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December 22, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Shortbread-Christmas-whatsonthelist-holiday-recipe“What’s gone on with your Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread?”, I “heard” Julia Child in my kitchen say!

I have been known on many occasions to have a chat with Julia, and Marco, Marco, Marco In My Kitchen !

What is it about me and repeating myself three times?

That food and linguistic explanation will have to wait for another day!

This Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread story starts out with me finding a unique Christmas shortbread mold at Homewares Direct ; one of my favorite local kitchen stores who conveniently ship throughout Australia!

For those who know me, know I do indeed S-Q-U-E-A-L in real life about all things food, but put me into a kitchen store or near ANYTHING Mickey Mouse and I swear I am possessed like a child of five!

That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

One one of my last visits to Homewares Direct, this Christmas shortbread mold “L-E-A-P-T and JUMPED” into my basket!

You SHOULD have seen it LEAP!!!
IMG_6884It was only when I got home with my new Christmas Shortbread Mold that I realized I had never made shortbread before; no clue; zippo idea, ninguno (Spanish for none), nessuno (Italian for none), zero, zilch; I think you get the picture and perhaps you did not know I “dabble” in other languages other than my native English!

Let’s just say my first experience was a Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbead baking lesson of what NOT to do as confessed in Christmas is About Enjoying Food Fun with Friends.

As previously shared, I then felt “a tad” better when my friend Maureen from Orgasmic Chef had a bit of a hiccup while making her Shortbread.

Today was THE day!

I decided to create one of my own as well as “slightly” adapt Herbie’s Easy Spiced Shortbread recipe; as wanted to see if I could bake a shortbread that was sugarless using Xlear Australia Xylitol.

I had Herbie’s Spice of the Month (#HerbiesSOTM) Mixed Spice on hand from my recent Steamed Pudding and Custard and some Cinnamon Quillings from Herbie’s Curry Essentials Gift Box which previously created Gobi Jalfrezi and Chicken Dhansak.

But first, my original Joanna’s Lavender and Orange Shortbread recipe!

Joanna's Lavender and Orange Shortbread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Combining Lavender Flowers and Orange Zest creating an unusual tasty Shortbread!
Recipe type: Baking
Serves: 6-8
  • 150 grams butter, room temperature
  • 100 grams caster sugar
  • 275 grams plain flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon Lavender Flowers, dried
  • zest of one orange
  1. Cut butter into cubes.
  2. In a stand up mixer bowl, cream together butter and sugar.
  3. In a bowl, combine lavender flowers and orange zest to flour.
  4. Add flour mixture to butter and sugar mixture; combine.
  5. Preheat oven to 180C.
  6. Press mixture into shortbread mold.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes or until the shortbread is golden in color.
  8. Remove from oven and allow shortbread to cool completely.
Used Herbies Spices Lavender Flowers.
Mixture will appear crumbly.
Make sure shortbread mold is completely cool before turning over to remove.

With a little help from my friends and some “magical macadamia” snow did
Christmas-ornaments-Mickey-Minnie-whatsonthelistOnto my “slightly” adapted Herbie’s Easy Spiced Shortbread recipe!

Per Herbie’s description of his Easy Spiced Shortbread recipe, “The shortbread is very more-ish, so be careful!”

I totally agree!

Herbie’s further says, “This is an easy recipe for children and beginners.”

I S-Q-U-E-A-L like a child of five and I am a shortbread newbie! (Australian lingo for beginner)

Makes 16-20
200 grams butter or margarine
1 cup xylitol (noting original recipe calls for sugar)
3 cups self-raising flour
1 teaspoon Herbie’s Spices Cinnamon Quills Ground
3 teaspoons Herbie’s Spices Mixed Spice

1. Melt butter in a saucepan or in the microwave.
2. Add xylitol, stir well, and mix in the flour and spices.
3. Press onto a well-greased shallow baking tray and bake in a 180C (350F) oven for about 30 minutes.
4. Cut shortbread into squares and cool in a tin.
5. Store in airtight container with a vanilla bean.

I used a stand up mixer to combine ingredients.
I used oil spray to grease my baking tray.

Hint and Tip
Shortbread needs to be completely cool before attempting to cut.

Seeing it is the Christmas season, I thought I would be “a tad” jolly today and express my mickeydownunder food personality!
Christmas-shortbread-whatsonthelist Shortbread-Mickey-whatsonthelist-recipe Holiday-shortbread-recipe-whatsonthelistTo add a bit of Christmas cheer, I combined equal amounts of glace cherries and glace ginger.

Lastly, I think any shape for a Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread is very

What a learned from making Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread:

1) Live and learn from every food and baking experience.
2) Not every recipe is always going to work first time round but not every recipe will NOT work the first time!
3) Making shortbreads really is fun; can be creative as can be!
4) Think more shortbread making in the future is “on the cards” (likely to happen), but think I need to have some help in shortbread cookie cutter etiquette!

Chef Georgio gave both recipes two thumbs up as he continued snacking on these shortbreads today!

I also learned in the process that making Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread is about remembering BEING that child of five AND child’s play!

I wonder what Julia or Marco, Marco, Marco would say about my shortbread today?

I tried my best!

I have now successfully made shortbread for the first time, and my initial “less than TA-DA” moment did not deter me in ANY way!

Have your made shortbread before?

Do you like the combination of lavender flowers and orange?

If you could create a flavor combination with shortbread, what would it be?

All comments make my day!

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Thank you!

I hope I have inspired someone worldwide to try and make Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread in their own unique way and/or for the first time too!

13 thoughts on “Shortbread, Shortbread, Shortbread

  1. I love shortbread and your recipe looks so good and easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Joanne….I absolutely love shortbread and your recipe looks really easy to make and so buttery too!! I dont’ think I would be able to share it with people as I would be eating it all up for myself! LOL!! Thanks for the recipe and have a great day! 🙂

  3. Nice! You have outdone yourself! I love love love shortbread!

  4. G’day Joanne, I’m a big shortbread fan though I’ve never made the traditional recipe all-in-one pan. I usually do cut-out cookies. This recipe sound delicious and of course Mickey and Minnie ‘take the cake’. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday Best of 2013 this week. I’ve pinned and am sharing too, everyone needs a good shortbread recipe 🙂

  5. I’ve had great fun making shortbread and it now pops right out of the mold. Yay. Thank you so much for my wonderful surprise.

  6. Joanne, your shortbread using the Herbies mold is ‘just the ticket’ for Christmas! My favourite shortbread flavouring is adding a bit of almond essence. I find the hardest thing about baking shortbread with molds is retaining the pattern while the shortbread is baking- the dough seems to puff up a bit and the pattern fades. Anyway, the taste is good- in fact I could eat the shortbread dough by itself and forget about baking it!

  7. It’s shortbread fever all over the blogosphere today! And mine goes up tomorrow using the mold that you sent me 😀 Yours looks fantastic!

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