Does Ways to Minimize Food Wastage PEAK Your Curiosity?


August 23, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

PEAK-Fresh-storage-bagsWelcome one and all and I am glad that your curiosity did PEAK for ways to minimize food wastage today too!

Even since I was little, food wastage has always been a pet peeve for me!

I simply could not understand why people would waste so much food when there were hungry people in the world.

I don’t know how it was when you were growing up, but in our household EVERY Tuesday night was pot roast also known as Yankee pot roast; usually served with carrots and potatoes; the equivalent of the “meat and three veg” meals that most of the “mature” generation grew up with in Australia.

Did I ever mention my extreme distaste for pot roast?

While I was always appreciative of meals my mother cooked, one particular night I started a “discussion” about all the starving children in the world and ask my dad wouldn’t it be good if we could do something about it.

My dad was always “keen and eager” to support my passion, enthusiasm and my curiosity.

Dad especially LOVED my spontaneity!

It was then that I YELLED, (you know about me YELLING with food )

We both laughed until dad looked at mum who didn’t share out sense of humor and it was “decided” that the rest of the meal should be eaten “in silence.”

Just so you know, this innovative suggestion on ways to minimize food wastage not only did peak my dad’s curiosity, but continued (in a more serious ways) to become my life’s philosophy!
How I digress when it comes to all things food!

Courtesy of Scott and Tim of PEAKfresh Packaging, I got to trial their innovative reusable produce bags which I highly agree, “are the perfect solution for fresh food storage.
PEAK-fresh-bags-storage“I must admit, I have previously used competitor’s products and in frustration finally gave up using due to inferior quality and the bags did not do what they claimed to do.

I initially noticed the PEAKfresh bags at the OzHarvest Be a Souper Hero Feeding the 5000 event.
PEAK-fresh-bagsAs you may remember, I previously participated in Yelp Adelaide Cooking for a Cause – OzHarvest, learning more about ways to minimize food wastage and the event was a new learning experience to me; thanks to cook Silvia Hart from the Adelaide Central Markets for her great suggestions on the day.

With the PEAKfresh bags, I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical.

It genuinely disturbs me to buy fresh vegetables and fruit and for whatever reason, not get around to utilising it before it goes off and has to be binned.

I sense it happens to all of us worldwide too!

Now PEAKfresh HAS the answer fo

“They say,” a picture is worth a thousand words.
Broccoli-10-days  Vegetables in 10 days time
without using PEAKfresh produce bags AND using PEAKfresh produce bags.

                                      Photos Courtesy of PEAKfresh

I can undoubtedly say, “PEAKfresh reusable produce bags ABSOLUTELY work!” and to Scott and Tim, “Thank you for extending the life of my fruit and veg so nothing had to be binned.”

I feel really good about that!

“How do the bags work?”, I “hear” you say!

A very good question for today!

Without getting technical, the basic principle of the packaging is a transfer of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) between the outside and inside of the bag as the fruit and vegetables breathes and/or ripens.

The result is an equilibrium where there is “more” carbon dioxide (CO2) and “less” oxygen (O2) inside the bag than normal.

“What does that do?”

Again, you are asking another good question and making my job in explaining easier too!

This process “slows down the ripening” and “Ethylene gas (which also ripens fruit) will escape.”; the process does it all without you having to do a thing!

HOW GREAT would it be, if you never had to bin another fruit or veggie?

“Are PEAKfresh bags certified for organic produce too?”

Again, I love your curiosity in asking questions today too!

PEAKfresh Organic bags are manufactured in Australia and are “certified for use on organic produce by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).”

Did you know the bags can double your fruit and vegetable’s life while refrigerating?

Not only because I received these WONDERFUL products courtesy of PEAKfresh, I can CLAIM, “Using PEAKfresh reusable produce bags DEFINITELY worked for me!”

PEAKfresh has been a trusted for MAP products (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) since 1992.

While their head office is in Adelaide, PEAKfresh have offices in Northern America and Europe too!

What do I LOVE about PEAKfresh reusable produce bags?

1) Australian manufactured company!

2) The reusable produce bags work!

3) The reusable produce bags WILL save money!

4) I FEEL good minimizing food wastage!

5) The reusable produce bags are a GREAT price!


Great for home consumers and businesses!

Think HOW much money you can save and what with the savings you could then do?

For those readers in South Australia, PEAKFRESH reusable produce bags are available in selected food stores.

“How many bags per pack?”, I “hear” you say.

There are 10 reusable bags per pack.

I honestly could not find any fault with PEAKfresh reusable produce or the convenient packaging too!
retail-pack                                       Photo Courtesy of PEAKFresh

Did I PEAK your curiosity today?

Will YOU be ordering and trying these innovative reusable fruit and veggie (vegetable) bags that will automatically save you money?

What will you buy with the money you saved when these PEAKfresh reusable fruit and veggie bags YOU try?


17 thoughts on “Does Ways to Minimize Food Wastage PEAK Your Curiosity?

  1. Tess says:

    Hi Joanne,
    These bags look interesting. I have not seen them in the U.S. but may not have been paying attention.
    We have a small garden going crazy with tomatoes and tomatillos. Well, also chard and kale. and some herbs. Plus we shop at a couple of Farmers’ Markets every week. Tomatoes and tomatillos don’t do well raw in the fridge, but chard and kale would work in those bags, as well as beans, zukes, cukes, and herbs from the FMs…

  2. Interesting! I hate waste so those bags would be very useful.



  3. caterina says:

    Thanks for this post Joanne… this is something I’m definitely going to try!! x

  4. G’day and thanks Pam for stopping by and your comments today, true!
    ABSOLUTELY makes a difference with the brand because as I mentioned in my post, there are competitors I have used that have inferior product in my opinion …saves HEAPS of money in the end too!

  5. Agreed! I’m constantly preaching to others about food waste. 😉

  6. Debbwl says:

    I have seen adds wondered if they worked and am glad to see they do.

  7. Oh I think I’ve been given some of these bags when I made a fruit and veg home delivery order. They were great! And lol at your poor mum and your reaction to her pot roast that night 😛

  8. danapny says:

    Sounds like something I definitely need to try Joanne! Unfortunately, I wind up throwing out more fresh fruit & veggies than I would like to.

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