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June 13, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Cheesecake-dessert-whatsonthelistHOW E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G was Cooking In the Mix with Dani Valent Brighton (SA) Thermomix Australia #inthemixcookbook?

Courtesy of Monika Marzena Pawlisz the Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia Manager at Thermomix, I got to meet “The Thermomix guru” Dani Valent and experience her “wonderfully entertaining” workshop presentation here in Adelaide, South Australia!

Dani is the “most gracious, down to earth, genuine person” one could ever meet and her Thermomix knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is contagious which illuminated the audience with an “I can do it, you CAN too” motivational theme.
Dani-motivatingFor my readers overseas who may not be familiar with Dani Valent, Dani was first introduced to Thermomix five years ago and fell in love with Thermomix while researching a story to write on chefs and their gadgets.

Dani quickly realized the Thermomix need to link “home cooks with best chefs” in providing that “you too can cook like the best chefs”; hence In The Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes was released in 2011 and the follow up In The Mix: More Great Thermomix Recipes in 2013.

Dani’s cookbooks contain Thermomix recipes from chefs, cooks from around the world and her own family faves!

I must admit and did share with Dani on the night when I first saw both of her cookbooks, I was a tad, um, well, gulp “slightly intimidated” to think I could recreate Dani’s recipes and to cook like a chef at home with my Thermomix was a bit overwhelming for me!

Through Cooking In the Mix with Dani Valent Brighton (SA) Thermomix Australia #inthemixcookbook, by the end of the night, my previous thoughts were totally erased with a renewed confidence that “I too can do these In The Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes at home!”

I love stories behind foods and Dani took the sold out audience “on a Thermomix magic carpet food journey ride.”

Dani explained why this Crumpet photo from her #inthemixcookbook was special as it was the first picture in her book which looked “delicious, achievable and homely.”
Crumpets                               Photo Courtesy of Dani Valent’s presentation

I don’t know about you, but it certainly make me want to make Thermomix crumpets for breakfast with jam; I can say I have made my own sugarless strawberry jam using xylitol based on my food lifestyle.

The audience really enjoyed Dani’s story about Best Female Chef in the world in 2012, Elena Arzak from Spain and her Trufa Morcillosa which appears on page 43 of Dani’s #inthemixcookbook2.

The dish “looks like a truffle but is actually black pudding”; Dani shared the “truffle element was really the subterranean mushroom”; the recipe for Black Pudding is in Dani’s #inthemixcookbook or it can be obtained at any good quality butcher.

Dani encouraged people to “take elements out of her #inthemixcookbook recipes” and “make them your own” fitting people’s lifestyle and what they had on hand.

When I heard this, everything Dani was explaining and sharing somehow “clicked for me” that while I could recreate Dani’s #inthemixcookbook recipes, I could also choose to pick elements combining them with what I know would work with Thermalina, my Thermomix.

Thermalina (my Thermomix) and I, as you know by now, are very adventurous when it comes to making, creating and recreating recipes!
ThemomixThe audience was in awe when Dani explained the story and process of dry ice in the Thermomix with Cucumber Lime Mint and Yogurt Sorbet by Melbourne pastry chef Pierre Roelofs while viewing (if you can imagine), the Thermomix dry ice smoke or fog effect via the presentation.

I wanted to YELL, “BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!”, but thankfully my Thermomix “child-like excitement” filter was on!!!

A secret?

I have always wanted to make a recipe with dry ice, but was always afraid to do!

Perhaps I might need to put Dani’s recipe “on the list” for Thermalina and I to play with!

And THEN there was Dani’s story surrounding “the Themomix lego cake” by Melbourne chef Darren Purchese.


is what I I can say!

“Thermomix brilliance in a crazy, but totally exhilarating and fun sort of way!”
Lego-cake                               Photo Courtesy of Dani Valent’s presentation

During Cooking In the Mix with Dani Valent Brighton (SA) Thermomix Australia #inthemixcookbook, Dani demonstrated: Beef Rotolo, Chili Lime Crumb (which smelled AMAZING!), Sardine rillettes, Strawberry Gaspacho with Tomato and Chevre Salad, White chocolate and cumin crisps as well as the featured photo above Freeform cheesecake.

Doesn’t Dani’s Freeform cheesecake look “elegantly delicious?”

Can you smell Dani’s Chilli Lime Crumb?
Everyone got to taste Dani’s Sardine rillettes and Strawberry Gaspacho which were both “two thumbs up” from me!
Sardine-appetisers Gaspacho-strawberry I particularly enjoyed learning from Dani how to not only to temper white chocolate, but how it caramelizes in the Thermomix too!

I can’t WAIT to make Dani’s Chilli Cherry Ripe; dark chocolate, coconut and chilli; GREAT flavor combination!

“What are some of Dani’s favourite recipes?”, I “hear” you ask?

Dani’s Basic Cake recipe provides Thermomix owners with the confidence to do!

Dani shared it is great when guests are coming over unexpectedly and you want to make a cake quickly too!

Dani loves her Okonamiyaki!

Go ahead, try and say that three times fast!

Chicken tagine and Olive bread from Dani’s #inthemixcookbook were also shared as her faves!

Dani shared that her sour cream pastry “will become your new favorite savoury pastry.”

Personally, I can’t WAIT to try that too!

Dani’s hints and tips throughout the night were “Thermomix priceless” to me!

Before concluding her Cooking In the Mix with Dani Valent Brighton (SA) Thermomix Australia #inthemixcookbook, Dani extended a challenge to the audience and me!

Look forward to see which of Dani’s recipes I recreate!

I can already tell, it is and will be “Thermomix great!”

For Thermomix owners, have your purchased Dani’s #inthemixcookbook 1 & 2 yet?

If not, I would suggest you do!

What recipe of Dani’s would you like to try first?

For non Thermomix owners, which of the above recipes most appealed to you?

Thermalina wants me to share with you all today that Thermomix recipes are only limited by one’s imagination!

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15 thoughts on “Cooking In the Mix with Dani Valent Brighton (SA) Thermomix Australia #inthemixcookbook

  1. Winnie says:

    This Lego cake definitely caught my eye – super unique!!

  2. auntbeesrecipes says:

    My son would have a fit over that lego cake! So cute! I can smell the chili lime crumb from here! <3

  3. Thanks for coming along Joanne, and for sharing your experience with your readers. Lovely to meet you!

  4. I really must get to a thermomix demonstration so I can see how this appliance works. Everyone I know who has one just raves about it. I love the lego! Gorgeous. And what a great variety of dishes this gadget can create. I laughed about how you wanted to yell out ‘bravo’! I often do things like that and live to regret it! xx

  5. I always love reading your stories and experiences withe the Thermomix, say many great things here to try.

  6. theninjabaker says:

    Thank you for the intro to Thermomix, Joanne. Is it an Australian invention? I googled to learn about all the capabilities of this amazing machine…And yes Dani’s array of yummies produced via the Thermomix is amazing! … I am in awe of the advanced technology on planet Earth

    • Thanks Kim for stopping by and your lovely comments! Thermomix unfortunately is not sold in the US, but what it can do is almost unbelievable, but TRUE!
      While I would love to say it is an Aussie invention, that’s simply not true and will send you more info on its history and what it can do!

  7. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    Oooo, everything sounds so good. I had no idea what one could do with a Thermomix!! I want to try the cake, of course, and I am intrigued by tempering white chocolate and then caramelizing it- what?? It sounds like magic. 🙂

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