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November 15, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Bread-soup-Spain-food-challenge-daring-kitchen-whatsonthelistBefore I begin sharing this wonderful challenge this month, it is with sadness to have recently heard of the Co-Founder of The Daring Kitchen Lisa’s untimely death.

I joined The Daring Kitchen Cooks and Baker’s Challenges monthly in January of this year.

Lis was one of the first people who I came in contact with her warm and welcoming ways and came to know first hand of her caring, sharing, thoughtful nature. Lis never had an unkind word to say about anything or anyone and was always there to provide support to cheer me through a challenge, answer questions or when I had the blog post done in advance, but forgot to release it on the post day, Lis was there to say, “It’s ok!” (making me feel less embarrassed and quite a bit better) and that she would add my photos and links to the final monthly slideshow.

I’ve always said, food connects us all worldwide in the most extraordinary way!

This Daring Bakers Sopa Castellana : The Daring Kitchen Cooks November 2013 Challenge is dedicated as a #tributetolis.

Lis would not want anyone to be late posting their challenge this month because of her, so on with the challenge, okay?

This month’s challenge was issued by Begoña from the blog Las recetas de Marichu y las mías.

Begoña lives in Spain, and thought this would be a nice occasion to introduce Spanish food “that was something more than “paella” or “gazpacho.”

Her chosen recipe was Sopa Castellana also known as bread soup which is very popular throughout Spain.

Begoña offered a series of soups to choose from such as a “traditional” Castilian Soup that was learned from her mother, and in turn, her mother from her mother.

I love hearing and reading about “authentic,” “handed down many generations” recipes…YOU?

Our second option was Asparagus Soup from Su’s blog: “Webos fritos.”

Begoña advised “her blog is a reference source for recipes in Spain. She makes very traditional Spanish dishes.”

Our third option was Sopa de Tomate de Extremadura which Begoña shared the recipe is “from a small recipe book Extremadura which I bought on a trip and loved the soup when I tried it.”

While I love Spanish foods “other than paella or gazpacho,” I had never experienced any of the options before and chose Sopa de Tomate de Extremadura.

I hope I have done this recipe justice!

I would like to point out, I did make my own Ciabatta Bread as inspired by what caroline cooked.

IMG_0274I always say that I LOVE how we all can inspire each other worldwide, food wise each and every day!

So with my bread made via my new thermomix (which I can’t get enough of and don’t know how I ever lived without one before lol), I decided I would poach the eggs using my Thermomix Varoma (the art of steaming) too!

I had some whole peeled tomatoes and multi-colored capsicum; always like to use up what I have on hand.

1.2 kilos (43 ounces) tomatoes
3/4 of red capsicum (sweet pepper); small diced
1/2 of yellow capsicum; small diced
1/2 of green capsicum’ small diced
1 red onion; small diced
3 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon cumin
2 litres (8 cups) vegetable stock
eggs to poach
olive oil as needed
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare tomatoes; set aside.

Prepare onion and capsicum.

Heat fry pan, then add oil, saute onion until soft and coloured.

Add capsicum; saute additional 10 minutes.

Add tomatoes; cook for additional 10 minutes until water from tomatoes evaporates.

Grind garlic and cumin; add to soup; allow to boil for 15 minutes; season for personal taste.

Poach eggs according to favorite recipe.

Add bread, ladle soup, top with poached egg and Disfrute de la sopa.

Enjoy the soup!
Eggs-bread-breakfast-whatsonthelistChef Georgio and I thoroughly enjoyed Sopa de Tomate de Extremadura as part of  Sopa Castellana : The Daring Kitchen Cooks November 2013 Challenge.

I LOVE The Daring Kitchen Cooks and Baker’s Challenges, as the challenges always take me to new heights and “truly” challenge me making dishes I never heard or or even thought I could do!


“The clock of life is wound but once.
And no man has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop,
At late or early hour.

To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed.
To lose one’s health is more.
To lose one’s soul is such a loss,
That no man can restore.”

Today only is our own.
So live, love, and toil with a will.
Place no faith in tomorrow,
For the clock may soon be still.

Robert H. Smith
Photo Courtesy of

Thank you Lis for touching so many people worldwide in your own unique way and in making footprints on my journey of life!

I hope you enjoyed this post today!

As always comments do brighten my day!

Thank you all for sharing and caring in ways you do, as our clocks are wound but once and I am glad we have all connected in some way through food.

37 thoughts on “Sopa Castellana : The Daring Kitchen Cooks November 2013 Challenge

  1. This soup looks amazing! I love tomato based soups. I’ve never thought about putting a poached egg in soup before, but it looks like it might just be delicious.

  2. Laura says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. This soup is a great tribute to anyone who loved food. I especially appreciate the poached egg on top. I studied in Spain many years ago, so I have a natural affinity to Spanish culture and cuisine. I will have to give this recipe a try.

  3. I am sorry it took me too long to get here Joanne
    You wrote a beautiful and heart warming tribute and your choice for the poem made it even more special

  4. A scrumptious and comforting dish!



  5. Kim says:

    Such a sweet tribute to a woman who brought a group of people together.

    You soup looks fantastic.

  6. I am so happy you got to ‘know’ Lis a little before her passing, she was wonderful and touched everyone around her, a lovely tribute. And she would want the challenge to go on! You soup looks full a flavor and thumbs up for the poached egg on top 😀

  7. Dear Joanne, sorry to hear about your friend’s passing and what a beautiful tribute. The soup looks delicious! I love soup and I have to have it at least once a week! I have a question, is capsicum a chilli pepper? or what is it? i will be trying this recipe for sure! Pinned

  8. Love your tribute to Lis, and she would love this! I’m sure she is winking and smiling at all the fuss about her.

  9. lizzygoodthings says:

    A lovely tribute to Lis. Great recipe too.

  10. I was saddened to hear about Lis’s passing too. She meant a lot to so many and this is a lovely tribute Joanne!

  11. Claudia says:

    A lovely poem and tribute to Lis as well. Your soup looks fantastic, especially love that you did your own ciabatta bread. I used a focaccia, but was a slouch and didn’t make it.

  12. Cannot wait to try this – it looks incredible – particularly that egg… and such sad news, but I cannot find information about it anywhere on google… how did she die? How did you hear abou tit?

  13. kellypea says:

    Joanne, Lis would love your tribute to her — the poem you chose is perfect and yes, she’d wink about being late! Delicious recipe. I used to live in Spain when I was growing up and I know I’d enjoy this.

  14. Eva Taylor says:

    That thermomix is certainly an intriguing appliance! I wish I could try one. The bread looks incredible, from the perfect crumb to the chewy centre. I make a similar Middle Eastern dish called Shakshuka, I love the soft cooked egg in it!

  15. leggypeggy says:

    Love the look of that tomato recipe. Yummo!

  16. pizzarossa says:

    Lovely words, Joanne. I’m crying again – such a sad loss to us, but I cannot imagine how hard it is for her friends and family. She changed the world.

  17. Really sad news about Lis. She will be greatly missed by so many bloggers and friends.

    She taught so many to step out of their comfort zone and that’s a great talent.

  18. bellini says:

    Lis’ legacy of being fearless in the kitchen, her kind words and encouragement will live on in all of us. It is a sad loss for the blogging community.

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