Curious WHAT made “The Campbelltown South Australian” Community HOWL?


November 3, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Moon-howlingObviously if you are reading this, you are as curious like me WHAT made “The Campbelltown South Australian” Community HOWL?

My friends Princess What?, Prince Giancarlo, Princess Oriana and Michaelangelo had previously experienced the WONDERFUL (as they described) Moonlight Markets located at Thorndon Park in Campbelltown, South Australia.

I was a “first timer” full of questions; luckily my friends know, understand and are supportive of my very childlike curiosity!

“Will there be fashion?”

“Will the be crafts?

Will there be entertainment too?

“How about food? Wine?”

“Have patience,” they all suggested to me as….

The Moonlight Markets experience “is nothing that can “really” be put into words.”

Once through the gates, my eyes “lit up” and I Y-E-L-L-E-D out (as there was a BUZZ of excitement in the crowd so no one could really hear me), “THIS IS C-R-A-Z-Y!” (I meant that in a good way!”)

That expression was mimicked by a number of people we knew (and overheard from strangers) throughout the night!
Campbelltown-Adelaide-markets-crowds-whatsonthelist-1024x683Seems down each and every aisle, Princess What?, Prince Giancarlo, Princess Oriana,  Michaelangelo (real friends) and I bumped into someone we knew!

“How are you? Long time no see!”

“Haven’t seen you in months”, friends and overheard strangers say repeatedly!

A hug here, a kiss there!

I seemed M-E-S-M-E-R-I-Z-E-D and ALL I could do was HOWL with excitement too!

“The Moonlight Markets are all about the community coming out to support local businesses”  local Councillor John Kennedy shared.

I EXCITEDLY saw several businesses from Flavours of the Campbelltown Council Foodtrail too!
Handmade-baskets-whatsonthelist Childrens-clothing-pirateSeeing Princess What?, Princess Oriana and I recently attended Arrrrrg-ubly The Best Pirate Parrrty by Faaaaar as part of Yelp Adelaide’s 1st Birthday Party, I couldn’t help but snap this fashion for my swabbies!
Handmade-dolls-markets Mickey-mouse-dolls-marketsSeeing I am THE BIGGEST Mickey Mouse fan (hence one of my nicknames as mickeydownunder), I couldn’t help myself by “snap” these “crafty” “entertaining” baby Mickeys!
Keep-calm-drink-wine Seeing Chef Georgio and I are South Australian red wine connoisseurs, this locally handcrafted canvas art message came home with with me!

Off to taste some wines from Flavours of Campbelltown business Salena Estate, my friends joined me enthusiastically!
Salena-wines-Campbelltown-whatsonthelist Selena-wines-Campbelltown-markets-whatsonthelistI really enjoyed chatting with Salena of Salena Estate where she passionately shared their new Alternative Varieties and Organic wines and a bit about her company’s history.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…when we bumped into Ursula Hickey of the Campelltown Council, I had already HOWLED (aka YELLED lol) “THIS IS CRAZY!!!”

How could one NOT get swept up into the Moonlight Markets, where families, friends, strangers gathered to simply enjoy and support local businesses!
To me, THIS was GREAT to experience and see!

By now, FANG (aka me) was getting peckish (Aussie lingo for hungry!) and this is where my friends sort um, well, maybe intentional (not really lol) lost me!

They know HOW I am and can be when it comes to anything food related!

It was great seeing Fudge It, The Kumars, elbio’s, Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea,

Slape and Sons as well as new businesses to the Flavours of Campbelltown Foodtrail Anna’s Specialties, and Assiaggio Cafe.
Kumars-Indian-food Food-Indian-Kumars Indian-Kumars-food I hope you can smell this from here, as The Kumar Family shared their mouth-watering Indian foods always with passionate smiles!
desserts-cake-tarts-elbios-jpg Cakes-desserts-tarts-elbios Desserts-tart-cakes Churros-elbios-Adelaide With so many “delightfully delectable” choices from elbio’s, (Massini Chocolate mousse style cream between layers of sponge cake, Massini Chantilly cream between layers of…with a flamed caramalised topping, Citrus tart to name a few), in the end, Churros won my food heart.

“Massini Chantilly cream between layers of…what?”, I “hear” you say.

I would highly recommend you contact Tour Barossa and book YOUR next Flavours of Campbelltown Foodtrail tour today to find out AND all about all the other wonderful Campbelltown businesses that are PASSIONATE about their foods and businesses that they LOVE sharing too!
Sausages-Slop-AdelaideNothing like an Aussie BBQ from Slape and Sons!
Pavillion-Campbelltown-moonlight-marketsMany people met up at the Pungangga Pavilion for ice cream and gelati too!

Once again, I HOWLED it was a “fun-filled family” night of all nights; FREE entry!

People ran into their own family members, work mates, even neighbors and after exclaiming, “THIS IS CRAZY!!!” (Trust me I was NOT the only one who HOWLED this throughout the night! lol), the sentiment was the same.

“I did not know you were coming!”

“I did not know YOU were coming TOO!”

“Let’s sit, let’s walk around, let’s catch up on old times…let’s make plans to get together soon too!”

It was all about “A Sense of Community!”
                             Photo Courtesy of the Cambelltown City Council

Chef Georgio was unable to attend on the night, so I decided to surprise him with a pressie (seeing I had eaten his Churros too lol)

I thought this multi-light Sabre would be “just the pressie” (Aussie lingo for present) to brighten Chef Georgio’s night and make him smile too!
I can hear you in Compterland saying, “HOW old are YOU?”

I thought these were SO cool and THE perfect “Craft” “Fashion” accessory that would provide YEARS of “Entertainment” too!

Light-sabre-jpg Light-sabre-blue Light-sabre-green Light-sabre-red P.S. Chef Georgio LOVED his multi-colored sabre!

I was SO Curious WHAT made “The Campbelltown South Australian” Community HOWL, TRUE!

Now, as a very proud Adelaide South Australian, you know why through my unique childlike eyes that are always and STILL full of wonderment and surprise!

To me, The Campbelltown Council South Australian Moonlight Markets “is all about family and friends and strangers who become friends along the way!”

It is about the local community supporting local businesses and feeling good (once again) connected to a “community spirit” or “community family.”

What Princess What?, Prince Giancarlo, Princess Oriana and Michaelangelo said was true!

The Moonlight Markets experience “is nothing that can “really” be put into words.”

I “tried”, but suggest all locals become tourists in their own towns too; come out to support the Campbelltown SA Moonlight Markets on the 6th of December, the 7th of February and the 7th of March and I will “suggest” you WILL be HOWLING with excitement too!

Do you think I have summed up the Campbelltown Council Moonlight Markets in a fun sort of way?

After all, moments and nights like this are to be enjoyed as life is about fun, food, family and child’s play! (They had jumping castles and face painting too!)

I guess I will have to save that for next time when I bump into YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Curious WHAT made “The Campbelltown South Australian” Community HOWL?

  1. Hi Joanne! Looks like it was such a fun evening The moon is unbelievable and the food…wow…I’m drooling over that Koffee and Walnut fudge! and the Owls…so cute…any chance you’ll be sending a couple of these items across the ocean any time soon? lol
    If not some of the churros will do! Big Hug girl! good to see you had a great time! Lizy

  2. This looks wonderful, I wish we had moonlight markets here. GG

  3. Yum, looks like so many good things to eat, like Churros. I remember there was a contestant on Master Chef Australia called Kumar- I wonder if he is part of the Kumar food product you showed on your blog? Thanks for sharing Joanne!

  4. I can spend the whole afternoon (or even including morning!) hanging out in this kind of market. And I love the colorful basket in one of your pictures… With the little kids, going to this kind of markets got a little harder (they get bored and can’t walk with me too long). Hopefully a few more years later I can shop with my daughter (or even son!). 🙂

  5. These markets sound fantastic! Definitely crazy in a good way – what a great local initiative 🙂

  6. How fun! I would’ve enjoyed those organic wines and that colorful wand 🙂

  7. We’ve got a moonlight market a couple of times a month in Mooloolaba and I’ve never been. I’ll go to the next one and see if it comes close to yours!

  8. A lovely market! Great produces…



  9. I love that these markets are tinted orange from the setting sun! Also morning markets are always hard to get up for-these are much more my speed 😀

  10. These moonlight markets sound incredible. I love the friendliness and the sense of community and how this is helping all the local businesses. It has a good name, too xx

  11. Bingo! The magic stick :D. The market looks like a great fun and a very enjoyable environment! A great way to promote local produce too~~

  12. joe defazio says:

    hi joanne we were there too, bumped into people we havent seen for a while, enjoyable night had by all. couldn’t get over how many people were there and real party atmosphere. Was C R A ZY but in a good way

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