Are You Curious About New York Cult Recipes?


August 2, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Noodle-kugel-rhubarb-whatsonthelist Are You Curious About New York Cult Recipes like me?

You can only IMAGINE how much I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D when New York Cult Recipes by Marc Grossman was sent “graciously” to me by Allen & Unwin!

New-York-cult-recipes-cookbook                                   Photo Courtesy of Allen & Unwin

As you know by now, I was born and bred in New York, now an Aussie who calls Australia home for a long time!

I reveled in each of Marc’s recipes as they brought back all my fun-filled childhood memories!

Did you ever read a cookbook, only to find yourself smiling?

New York Cult Recipes had me smiling like a Cheshire cat!

Marc Grossman’s family came from Russia to New York and interestingly Marc left New York with his family to live in Paris!

Marc loves “being a New Yorker in Paris rather than being a New Yorker in New York.”

I guess we have something in common there with me leaving New York to come and live in Australia!

I love being a New Yorker in Australia too!

Marc shares when one is an expat, one starts to crave foods which conjure up food memories.

“It begins as a minor homesick craving,” and “builds into a full-blown culinary obsession”; hence New York Cult Recipes was born!

If you love food and love anything about New York, than this is the cookbook for you!


New Yorkers love their DOUGHNUTS: GLAZES, FILTERED COFFEE and CHALLAH; not necessarily in that order!

I love how Marc shared a “simple” drawn diagram on how to properly braid the challah!

Marc shared challah is “New York’s answer to French brioche!”

The photos will have you salivating throughout the book!

I was so hoping I could just “scratch and sniff” the pages to smell and relive childhood memories of being in a New York bakery; especially BABKA — recipe is in the cookbook!

I remember COFFEE CAKES and CINNAMON ROLLS when I was little too; both recipes are in Marc’s cookbook too!

I now have Marc’s BANANA BREAD inside my head; needless to say it is now “on my list” to do!


Marc’s MATZAH BREI recipe almost did make me cry!

I relived all my WONDERFUL childhood food memories and then did sigh!

Don’t get me started on CHOCOLATE RUGALACHS; trust me these are addictive; like a craving that is never-ending to enjoy!

FRENCH TOAST, RICE KRISPY TREATS….BLINTZ….devouring each page was “almost” too much for me! (in a good way!)

Thank goodness for BRUNCH TIME with Marc’s BAGELS to keep me going!

With diner and deli recipes, my smile continued throughout the day!

New York Cult Recipes will brighten any expat, any New Yorker, ANY foodies worldwide day!

It makes for a great pressie (Aussie lingo for present), but it is a “great food treat” for yourself too!

I can smell the HASHBROWNS and SMOKED BACON from here!

I could enjoy Marc’s BUNS FOR HAMBURGERS & HOT DOGS throughout the year!


Salads and LATKES are recipes in the cookbook to explore!

Ever want to experience an authentic New York PIEROGI?; now you can!

PORK BUNS and ROAST CHICKEN are recipes in the cookbook I’d be picking!

So what recipe did you make and why?, I “hear” you say!

I am glad YOU are AS E-X-C-I-T-E-D  as me today!

Initially I saw MATZO BALL SOUP as “just the smell” makes one feel better!

But then I saw NOODLE KUGEL and “knew” it was THE ONE!

When I was little, I used to watch my adopted Jewish grandmother bake noodle kugel also called noodle pudding!


After I enjoyed a bite, okay a serve, okay, a second serve (lol) of Marc’s NOODLE KUGEL, (which is WONDERFUL), I remembered I still had my grandmother’s recipe!

I had not thought of NOODLE KUGEL, nor the memories until in Marc’s cookbook a photo I did see; of a NOODLE KUGEL at a New York deli!

I’m just “itching” to share Marc’s wonderful recipe, but honestly, don’t believe me as you will just have to try it for yourself!

The internationally renowned singer Tony Bennett lost his heart in San Francisco; I lost my heart (well, part of it) in New York!

To make an authentic New York KNISH is my wish; is in the cookbook!


The memories are flooding back BEYOND belief!

CHERRY PIE or APPLE PIE…which one is your favorite?

Again, I enjoyed the drawn diagram how to perfect the lattice look!

APPLE STRUDEL or CHERRY-RICOTTA STRUDEL…are you starting to salivate AGAIN like me?


This question might start a cheesecake war! lol

Have you ever baked DOODLES?

If not, by now you know where I found the recipe!

HOMEMADE GRAHAM CRACKERS AND SMORES might sound like funny for expats to miss!

I remember the first WHOPPIE PIE that was made special for me and delivered with a kiss!

The ANYTIME recipes did delight, especially homemade POP-TARTS!


Basic jam recipes are always good to know; homemade is always best!

I hope you can FEEL how New York Cult Recipes is A LOT different from the rest!

Is it a cookbook?

Is it a New York’s “culinary obsession for food?”

Either way, I am SURE Marc’s recipes will put you in “the New Yorker mood” and you too can experience the New Yorker “food obsession” attitude!

I think you KNOW, how much I enjoyed New York Cult Recipes!

A little bit different type of cookbook review, but if you enjoyed this review, please share Are You Curious About New York Cult Recipes? with your friends worldwide; pins also make my day!

All comments “on my blog” and will be shared with Marc Grossman and Allen & Unwin who “graciously” sent New York Cult Recipes my way!

If only for today and WHEN you buy the cookbook, you too can FEEL what it means to have New York food pride inside!




27 thoughts on “Are You Curious About New York Cult Recipes?

  1. Michal says:

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Kimberly says:

    You are on a roll! It all looks so good! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

  3. I LOVE books based where I used to live or in places where I live now. I even like books based in places I’ve visited frequently – so New York Cult Recipes sounds like a book I would love! I’m definitely going to try to get hold of a copy! Thank you for sharing this lovely book – and this post – with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop, Joanne.

  4. Love all the New York Cult recipes. This is a terrific post and a great reminder to make kugel again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. theninjabaker says:

    Brilliant comparison of challah to French braided bread. New York Cult Recipes looks like a cookbook which will endure time because it’s filled with all the classics of NY which never grow old. Congratulations on acquiring the book for free and for replicating Noodle Kugel =)

  6. Yes! You definitely put me in a New York food mood! I only went once and not nearly long enough to enjoy knish! This cookbook sounds great!

  7. auntbeesrecipes says:

    Ok well not only did you sell me on the cookbook, now I want to visit New York EVEN MORE!! It is on my bucket list!!! Thanks for telling us about the wonderful New York Cult Recipes Cookbook!

  8. Ronda says:

    I love a good Knish and that Kugle looks rather interesting as well.

  9. bakesinslippers says:

    noodle kugel?? sign me up.

  10. Beautiful recipe. I have learned something about #Kugel. Thanks Joanne! Pinned as well.

  11. what a fab book! I’ve visited New York but would love to go to try some of these dishes 🙂

  12. I bet it brought back some amazing memories for you Joanne! 😀 What a great looking book!

  13. Love these interesting recipe.. So different! Will love to try the noodle one.I don’t eat much meat and it could be made without meat. Hugs Maria

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