Dear Thermalina Is Thermomix REALLY for ME?


September 16, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Bread-seeds-Thermomix-whatsonthelistDear Thermolina, I don’t know WHAT to do!

I’ve heard of this machine called the Thermomix that “Mills and Grates”, “Grinds”, “Pulverizes.”

Do I REALLY “Knead” this machine? Oh, it kneads too?

It will chop, it will dice.

Thermalina, this Thermomix machine does sound very nice!
Thermomix-whatsonthelist-ThermalinaWhen I was little Thermalina, I remember seeing the original Ginsu Knife commercial; I won’t tell you the year!

I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D with delight (maybe that’s where I get my squealing with all things food; like in Food Trip Down Memory Lane) and almost shed a food joyful tear!

I Y-E-L-L-E-D to my mum (maybe this is where my YELLING with food comes too lol; like in Spinning Globe Persian Pomegranate and Pistachio Meatballs) that she just HAD to run from the kitchen to see what these new, innovative knives could do!

“It Dices, It Slices…But WAIT, there’s more!”

My eyes were GLUED to the TV as my dad from work walked in the door!

“THEY EVEN GIVE a 50 YEAR WARRANTY!”, I E-X-C-I-T-E-D-L-Y exclaimed so dad could be excited too!

He looked at my mum and well, her eyes rolled in exasperation, true!

When the commercial finished, my mum calmly explained to me, “But you still have to do the dicing and slicing, it’s not like the chef comes with the price” and she returned to the kitchen unimpressed!

THAT commercial has stayed with me, even to this day!

Thank you for putting up with my childhood food related distractions!

So Thermalina, what does this all have to do with the Thermomix?

Well, I had heard many WONDERFUL things about this “machine of the future;” everything from it is the “World’s Smartest Kitchen” to it’s the “Super Kitchen Machine” which happens to be the name of the unofficial fan blog for Thermomix cooking; there are blogs GALORE!

Thermalina, I do hope you can hold my hand and help me!

As I really am “scared but excited” to see what the Thermomix is for and is it REALLY for me?

In advance, I would like to thank Monika Pawlisz, South Australian Branch Manager (North) for Thermomix Australia, as Monika has “graciously” offered a Thermomix for a couple of weeks to see (based on my food lifestyle) what I could “create, make and bake” with my fun-filled food enthusiasm passionately!

Thermalina, did you read about my very first Thermomix Play Date with my good friend Caterina via Thermalicious Fun?

Catarina introduced me to the basics, we got started right away and with her guidance and patience, she showed me what was done!
Vegetables-onions-carrot-whatsonthelist Thermomix-soup-beans-whatsonthelist Pesto-scrolls-Thermomix-whatsonthelist Scrools-olive-Thermomix-appetzier-whatsonthelist Scrolls-olive-Thermomix-whatsonthelist Thermomix-Varoma-omelette-whatonthelist Then the rest was up to me.

Thermalina, would you still be here to help me oversee?

OK, Thermalina, I am setting two goals for the Thermomix to potentially achieve!

Only through “hands on experience” cooking and baking within my food lifestyle and tasting the results would I believe!

GOAL 1: Will the Thermomix help me save time?
If the Thermomix helps me save time, then the Thermomix is for me.

GOAL 2: Will the Thermomix help me make recipes within my food lifestyle.

One of my “challenges” in making Thermomix recipes will be including Naturally Sweet Xylitol (sugarless sugar) with tasty recipes.

If the Thermomix helps make recipes which include Xylitol, than the Thermomix is for me.

Like riding a bicycle for the first time or in this case Thermalina with me trying an appliance for the first time, I was shy (lol) and S-L-O-W-L-Y read what to do!

Thermalina, I knew I had done “extensive” research to find recipes within my food lifestyle.

I also knew Thermalina that not all recipes would be to my liking or taste, so mastering the art of Thermomix cooking may take a while.

Thermalina, I wanted to build my confidence one by one.

And yes Thermalina, I remember you tell me everyday no matter what I am PASSIONATELY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY doing, to “JUST HAVE FUN!”

I know Thermalina, you and Chef Georgio (from Argentinean Tango Delight) both enjoy a soup and scone on a cold winter’s day!

In order to make Carrot & Coriander Soup, Cheese Scones by Cooking with Janie, I needed to make some vegetable stock concentrate, true!
Vegetable-stock-whatsonthelistCaterina, my Thermomix Guardian Angel, suggested vegetable stock concentrate from Adventures with The Thermomix; a perfect blog name for my adventures today!

Over the coming diary posts Thermalina, I will be sharing as many recipes as I can, true!

Can I ask Thermalina if Thermomix food bloggers and excitable Thermomix owners, can send me their “different and unqiue” recipes; noting I will have to slightly adapt and convert the recipe for the fun-filled food adventures and food lifestyle for me!

Why did I pick this as the first recipe Thermalina?

As you know by now, I am “a very visual person” and Janie’s video was simple (like me) and easy to follow with the Thermomix features too!

In all my excitement Thermalina, I forgot to photograph my Vegetable Stock Concentrate, but I just RAN to the kitchen and RAN back so you could see too!

Thermalina, I also want to try and buy less, more fresh which will save money in the long run!

Thermalina, you might also notice the sanitized jar was full when I started, so you can only imagine what will follow in my future diary writings to you!

With the veggie stock done and Carrot and Coriander Soup, Cheese Scones done…
Soup-carrot-coriander-Thermomix-whatsonthelist Scone-Thermomix-whatsonthelist“Where’s the butter?” I heard Chef Georgio say!

For those in Australia who watched My Kitchen Rules with hearing Manu Feidel “constantly asking”, “Where’s The Sauce?” … Chef Georgio kind of, um, well sounded like Manu! lol

Hope my viewers in Australia are now laughing WITH me too!
Thermomix-butter-whatsonthelistThankfully, with the confidence Caterina had instilled in me Thermalina, I grabbed my Thermomix Everyday Cookbook, turned to page 17, and “literally” in about 3 minutes 30 seconds, I had made butter!

Yes, Thermalina, I can hardly believe it too!

Can you SEE the butter I created Thermalina and can you feel EXCITED making butter can make me?
Thermomix-butter-homemade-whatsonthelistBecause the Thermomix saved me time Thermolina, is it REALLY for ME?

Thermalina re GOAL 2:
Will the Thermomix help me make recipes within my food lifestyle?

I guess we shall just HAVE to wait and see!

I welcome comments from Thermomix owners and non-Thermomix owners alike as it REALLY would MAKE MY DAY!

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17 thoughts on “Dear Thermalina Is Thermomix REALLY for ME?

  1. babso2you says:

    Wonderful post and love those pinwheels!

  2. I don’t know if I’d call myself obsessed but my thermomix is used every single day. I can’t believe Lorraine doesn’t have one in her kitchen. It doesn’t take up much room at all. 🙂

    I make part of nearly every recipe in my thermomix.

  3. Loved the article however the photos were sensational! 🙂

  4. trudy shearer says:

    Well done Joanne!!! Knew you could do it and what fun you have had doing it!!

  5. OMG! Thermomix is really doing its job! I may consider getting one for Tina. lol

  6. I know some people that are obsessed with their Thermomix!

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