Why Is This Party All About Fun


May 23, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

Why Is This Party All About Fun?

WOW and WHAT a FUN party this is to host every week!

I would love to thank everyone for their support of the Say G’day Party, the party all about fun and I genuinely do look forward to see what you share each week!

Please note, the posts do not have to be current ones and you can link up to three tutorials, DIY projects and or your favorite recipes!

What a week this has been and I have some VERY exciting news to share….oh, but not yet as the launch is coming at the end of this week, so stop back and check out something that I am not only E-X-C-I-T-E-D about, but something that I have always wanted to do!

This week started off with me asking How Did My Turkish  Delight Wind Up Green? as part of the Daring Kitchen Cooks’ Challenge!

If you have not read the post, and are up for a good laugh “with me,” CLICK HERE!!
Turkish-Delight-dessert-whatsonthelistFEEL FREE TO PIN!

Than it was onto a “condolences and tribute” post to my friend Deb from Kahakai Kitchen who sadly passed away.

Deb and I are connected though participating in various cooking challenges monthly and there is nothing better in blogging than making a new food friend along the way and in being connected through one’s passion for food!

If you missed the post, and also are in need of a laugh, Is Mom Like A Bowl of Moroccan Lentil Soup? will not only have you “chuckling with me,” but will also give you some insight to how I was when I was in kindy aka kindergarten in New York MANY years ago! CLICK HERE!!
Moroccan-lentil-soup-whatsonthelistFEEL FREE TO PIN!

It was quite interesting to enjoy reading your comments, emails and personal messages to me about your thoughts about bread knives!

Most people had not really given thought to their bread knife, despite many people commenting about “hacking a loaf of bread!”

I created Joanna’s Sesame Asian Beef with Chopped, Diced, Sliced & Julienne Vegetables with the Master Chef Knife Set and Kitchen Bundle sent to me Courtesy of KLEVA RANGE™.
Sesame-beef-stir-fry-whatsonthelistFEEL FREE TO PIN!

I would like to remind people that only English websites or websites that have English translators may link up, as for the people who attend the party, nothing gets lost in translation.

Please don’t use the party to sell your CD’s, cookbooks or anything else you have to sell via your online store!

Please don’t “DUMP AND RUN”….. and if VA’s are adding to the party, you ARE expected to interact, why not say G’day to the host and maybe you will make a new food friend along the way!

Let’s P-A-R-T-Y and feel free to link up to THREE tutorials, DIY projects and your favorite recipes!

If YOU could pick JUST ONE, what would it be?

Today YOU have my curiosity!

Go on, it’s all about fun, and you know you want to reply!

Why Is This Party All About Fun?

I’d REALLY like to know!

Please feel free to personal message me or e-mail me with constructive suggestions on how I can improve the party for you!

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With a “quick click,” a friend worldwide can be reading Why Is This Party All About Fun?

Bring a friend to the party all about fun today!


41 thoughts on “Why Is This Party All About Fun

  1. Sorry I missed your party this week and I even had some recipes to link up. Will try to get here next week on time. Thanks for your continued support over on my blog.. I really appreciate all you do.

  2. Bernadyn says:

    So many great posts to look through, thanks for hosting the party!

  3. Fabulous idea. Thx so much for hosting and G’day!

  4. Joanne,
    Thank you, for hosting another wonderful party filled with delicious recipes and goodies.
    Have a wonderful day

  5. Thanks for the party Joanne!

  6. G’day Joanne! I can’t wait to hear your news! I look forward to your announcement! Thank you so much for hosting the party. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  7. Hi Joanne!, I’m Kristine and it’s the first time here at your fabulous party. Thanks for hosting and I’ll definitly ‘see’ you again! 🙂

  8. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    Thank you for the party, Joanne! I look forward to hearing more about your exciting news! 🙂

  9. Sage says:

    Your party is one of my favorite stops on the internet! Thanks for hosting : -)

  10. Nice Party Joanne! Thank you for hosting!

  11. Hello cute lady! I get so excited to stop by your party each week. Love to party with you! We would love you to stop by our party that starts on Monday at 7. We pin and tweet everything! Lou Lou Girls

  12. Joanne, thanks for hosting this awesome party! It’s always fun to party with you. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  13. Today I shared posts on canning fresh asparagus, a super-easy homemade hummus recipe and thoughts about sharing love in times of sorrow. Love the hop, thanks for hosting!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch Homestead~

  14. Your parties are always fun! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend, Joanne! Hugs

  15. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!


  16. I added a collection of camping recipes. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend Joanne!

  17. theninjabaker says:

    Sorry about your friend, Joanne…Your turkish green confection does look to be a delight! Like you =) Thank you for this wonderful party =)

  18. Erlene says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. Your Turkish delights almost look like Japanese mochi.

    Thank you for the party and have a great weekend.

  19. Hi Joanne, thanks for Say G’day. I added 2 posts and am looking forward to see what other bloggers add this week. You do make the more wonderful looking (tasty looking???) food. Have a great week.

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