Does Reading {Pay it Forward} Posts Make You Feel Happy Too?


August 26, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

SayGdayPart4Does Reading {Pay it Forward} Posts Make You Feel Happy Too?

How about sharing posts as do you believe “Sharing is Caring?”

This week via Is There a Reason You Should Say G’day Today?,
I can say I was “the early, warm and welcoming host,” instead of like last week where for our 100th Party Celebrations, I “almost” missed my own party!

With almost 320 submissions to catch up with at this week’s party, there was a  “B-U-Z-Z of EXCITEMENT” in the air with people sharing their tutorials, DIY projects and of course, their favorite recipes!

My name is Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG and I can share with you that each week, it is not easy to pick “just a few” as Natasha and I want to make “each and every” person who comes to our party “feel” special!; I HOPE we do!

Not in any order (as you know by now I don’t play favorites), I’d like to introduce you all to the above blogs that are featured by What’s On The List; all will be contacted personally and all can proudly share my “You’ve Been Featured” on What’s On The List badge on their blog should they wish to!

Say Gday Feature

Today, I decided to share these blogs as after all, food, eating and Pay It Forward experiences like real life, is “all about fun!”

Starting with the top left, I loved Karly from Three in Three‘s Snickers Cereal Bars Dessert Recipe photo as it “jumped out at me” right away!

I enjoy Karly’s “no-nonsense” way of blogging and she will even admit… she is crazy, like me, in a fun sort of way!

When I was little, let’s just say that sharing a frozen Snickers with my mum was indeed a treat and to this day, I can’t enjoy a Snickers without remembering “some of the things” mum did say!

I can’t wait to try this recipe!

Did you know the Snickers bars was created by Frank and Ethel Mars, founders of the candy company Mars Inc and the Snickers recipe took three years to “perfect?”

I literally could not take my eyes off of Shari from Pure Grace Farms’ Garden Fresh Zucchini Fritters!

I currently have “heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables” on hand thanks to Pantry Packer and can not wait to re-create Shari’s recipe!

While viewing all of last week’s Say G’day party photos, I thought it was “lovely” Ms Lemon from Make Mine Lemon had cut a slice of her Plum Tart “especially for me!”


My name is Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG and I’ll share a little secret with you!

When I was little in New York, Sundays were always EXTREMELY special to me (that story will have to wait for another day), but suffice it to say when I see an apple tart, a cherry or peach pie, it usually results in a nostalgic tear in my eye, in a good way!

Shauna from satori‘s “easy” Rustic Apple Galette really MADE MY DAY!

Please say it is not JUST me, but can YOU “smell” foods through your computer screen?

I can and am glad I paid extra for my computer screen that includes the “info-smell accessory!”

Traditionally (and I can’t even share how the tradition started), but here in the Land of Oz, Friday nights are pizza nights!

I don’t know if is because I was “born and bred” in the States or because I have always had a “secret fascination” in wanting to be in the Guinness Book of Records (which I “think” I am for something or another), but did you know the largest pizza baked weighs:

“12.19 tonnes (26,883 lb) and was made at Norwood Hypermarket, Norwood, South Africa on 8 December 1990. The pizza measured 37.4m (122ft 8in) in diameter.”

While the mind “boggles” with the size of that pizza, I must have had a serious pizza craving as just viewing Ginnie from Hello Little Home’s Height of Summer Veggie Pizza made me WISH today was Friday!

To de-bunk a myth in case some people worldwide believe me, Aussies enjoy pizza on nights other than Friday!

When I saw Cindy form Little Miss Celebration‘s Skillet Upside Down Apple Spice Cake, I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D as this recipe SO reminded me of childhood and I have always wanted to make a skillet cake!

Today viewing Cindy’s photos and recipes, it reignited my child-like enthusiasm to try to make too!

Did someone mention BACON?

Oh, perhaps it is now me?

Someone during the week got me excited by suggesting this Saturday is National Bacon Day, which in the States is an “unofficial holiday!”

So, with bacon on my mind, of course Adam and Cathy’s “mini bacon and dark chocolate tart dessert” ( a bit of a “fun pun” as their last name is really Mini!; they know my humor by now!) caught my eye!

Would you ever think of combining dark chocolate (yum) and bacon? (double yum!)

Hands up, who would like one now?

Perhaps you “may” remember by now, I was “born and bred” in New York and grew up around old world Greek and old world Italian families, so sometimes I think Italian and Greek foods (and um, gulp, well wines!) are “in my blood!”

I am a BIG Dean Martin fan and recently while sharing Does Pasta Fazool Make Your Drool {Food ‘n Flix}, I could NOT stop singing the words to That’s Amore.

When I saw Maria from Ten at the Table‘s Stromboli {Step-By-Step}, I automatically heard Dino (as his friends call him) sing to me: (thank you for indulging me lol)

When the stars make you drool
Just like a pasta fazool, that’s LOVE STROMBOLI!

When you dance down the street
With a cloud at your feet (with a STROMBOLI), you’re in love!


Okay, perhaps I should ask Karly from Three in Three‘s to sing with me as she is crazy in a fun sort of way!

Special mention this week goes to Dawn from Homemaking HacksKool Aid Milkshakes Recipe “just because” and yes, it takes me back to very fond childhood memories that I will need to share another day!

Which of the above recipes would YOU like to try?

Does Reading {Pay it Forward} Posts Make You Feel Happy Too?

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22 thoughts on “Does Reading {Pay it Forward} Posts Make You Feel Happy Too?

  1. Ginnie says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my pizza, Joanne! It’s delicious any day of the week;)

  2. Thank you for featuring my Snickers Crave Bars! I really appreciate it!

  3. Dawn Lopez says:

    Love your fun post! My mouth is watering just hearing about all these great recipes. My husband would adore that mini bacon and dark chocolate tart dessert and they are SO cute too!

    What a neat surprise to see my milkshake recipe featured. I have to say they are soooo surprisingly delicious. Thank you so much for including me!

  4. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    What a wonderful post. You are truly a very kind and giving person. I know you’ve been through some tough times lately and I’m glad to know things are turning around. Nobody deserves that more than you do.

  5. What a terrific post Joanne. You certainly know how to choose the most delicious recipes. I can’t wait to stop by to check them out.

  6. This is good feel post.. I’m going to add your blog to my blog roll.. also stop by Fabulous Friday Party! this week.. Love if you links up your great posts.. Lots of hugs Maria

  7. Delish looking round up! Thanks Joanne!

  8. Shauna says:

    Thank you for sharing my apple galette recipe- a nice surprise!

  9. What a sweet surprise this morning to see my Garden Fresh Zucchini Fritters on your list! Thank you! Paying it forward and sharing a few of these gorgeous recipes.

  10. Yum, there are so many links to enjoy here 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Hi Joanne! Thank you so much to including my Skillet Apple Spice Cake in your fun post – you made me smile! I think you’ll like this cake and it’s super easy! Have a fabulous day!

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