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December 1, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Cupcake-santaTick, Tock goes the In My Kitchen December 2013 Christmas clock!
Time waits for no man (or woman!)

Can you believe it has already been a month since my last In My Kitchen November post?
I can’t, so I better get a wriggle on to get this one shared with you today!

Once again, thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for her In My Kitchen series; last month there was almost 50 Kitchens to peek into!

I love being a “sticky beak!” (Aussie lingo for being um, well nosy, but I prefer to loosely interpret it as “being curious” lol)

After all, people are sharing their kitchen views and love sharing and receiving comments too!

I created my featured photo fondant cupcake via A Very Merry #Christmas Fondant Cupcake Class; am STILL S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G with delight!
BreadIt was a month of playing more with my Thermomix (she is nicknamed Thermalina) in baking various breads and rolls.

Thermomix definitely saves time and money, but is heaps fun in what I can create with her too!
Rolls Cupcake-meringueI was very proud of myself for overcoming an epic flop disaster that only took me 25 plus years (probably more), but in the end, I was up for the challenge thanks to nic&rocco‘s new Cookbook called Sweet Sensations.

In case you missed my fun filled food story, click here to read.
Tins-ChristmasI love these decorative, inexpensive disposable Christmas tins!

There is nothing better than seeing friend’s faces when they are surprised with a home baked cake or goodies by me!
Cookie-cuttersBy now, you know me with cookie cutters of all kinds and look forward to what happens on Monday with my “friend from a past life or two;” her nickname will be revealed in the blog post about our Christmas fondant, cookie, cake kitchen play date! lol

Anyone notice the highlighted Mickey Mouse cutter?

As mickeydownunder, (as I am known in the food world) it is a prized treasure for me!
ChocolateI don’t know if you leave out goodies for Father Christmas aka Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, but in additional to some baked goods, I thought I would share Madagascar’s Hottest Secret with cinnamon and sakay and pink pepper and citrus chocolates with Rudolph and the gang!
Mould-shortbreadWhen I saw this Christmas Shortbread Mold recently, I was surprised HOW quickly it jumped in my trolley cart!

It didn’t need to even YELL, “TAKE ME!!! TAKE ME!!!

Chef Georgio (the great taste tester of Matt Preston’s French Letters recipe fame) loves shortbread!

Shhhhhhhhh, it’ll be our secret as I have a recipe to bake for him with love on Monday!
Baking-mouldHow cute is this gingerbread mold?

I have some secrets up my sleeve creating gingerbread, fondant and other goodies from scratch in my Thermomix in the next couple of days too!

I can’t WAIT and am E-X-C-I-T-E-D…..YOU?
Tea-holderI enjoy a bit of a chat over tea ; Manatea in fact.

When I saw this, (and I am not normally a tea person, but have been known to enjoy a cup or two) I knew “this little fella” was making his way back In My Kitchen this month too!

I have very strong ties to Florida (is where my parents lived).

I am also very passionate about animals.

For those unfamiliar, the Florida manatee (different spelling) is Florida’s state mammal and a relative of the elephant; all U.S. states have a state mammal.

November was Manatee Awareness Month.

The Manatea Manatee is unique in a variety of ways; brews a lovely tea and will always have a surprise for you; this manatea secret today will not be revealed by me!

Who would YOU most like to enjoy tea with?

I think you all know by now...MARCO, MARCO, MARCO and MATT !

Perhaps it is an omen that my Manatee Manatee begins with the letter M!

Fingers crossed with my Food Bucket List eh?
Napkins-origamiDon’t you just LOVE these Origami serviettes aka napkins?

There are four different varieties and think you know me by now, just like in real life, my food PASSION and ENTHUSIASM is all about fun!

Do you think these Origami serviettes would appeal to children of all ages?

I LOVE Roza’s Gourmet Sauces and especially their HOT LOVER sauce!
Sauce-tomatoFor those unfamiliar with their new packaging, there is a QR (Stands for Quick Response) code on the products, so you can “quickly, easily, and conveniently” obtain access to recipes that use the particular product.

I am very humbled and proud to reveal, my recipes will be included on this and future products too!

I loved that Roza’s Gourmet Sauces is 100% Australian owned family business with quite a unique history and love their … “right sauce can turn any meal into a feast” philosophy!
SauceMore exciting news coming soon, but let’s keep it our Christmas Wish List secret for now, eh?
brie-cheeseLastly, I recently obtained this Salt & Pepper Fromage Brie Baker from Homewares Direct.

I’ve recently entertained with one of my favorite Adelaide Hills Udder Delights melted Brie; using fresh herbs from my garden, garlic etc.

It also is great for entertaining with other fine cheese like Camembert and was interesting to learn on the night about “the stretching of the brie.”; more about that to come via a future blog post from me!

Whether you have a blog or not, what’s one or two things in YOUR kitchen that you love?

Is there a story that surrounds it?

I would LOVE to hear it in the comments; all brighten my day!

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All comments “on my blog please”, shares and pins MAKE MY DAY!

Feel free to click over to Celia’s Fig Jam and Lim Cordial for more kitchens to peek in!

I do hope you enjoyed peeking In My Kitchen December 2013!

62 thoughts on “In My Kitchen December 2013

  1. auntbeesrecipes says:

    Love the shortbread mold and that brie sounds delicious! This post got me excited for Christmas with my kiddos! <3

  2. Wow, what an amazing Christmas kitchen! I have to admit I squealed out loud when I saw your shortbread mould, where did you find it?? And those origami serviettes – forget children, I’ll be in line for a bit of dining table origami too! 😀 Look forward to the next IMK!

    • Thanks Saucy! Your comments made my day! I accidentally found the shortbread molds while looking for something else at my local Homewares Direct store. As stock is now limited, I would suggest contacting their Unley store. Hope this helps! Feel free to email me! 🙂

  3. If there’s one thing better than Brie, it would have to be baked Brie! Yum!

  4. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    So fun! I love your shortbread mold, too! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Your home is filled with Christmas spirits!

  5. Hi Joanne

    We both have the same Shortbread mould! What are the chances!!! I’m seriously impressed with your cupcake – I’m adding that to the growing list of things I must try!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Australia. That shortbread pan would have hopped into my trolley in a second, too! At the moment, I truly do not need another cookie / cake pan in the kitchen…I love my rice cooker which was a Christmas gift from my sister many moons ago. And I’m always grateful for the 2 kitty cat plates which constantly need filling…Yes, I love animals, too. Fun fact: My father and step-mother reside in Florida and are quite close to Manatee County =)

  7. What’s not to love about your kitchen this month Joanne? The cookie cutters…snap! On my IMK this month too. I also covet that shortbread mold. I have a tiny wooden stamp for shortbread that I bought in Scotland (unused) but your mold is the ticket – bet it makes amazing shortbread. Finally, loving those origami serviettes. Quirky, fun and still useful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Christmas Mickey.

  8. Thermalina–gotta love her! I need to hunt down a gingerbread mold asap, too cool!!

  9. cquek says:

    love to have all the stuff in my kitchen too.

  10. Hi Joanne, your little friend is adorable! And so many wonderful toys in your kitchen we really would have the most awesome play time.
    My favourite is your cupcake, what a perfect Santy!

  11. Jas@AbsolutelyJas says:

    Oh you had me at ‘Manatea’. Laughing out loud. Fabulous things in your kitchen yet again Joanne, but I expect no less! Thanks for the giggle 😀

  12. Hi Joanne, I love all your molds – they’re so festive! I must add a few more to my collection. And your Christmas tea-towels are so in the spirit of the season – I must get myself some xx

  13. Any says:

    Hi Joanne! Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I wish you a happy december!

  14. Wow I would love a Brie baker – dangerous!

  15. says:

    There is so much going on in your kitchen this month I’m a little dizzy reading the list! Where to start? The shortbread mould – you should buy the shop’s stock and sell them to us all. The brie baker – brilliant. I keep looking at the Thermomix and then the price tag and I just can’t go there – I’m quite envious!

  16. heidiannie says:

    Hi Joanne-
    Love your shortbread and gingerbread molds- I have one similar to the shortbread although mine has assorted flowers rather than the thistles.
    And great cutters as well- I saw mickey right off!
    Your bread is lovely- love the garnishing rose. I don’t have a breadmaker or even a decent food processor- but making bread is so soothing for me that I love seeing it in all its incarnations.
    Thanks for the tour!

  17. Father Christmas may get stuck at yours with all that delicious chocolate – especially if he has to wipe his hands and has a go at folding those origami napkins

  18. Your breads look delicious. It’s time for me to make some Italian speciality cookies. Thanks for the Like on blog.

  19. The shortbread mold caught my eye as well, I mean just look at the beauty!
    I like to find QR codes on products these days. So easy to connect with brands by just scanning the code with the phone. =)

  20. Wonderful! Those shortbread molds are so pretty.



  21. thanks for sharing – I love the brie container 🙂

  22. Glenda says:

    Hi Joanne, I am with the others, I love that mould.

  23. My Kitchen Stories says:

    A great festive hall you have there Joanne. I love that Dungog / Manatea. I didnt know they were called that but I love them. You are going to use Thermolina overtime this month

  24. Joanne, I agree with Lorraine , your shortbread mould looks fantastic! Thermalina is the perfect name for your new kitchen helper, and hasn’t she worked magic – look at all those amazing loaves and rolls! Love your manatea, and also how incredibly festive everything looks in your kitchen – you’re well and truly ready for Christmas! 🙂

  25. Wow, what a tremendous kitchen haul this month! When I lived in Cocoa Beach in Florida the condo complex I lived in was river side and residents would turn the fresh water hose on from the fish cleaning table and the manatees would come over for a drink within minutes. They love fresh water. Is that a manatee or a dugong – and can you be sure which? 🙂

  26. lizzygoodthings says:

    Mmmmmm now that fromage baker looks interesting… my baked camembert or brie with honey and thyme would sit well in that one! Lovely round up : )

  27. Happy December Joanne! I too am especially in love with that Christmas Shortbread Mould and can see why it made it into your trolley without any thought! Great IMK post 🙂

  28. Joanne, your Manatea is adorable. I remember driving over a bridge in Florida (during the trucking days) where signs were posted: “Manatee Protected Area.” Looks like yours found a safe and cozy spot! Your cookie cutters and molds made me anticipate Christmas baking and I agree with you — sharing is the best part. Loved the goodies you earmarked for Santa & crew… heat is good! One year I set out Tiramisu made with Bailey’s Irish Cream. 😉 Gotta keep that jolly saint warm on his rounds, right?!

  29. Ooh Joanne can you tell me where you bought that Christmas shortbread mold? It’s gorgeous!! Loved having a glimpse into what’s in your kitchen! 😀

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