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December 6, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Pie-Party-whatsonthelist-recipes-jpgHands up, who enjoys a Foodie Friends Friday party?

It is always enjoyable meeting new food friends!

I think you know by now, I do, as the fun filled food adventure invites continue to be sent to you know who!

First of all, I’d like to thank my Fellow Co-Hosts in no particular order: Cindy from Cindy’s Recipes and writings, Marlys from This and That- my love of cooking and photography , Lois from Walking On Sunshine, Joanne from Winelady Cooks, Sarah from The Chef Next Door, Jenny from In The Kitchen with Jenny, Michelle from Calculus to Cupcakes, Bloggers Best Homemade, and Tracey from Foodie Friends Friday, Busy Vegetarian Mum for welcoming me into the “fun filled pie party” adventures this week!

This is my first post as a new Co-Host!

If you are like me when it initially comes to these link parties, the first question is usually, “What do I do?”

The Foodie Friends Friday Parties starts Thursday ( U.S.A time) through Sunday (3.p.m U.S.A Pacific Standard Time.

To keep updated with what goes on, I would suggest signing up for The Daily Dish Magazine where your articles and photos may be featured; Sharing is Caring simple rules can be read via the website.

Let’s see what last week’s Foodie Friends Friday party was all about eh?

These were the hosts favorites!

Host-favorites-party-whatsonthelist Are there any specific “easy” rules for me to follow,? I “hear” you say?”

This is a very good question and I am trying to make this post as easy for you to
follow today!

By linking up you agree that you read these rules and all photos/recipes are original and belong to you. You agree to allow Foodie Friends Friday and any of it’s affiliated websites or publications (Social Girls Media, LLC) to use photos, links, and recipes for reprint and/or republishing and distribution without monetary compensation to you. If photos & recipes are used, proper link backs to you will be included.

I have a blog and realize there are some limitations, but there is nothing that cannot be overcome and am sure any of the co-hosts are more than happy to help when they can!

It is always lovely to follow the co-hosts via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. as well as leaving some lovely quick comments for participants who link that that particular week’s themed party.

“How do I link up?”, I “hear” you say?

A simple “Quick Click” here and you are on your way!

What’s YOUR favorite pie?

Have a family pie story or recipe to share?

“What pie am I bringing to the party?”, I “hear” you say?

You will have to do a click and check out all the other wonderful submissions re our Pie Party!

All comments brighten my day!

If you enjoyed this post, follow me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+. Thank you!

Hope you have a very Fun Pie Party Foodie Friends Friday!


12 thoughts on “Foodie Friends Friday – Come Join the Pie Party Fun

  1. theninjabaker says:

    I went in search of your pie, Joanne and stumbled upon a plethora of beautiful pies. But please forgive me in the process I got confused with your last anything party and this pie party and added my British Bento. Lesson learned. Don’t venture out onto sites and linky links when tired =) I would love to join in the fun with you next time tho’

    • Thank you! Once my blog is fully operational, I will let you know what the next Party is about, true!
      The Parties are on Fridays and the link ups are easy to do! Any questions, feel free to email me! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the co-host and can’t wait to see what everyone makes. Pecan or cherry are my fave, and rhubarb strawberry. Ok I could go on.

  3. I think blueberry pie will always be my favorite because I grew up eating native wild blueberry pies as a kid in Maine. Then there’s pecan pie since Thanksgiving just finished and apple pie… who can live without apple pie?

    Good luck with hosting! I never join these things because it always seems like too much work. Maybe I’m nuts too.

  4. Well, good luck as host. My favourite pie would have to be blueberry pie. I think it’s because blueberries were so rare when I was growing up that to eat a blueberry pie was quite an indulgence and a very, very rare treat xx

  5. Great job Joanne and I am glad you have joined us.

  6. Ooh my favourite sweet pie has to be cherry pie! I’m crazy for it! And growing up, my family never made or really ate pies 😛

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