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April 1, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Disney-castleHOW excited would YOU be building a Disney Castle In My Kitchen April 2014?

Okay, so the castle won’t be completed this month, but I am on my way in learning how to do!

Good friends and I have set a castle play date and what fun it will be!

Have I ever mentioned how “glossy eyed” I get over anything Mickey Mouse and Disney?

In My Kitchen April 2014 is the first (of many issues) where I get to start by making Mickey Mouse cookies with egg white powder that I obtained from The Essential Ingredient; “home of quality ingredients and professional cookware, sourced from Australia and around the world.”

Any Winnie The Pooh Fans or Minnie Mouse?
Mickey Disney MinniePsst….each week gives me and my friends different step by step instructions, hints and tip in constructing the Princess Castle; stay tuned.

Seems Easter is upon us and have some very fun things planned; this rabbit jigsaw puzzle and cookie cutters “magically” hopped their way In My Kitchen April 2014.
Baking CookiesHOW Fairy nice was it that I have been asked to be a Home Tester for Brand Power Australia.
Dishwasher DetergentI wonder if it will hold up to what I use and the competition?

If you have a dishwasher, what brand of detergent do you use?

Just curious!

As a courtesy of Brand Power Australia to What’s On The List, if anyone within Australia is not currently a member of their website, please email me or send me a message as I have a special code that entitles you to a FREE recipe and 30% off your future purchase of Fairy products at Woolworths when you sign up.

First in, best dressed they say.

First five people to contact me.

Must be a follower of What’s On The List…look forward to hearing from you!
I have been doing heaps of cooking and baking In My Kitchen April 2014; here are two snippets.

I LOVE creating new recipes, especially sugarless ones to enjoy!

Can Pfaumenkuchen Really Be a Sugarless Recipe you too will ask me!
CakeI saw these pellets the other day and had no clue how to use them.

They hopped into my basket and made their way In My Kitchen April 2014.

I am sure I can come up with a recipe soon!
Have you ever made homemade ice cream before?

I created these cones as I Love Taking The Mickey Out of April Fools!
HOW excited was I that I saw this entertaining platter on sale; they were practically giving it away!

I was excited as it matched a cup and plate in the same design!

I think this is a lucky omen of mine!
Plate FrypanI have this “thing” for mini size foods; mini bites, mini delights and now a mini pan that will be perfect for a future project I have in mind too!

Does any foodie REALLY sleep?

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am VERY hard on chopping boards!

I have tried them all ….wood, plastic, silicon.

I season them, treat them and they still end up going to chopping board heaven!

I recently saw this Bamboo Chopping Board that also “magically” appeared
In My Kitchen April 2014.
Are you excited about the castle being created?

Are you a fan of Disney?

If so, what is your favorite character?

Is there one or two items that you enjoyed In My Kitchen April 2014?

As you know by now, it is always busy times in my kitchen and am only sharing a snippet of the fun-filled food adventures.

Friends….would you like to “peek” into other people’s kitchen’s worldwide?

Click through to Celia’s In My Kitchen 2014.

Thanks Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this great monthly series!

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47 thoughts on “In My Kitchen April 2014

  1. I like the look of that bamboo chopping board. I’ll be interested to see how it goes in comparison to your others. Thanks for the fun tour.

  2. Joanne, your kitchen certainly is busy (and you say it’s going to get busier?!), but I picture you smiling and laughing and playing with your “toys” with great glee! Mickey is my favorite, but your upcoming Princess Castle project made me feel like a lil’ girl dreaming of Cinderella. 🙂

  3. Hi Joanne, I can’t wait to follow you along the castle building journey!
    I have been collecting the non Disney cake decorating book and love getting the gadget each week.
    Your Pflaumenkuchen looks like it could represent German!
    what a beautiful platter, love the colours.

  4. That princess castle is just part of childhood with watching the wonderful world of disney – making a cake in its image sounds amazing – good luck with it

    Lots of cool stuff in your kitchen – hickory wood pallets and the jigsaw cake and the new chopping board – so much fun to play with them

  5. Sally says:

    Look forward to seeing the finished castle 🙂

  6. Congratulations on being appointed a Home tester. Have fun 🙂

  7. I am excited just THINKING about that cake! What a wonderful project. I love your ‘mini’ items too!

  8. I love your Easter goodies. That cake mould is great. I wish I had seen those cookie cutters before I bought the ones I did. Yours are much nicer. Thanks for sharing your busy kitchen.

  9. Jo, there’s always so much happening in your kitchen every month! Castles and Disney – how fantabulous! Your moulds are amazing – they’d be very good for chocolate too, I think! Love that bamboo chopping board, and your mini pink frypan is very cute too! 🙂

  10. says:

    There is always so much going on in your kitchen Joanne! Every day must be like a trip to Disney for you x

  11. Shelby says:

    Loving the cake kits! Wishing I had some grandbabies around! 🙂

  12. auntbeesrecipes says:

    Those cake kits are SO ADORABLE!!!!

  13. Mini pan and Minnie Mouse are my favorite! Jigsaw rabbit?? How cool is that!!

  14. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    Lots of good things in your kitchen, Joanne! Happy cooking.

  15. ardysez says:

    Wow, what a busy place your kitchen must be! I, too, am using sugarless recipes these days. Do catch us up with photos of that castle cake once it is made!

  16. Its amazing all the things that magically appear in your kitchen each month. Always a fun post to read. Cute idea for the rabbit jigsaw puzzle and cookie cutters

  17. Gee, I wish I lived in Australia for this fun project. I’ll have to look for some of these molds, I would love to try something new!

  18. I have those same ice cream cone molds. I am going to make frozen yogurt pops out of them!

  19. You always have so many wonderful things to share with us Joanne. Anotehr lovely IMP post.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  20. My Kitchen Stories says:

    Yes, a foodie never sleeps its true . Love all the interesting things again in your kitchen Joanne

  21. Joanne, you can use the hickory to make your own bacon! I did it a couple of months ago and it was so much fun! 😀

  22. Francesca says:

    I can’t help collecting chopping boards too. Your bamboo board looks good.

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