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July 1, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Pasta-bean-soupYou have no idea HOW many wonderful childhood memories I have of hearing people in Brooklyn say, “Does Pasta Fazool Make You Drool?”

Yes, I know this “traditional meatless Italian dish” is pasta e fagioli; but “ya gotta have the accent” especially when singing Dean Martin’s That’s Amore:

When the stars make you drool
Just like a pasta fazool, that’s amore
That’s amore
When you dance down the street
With a cloud at your feet, you’re in love

Thank you to Debra at Eliot Eats for inviting me back to participate in this “very fun” monthly Food ‘n Flix June Flick: Moonstruck!

FoodnFlixI’m excited because I love Pasta Fazool and Moonstruck always pulls on my heart strings bringing back WONDERFUL New York and romantic memories!

As part of the monthly challenges, a movie is picked with the monthly host sharing why they picked that particular movie and people worldwide then participate by making foods that are part of the movie chosen.

Debra chose this 1987 nominee for Best Picture based on her short and sweet synopsis via her blog:
“Imagine an old-school extended Italian family living in Brooklyn. Picture Cher as a plain-Jane, thirty-something widowed bookkeeper.   See her settle for a comfortable marriage proposal.   Imagine her parents steering through some extramarital dalliances. Throw in the typical ever-brooding Nicholas Cage-type character as a romantic spoiler. You have Moonstruck.

moonstruck                                     Photo Courtesy of

Before I get onto the food and for the sake of those who have not seen the movie, a bit of the plot might be in order, eh?

Moonstruck is a movie you either love or hate; critics were largely positive, and even though Moonstruck was the 5th highest grossing movie of 1987, the audience provided mixed reviews.

Can you imagine, a 37 year old, Sicilian American widow (Loretta Castorini played by Cher), working as an accountant in Brooklyn Heights, New York living with her Italian father (Cosmo played by Vince Gardenia), her Italian mother (Rose played by Olivia Dukakis) and her grandfather?
Moonstruck-family                                    Photo Courtesy of

Loretti’s Italian boyfriend (Johnny Cammareri played by Danny Aiello) proposes over dinner.
moonstruck-proposal                                       Photo Courtesy of

Isn’t that an Italian family’s dream and a romantic winner?

When Rose asks Loretta if she loves Johnny, Loretta questions what love really is; Rose replies, “When you love them they drive you crazy because they know they can.”
moonstruck-love                                       Photo Courtesy of Door Sixteen

What so far do I love about Moonstruck?

It was filmed in New York…..tick!

It’s about an Italian family….tick…as I grew up around old world Greek and old world Italian families!

I’m a big fan of Cher and her movies!

Did you know Cher received Best Actress in a Leading Roll for Moonstruck?

One of the funniest lines I read about a review is Moonstruck is “something of a classic romance film featuring an accurate portrayal of Italian Americans that does not involve them murdering each other.” via The Corner Critic

“They say” absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in Loretta’s case, when Johnny has to go to Sicily to look after his sick mother, in walks Johnny’s brother Ronny (played by Nicolas Cage) that makes Loretta “crazy”; they fall in love!
Moonstruck-kiss                                      Photo Courtesy via Fichtre

Is there nothing more romantic than being “deeply moved” by one’s first opera; Loretta’s date with Ronny!
Cher-Moonstruck                                   Photo Courtesy via Booseyblog

mickey-and-minnie-in-loveI don’t know about you, but things seem to be “heating up” with my Moonstruck review, I think it’s time to eat!

Does Pasta Fazool Make You Drool?
Pasta-fagioli-bean-soup Winter-soup-bean-pasta

Joanna's Pasta Fazool
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
#easy #entertaining #pasta #fajioli #beans #main #soup #healthy #party #recipe
Recipe type: Soup
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 6
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 2 carrots, peeled, finely grated
  • 1 celery stick, peeled, finely diced
  • 1 red capsicum, finely diced
  • 2 shallots, grated
  • 400 gram canned butter beans, drained, washed
  • 400 gram canned kidney beans, drained, washed
  • 400 gram canned diced tomatoes
  • 850 ml chicken stock
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 cup cooked pasta
  • ½ cup frozen peas
  • handful fresh baby spinach leaves, washed, trimmed
  • handful fresh parsley, washed, finely chopped
  • 4 green beans, sliced
  • 50 grams finely grated cheese
  • black pepper and salt to taste; extra salt for pasta water
  1. Prepare garlic, carrots, celery, capsicum, shallots, green beans spinach, parsley; set aside.
  2. Drain and wash butter beans and kidney beans; set aside.
  3. Place pasta into large pot of boiling, salted water; cook until al dente; reserved ¼ cup pasta water to refresh pasta.
  4. In large pot, heat pot, then add oil, add garlic, carrots, celery, capsicum, shallots; saute until soft; about 5 minutes.
  5. Add butter beans, kidney beans, bay leaf, chicken stock, tomatoes; bring to a boil.
  6. Lower and simmer for 20 minutes.
  7. Add frozen peas, spinach, green beans and parsley; cook additional 3 minutes.
  8. Top with grated cheese and pepper.
  9. ENJOY!
Recipe inspired by Mary McCartney: Hearty pasta and bean soup via Women for Women International's Share Cookbook; blog post via What's On The List

Have you ever been Moonstruck like me?

Do you enjoy “classic romantic” movies?

Does Pasta Fazool Make You Drool?

I hope you will enjoying making it for your next movie night in!

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moonstruck-love-New-York                                        Photo Courtesy of Next Movie

46 thoughts on “Does Pasta Fazool Make You Drool? {Food ‘n Flix}

  1. Wow this looks like a really great way to get my beans in a meal and in my diet. I always say more variation on bean recipes is a good thing since they provide some protein that I am in need of. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this with us at the Creative Style Linkup!

  2. Ricki says:

    Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Social, I’m looking forward to seeing you again next Thursday at 9pm EST at for another installment of The Weekend Social.

  3. I’ve never seen Moonstruck or if I have I was too young to remember what it was about. That recipe looks good, and yes, it makes me drool. Looks like a great low calorie meal full of natural goodness. Thanks for sharing with Creative Style!

  4. dianeroark says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe on my Facebook page. It is a new recipe to me and looks really delicious. I love all the beans in it.
    Diane Roark

  5. What a fabulous bowl of soup–I can never resist a pasta ‘fazool’–perfect healthy comfort food. So glad your dish made it into the round up and sorry I am so late in getting around to comment on all of the wonderful dishes. 😉

  6. swathiiyer says:

    Delicious fully healthy soup, moonstruck is very nice movie. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  7. Can you believe I have never seen Moonstruck. After reading your post I am running to Amazon Prime to look for the movie. I might even make a big pot of your beautiful Pasta Fazool to eat while I am watching.

  8. babso2you says:

    Loved the movie Moonstruck. Cher was gorgeous on the night of the opera date. The family was engaging! The pasta looks great!

  9. This sounds delicious Joanne! And packed full of nutrition too!

  10. Granny will print this recipe, Joanne, she’s drooling already. Pawkisses for a Lovely Week ahead 🙂

  11. Joanne, it seems just like yesterday watching Cher receiving her Academy Award: “You love me, you really do love me!” I like your use of the pasta pieces with the design in it!

  12. Katerina says:

    I love Italian and I have seen that movie many years ago! Delicious dish!

  13. auntbeesrecipes says:

    I haven’t seen that movie in forever! I want to watch it again, and try this recipe! I love reading your posts Joanne! They really ‘brighten’ my day! <3

  14. Amanda Coleman says:

    I am pretty sure that pasta fazool would make me drool if I tried it and I certainly intend to do just that. I am so excited! When cooking things I am totally unfamiliar with I always read the recipe a couple of times so that I can go over the role each ingredient plays and what needs to be done to prepare it. I know I am going to feel silly after asking this because it is probably right there in front of my face but for some reason I am not seeing when to add the sliced green beans. Do I add them to the pot with the garlic, celery, carrots, shallots and capsicum sautéing for the first 5 minutes or do I add them when I add the peas spinach and parsley? In some recipes a minute can make a difference either way and this is unfamiliar territory for me so I had to ask. Thanks!

    • G’day and thanks for stopping by Amanda and no question is ever too silly or stupid to me…seems I forgot to add it to the recipe and have adjusted now! I like my veggies like green beans to be a tad crunchy! Please let me know how you go!

  15. cheapethniceatz says:

    Sorry I had to miss this event too but glad you got added. And you have the best one of the round up I think the Pasta Fazool looks so delish!

  16. I love Pasta Fazool LOL and cannot wait to try your recipe.

  17. I love that movie… I love Fazool… I love this post Joanne!

  18. Nice post and loved the photos. I went and shared with Twitter 🙂

  19. It has been ages since I saw Moonstruck but I remember loving it! Thanks for the delicious reminder 😀

  20. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    LOVE the song, the movie AND the dish!! ♥ Thank you for a fun, delicious read today! 🙂

  21. eliotthecat says:

    Loved the post and am adding an addendum to the round up to include you. Yes, I have been moonstruck! I loved the quote about the portrayal of Italian families….yep, there wasn’t a murder in site in the film. This Fazool does make me drool!!!!!!!!! Take care!

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