what The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza company’s pizza looked like?
Chocolate-pizza-gourmet-whatsonthelistOur group was “delightfully” presented with some Christmas Paris Hazelnut Praline Milk Cups to sample!

It “must” have been “timing” as the Christmas Paris Hazelnut Praline Milk Cups had just arrived that day and were selling out fast!

Our group now knows why as the milk chocolate was “smooth and creamy” and I am a very big fan of hazelnut praline (anything!)

The combination of flavors lingered on in my mouth and it seemed if I close my eyes, it was Christmas from yesteryear “with wonderment and surprise!”

I wasn’t really sure if I like it (as if! lol), so I enjoyed another “delectably delicious” one too!

This was all in the name of  chocolate research!
Chocolates-handmade-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Next to the Christmas Paris Hazelnut Praline Milk Chocolate are the Christmas Log Dark Chocolate Fresh Granache/Liqueur made by Nina’s Chocolates.

They had just arrived the same day and they must have known our group was doing Christmas chocolate research!
Christmas-handmade-chocolates-whatsonthelistMilk Pudding Soft Caramel in Swirl and Christmas Pudding Brandy Alexander Ganache Milk Chocolate was “staring” back at me!

You know by now when foods “stare” back at me! lol
Chocolate-handmade-Adelaide-food-tour-whatsonthelistIn case you are wondering, on the left is Irish Cream and the Christmas Trees are Almond Florentine Praline!

As we departed for our group’s return to where we began the OpenCity Chocolate Walking Tour – Adelaide City, I noticed my photographic friend who asked if I enjoyed my chocolate walking tour and did I photograph enough chocolate for today!

Please tell me I am not the only one who hears sculptures talk to me?
Adelaide-art-sculture-whatsonthelistI exclaimed I “thoroughly enjoyed myself” in a fun-filled chocolate way and would look very much forward discovering more Adelaide walking tour gems on another day also excitedly!

What I also learned is there is more to local Adelaide businesses and Rundle Mall than shopping, bronze pigs, but “delightfully fun” food and CHOCOLATE places to explore and uncover for children of all ages!

I wonder if my photographic friend has a CHOCOLATE related name?….YOU?

Of the chocolates that appeared in this post today, which one or two would you have picked?

Did you previous know Adelaide is The City of Churches, but now it is The City of Chocolate too?

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Once again, a very big thank you to Jon from OpenCity and our wonderful tour guide Romina for this exciting Adelaide CHOCOLATE experience that I have the pleasure of sharing with you!

17 thoughts on “These Chocolate Shoes were made for Adelaide Walking (Part 2)

  1. babso2you says:

    The closing photos of confections…fabulous and made my stomach growl!

  2. Sue says:

    Mmmm- chocolate! I have to say the Chocolate Pizza would have gotten me to pull out my wallet, but to be honest I’m really not all that picky when it comes to chocolate. Pretty sure I would have wanted to try them all!

  3. A chocolate edition of Twister? That’s something I just have to have! I was in Adelaide around this time last year and just loved it. And I adored Rundle Street Mall and those gorgeous piggies. And I bought lots of sweets and chocolates too! xx

  4. Thanks for the virtual visit! Those truffles look really tempting.



  5. Joanne I am so jealous, loved reading part two. And I totally know how you felt about looking for retro childhood candy. Thank you for sharing this chocolate heaven tour with us!

  6. Eva Taylor says:

    Chocolate is one if my favourite treats. I refuse to buy those average, waxy tasting bars and reserve my chocolate treats for only the good stuff!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! I have to beware towns around here with their interesting shops and fudge around every corner. But this time of year it is a joy to browse and windowshop and have a look! (But I would nibble all the sweets if I could… 😉 )

  8. What a fab tour! And I can’t believe that those pigs were controversial-they’re so hilarious and adorable 😀

  9. glamorous glutton says:

    This really does sound like an amazing tour. I love the pigs, so very funny. Sculptures like these add character and humour. GG

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