Are You Curious About High Tea Like Me?


July 3, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Stamford-Adelaide-high.teaAre You Curious About High Tea Like Me?

Do you feel like you can just reach out and touch one of the tiers with these “delicious delectables” awaiting Princess What? (of British India, Adelaide Part I & II fame) and me?

We LOVE eating, oh and being sociable drinkers too!

Courtesy of The Stamford Plaza Adelaide, I get to share my high tea excitement” every bite and sip along the way!

Previously, I introduced As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do and shared The Secret Behind Argentinean La Boca Restaurant Adelaide; look forward to my update reviews!

Today, it is all about the Exclusivity High Tea!
High-tea-menuStarting off with a lovely glass (or two) of champagne, the room was very elegant and upon arrival, we both felt like we were treated by the hostesses like royalty!
High-tea-Adelaide Stamford-high-tea-room High-tea-settingPerhaps the staff had heard that Princess What? was accompanying me!

Prior to attending, I had HEAPS of emails questioning what were some of the things one should know for high tea?

First of all, my best advice is to “just be yourself!”

Enjoy, relax and have fun would also be shared by me!

“The etiquette” suggests one eats the savories first, the scones next and the dessert last.

“How do I eat a scone?”, a friend did ask.

My understanding is one breaks the scone into smaller “bite size pieces,” then apply the curd and jam with your knife.

“What do I do with my serviette/napkin when I need to walk away from the table?” was also asked most frequently.

My understanding is to “gently place the serviette/napkin” to the left of the table place setting.

Did you know upon completion of a high tea, should you fold your cloth napkin and place it to the left of your table setting, it suggests to your hostess you wish to be invited back?

Did you know the word napkin comes from the French word naperon meaning “little tablecloth?”

Princess What? and I both loved the table setting and both commented that we never would have thought a floral plate would go with a striped plate, but it definitely worked.
High-tea-dishesI thought based on the number of emails and questions I was asked, I would dispel some “high tea myths” too!

The three finger etiquette applies to both food and tea, one should not “pinky up!” (the expression amuses me!)

My understanding is it is not okay to leave the lemon in tea while sipping.

If one is using a spoon for sugar, another spoon is used to stir one’s tea.

Stirring one’s tea around is not preferable to the “6 o’clock to 12 o’clock motion.”

As you know I am not a “conventional type blogger,” I thought I would start with dessert; although on the day Princess What? and I did “try” and follow the etiquette!

These Orange and Almond Cakes were “light and fluffy as can be!”

Here’s this funny photographer again as appeared in As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do!

When Princess What? and I saw the chocolate fountain, we both broke out in laughter; ladies etiquette laughter!

We both remembered “very well” about a party Chef Georgio and I hosted where this chocolate fountain was a BIG hit until “someone” lost her fruit in the machine!

I’m not sure Princess What? and I remember who; after all today is a day to respect etiquette. (of NOT saying it was Princess What?!) lol

Aside from “the enjoyment” of sipping the luscious strawberries and fruit, it was also fun swirling the chocolate on the “bite sized” pieces of cake.

Princess What? and I broke the cake into smaller pieces, before we devoured the lot!

Sugar-rocks-strawberries-macarons Chocolate-mousse-desserts Sugar-dessert-macaron
Chocolate Mousse in a mini waffle cone topped with sugar rocks (yum!), macarons, handmade chocolate, strawberry tart and pavlova!!!!

If there’s any advice I can give, it would be to “savor the flavor” of every bite as the dessert tier and section was “truly a delight!”

I loved the silky cream chocolate mouse and tried “as ladylike as could be” to remove the chocolate from the cone, before doing “the childlike” crunch; LOVED the sugar rocks!

It was a good thing, no one else was watching me! lol

Pumpkin scone & plain scone with jam, whipped cream and curd “entertained” Princess What?’s and my taste buds!

High-tea-Stamford-Plaza Pumpkin-scone-goats-cheese Scone-cheese Scone-jam-cheese Scone-cream-jam
No, we did not lick the jam, cream and curd glass and eggshell; but wanted too!

After all, we were “ladies at high tea” who were thoroughly enjoying themselves leisurely!

Did I mention we were serenaded in the background with a pianist?; we both enjoyed how it added to the atmosphere of “elegance and relaxation!”

Now onto the savories!

Pate and Lovosh, Cucumber & Prawn, Salmon Gravadlax with pumpernickel and Chicken and avocado sandwich were “delightful!”

PatePrawn-pate-sandwich Salmon Chicken-sandwich
I love pate and this pate was both “beautifully flavorful” and “smooth as can be!”; great combination indeed!

Let me not forget to add the warm Stamford Plaza Adelaide “signature” Curry Puffs with just the right amount of filling and curry flavor; the pastry was “light and flaky!”

Let’s remember I have shared this Exclusivity High Tea from dessert back to savory, so on the day, we enjoyed this “signature dish” warmed.

All in all, I can say both Princess What? and I had “an elegantly relaxing” time and it was great to catch up. (after last night’s dining at La Boca Bar & Grill)

What we really enjoyed about the “high tea experience” was it was fun, was something unique we did “together” sharing special memories along the way; other than reliving “the chocolate fountain incident!”

Not only because we were invited guests of The Stamford Plaza Adelaide, but in looking around the room (very ladylike of course), everyone had smiles, was enjoying themselves; there were couples, there were friends, there were families where the high tea experience memories never end!

The thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced in any way!

For locals and tourists, I highly recommend the Stamford Plaza Adelaide Exclusivity High Tea as it an elegant, enjoyable, relaxing way to spend a Sunday!

Have you attended a high tea?

What would you choose for dessert? For scones? For savory?

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15 thoughts on “Are You Curious About High Tea Like Me?

  1. theninjabaker says:

    Well I know where I’m taking tea in Adelaide….Thank you, Joanne, for this very informative post. Nice to know that I don’t need to pinky up…And good info that I’m supposed to break scones into bits instead of dunking in jam and devouring =) As for leaving the table and the little tablecloth on the left hand side of the plate, I can’t fathom such a move…Everything looks too temptingly delicious to walk away even for a minute! P.s. Love the royal blue macarons.

  2. I went to my first high tea last year just before the Dilmah High Tea Challenge. I couldn’t enter without knowing what high tea was. 🙂 It was great!

  3. I love a good high tea, just like this one! Incredible experience = good food and awesome company 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Love high tea! We often enjoy it in London. Looks like you had a lovely time. If I come to Adelaide I definitely know where to go 🙂

  5. I’ve been to high tea in Perth-it’s lovely to play ladies occasionally! I think a glass of bubbles is nice along with it too.

  6. What a great treat you have had Joanne! I had their seafood buffet before – sensational! Will need to check out their high tea soon. 😀

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