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August 10, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Baklava-dessertI think you can tell by now that I get a tad (okay a little more than a tad)

E-X-C-I-T-E-D when it comes to all things food!

I love being “welcomed” into a person’s country, history, culture, customs and especially their cuisine!

I also love songs, dancing and music as connected through food too like my recent tango dance with Al Pacino via Argentinean Tango Delight!

Okay, so it wasn’t me lol, but I have met him and I have danced the tango with Al “in my dreams” quite creativity, when I am not chatting away with Marco, Marco Marco like in Aussie Aussie Aussie Malteser Lamingtons !

HOW I get ANY sleep at night some nights is BEYOND me!

So, YOU are curious by now aren’t you?

Why not “indulge” my very “child-like” fun-filled food adventure musical song today too!

Barbra aka Babs is my childhood friend who enjoyed singing to me and Princess Svetlana (mentioned in Food Trip Down Memory Lane)

Recently, I had “the pleasure” of dining with Princess What? (From Argentinean Tango Delight fame; we both LOVE food!), Chef Georgio (from Make No Bones About It! ) and Princess What’s partner Prince Giancarlo at Hello Dolly a WONDERFUL Lebanese restaurant whose business is primarily takeaway and catering for the last 30 years in Adelaide.

We were warmly welcomed by a very “humble and gracious” owner whose smile and hospitality showed how proud he was not only with his food but he knew we were going to be enjoying his food tonight too!

Tonight’s feast was going to be a six course banquet for four!

NOTE to self: How many dishes come with each course?


After all, it all about enjoying good food with friends, eh? 🙂

The hommos was “smooth and tasty” as can be…

What was the secret ingredient? Tahini!

Followed by a Phonecian Salad…chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onion etc…

We loved the sumac and the salad was “light and zesty.”

Followed with Labni Dip…strained yogurt with garlic and cucumber; with chilli or mint.

Pita with Babaghanouj…Princess What? (also from Adelaide’s Hidden Gems Square Mile Squared Tour) and I have made Babaghanouj at home many times with various “authentic” recipes and nothing came close to the roasted and smokiness flavors…………

In between the mmm’s and aaaah’s, we should have asked for the recipe! lol

We both can get “quite animated” over food experiences together too!

So, if you see us in a restaurant locally, you might want to move over a table or two!

I have searched and searched for an “authentic” Lebanese Babaghanouj recipe to now make…so if you have one that you want me and Princess What? to try, please let me know in the comments!

We also had Tabouli (chopped parsley, tomato, onion, bulgul, lemon juice, olive oil; made with love) salad too.
I guess FANG (one of my nicknames lol) was hungry and forgot to photograph.

Lebanese pride themselves in salad dishes.
Hummus-appetizer-healthy Salad-tomato-cucumber Raita-mint-sauce Pita-hummus                                           1 course down, 5 to go!
Felafel-healthy COURSE 2:
Our second “delightful” course was homemade Felafel made with broad beans and chickpeas and on my first bite, it was “such” a delight as it brought me back to the days when we had a WONDERFUL time in the Middle East enjoying locally prepared foods.

The Shwarma (lamb with grilled onion and spices) and the Sheesh Tawook (marinated chicken grilled with onion, capsicum, herbs and spices….in one word, BOTH were “DELIGHTFUL!!!”

COURSES 3 – 6: let’s not forget the bite sized (okay, even for FANG it was more than a bite size lol) portion of the “lovely” baklava.

Normally FANG aka me lol, is not a big fan of desserts and sweets.

You would never know it of late, would you, while reading about being on the Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail Media Tour 2013.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, THOSE elbio Churros!

SMACK on the back of the head, as I am now thoroughly enjoying Hello Dolly’s homemade baklava; the sugar syrup is so light and it was the perfect way to end off the night, but not before: lol

I have mentioned “many” times before HOW I get when it comes to all things food, so let’s not say you have not been warned!

Dishes below included:
Kafta & Batata (lamb, potato, herbs and spices baked in tomato with rice)
Loubie Bi Zayt (green beans cooked with potato in a tomato salsa)
Kapsi (chicken cooked with rice, nuts, herbs and spices)
Makloubi (chickpeas, eggplant, rice cooked in a mixture of herbs and spices)

Are you starting to get a “sense” that other than being “cooked with love”, the “beautiful” and “authentic” taste of each dish is in the “authentic” herbs and spices?

Are you started to salivate for Lebanese food now?

The last dish, I am going to leave for you to identify as initially I did not know pasta was a part of Lebanese food.
At least, I am being honest with you!

The dish contained chicken that melted in your mouth, peas, corn, a very light cream sauce (Princess What? and I both thought it was coconut milk ), and there an an unidentified ingredient that was not in the other dishes and did not overpower the dish.

I highly recommend you come and try all the dishes and especially this one; and don’t forget the “authentic” baklava too!

Perhaps if we ALL were not caught up in enjoying the company of one another and the “delightful” foods, Princess What? and I might have also asked for this recipe too! lol

There was A LOT of mmmmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhhh’s still going on and every one of the plates made it back to the kitchen empty!

It wouldn’t have been polite to lick the plate in public! lol


Am I?
At least I hope by now you are laughing “with me” too!

Our empty plates brought LOTS of enjoyment to the owner!

We were welcomed to “Come Back Again” and was asked to sign his book with some comments which made us feel special too!
Rice-beans Vegetables Chicken-rice Chickpeas Pasta-peas My post today is not a restaurant review, but to welcome you all into the “Wonderful World of Lebanese foods” and as you know by now, I love supporting local South Australian businesses too!

I hope from this fun-filled food feast, it will inspire you to come visit Hello Dolly if you are in Adelaide or now try and create a Lebanese dish at home which you have not had before but always wanted to do!

I now through this post hopefully give you the courage!

Please let me know what you would like to make and if you make it too!

As nothing would give me greater pleasure than knowing we all can inspire each other food wise world wide every day!

Are you now singing:

“I said hello, dolly,……well, hello, dolly
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, dolly…….I can tell, dolly
You’re still glowin’…you’re still crowin’…you’re still goin’ strong…”

What’s your favorite Lebanese food?

Have you made Lebanese food at home?

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Vouchers were obtained via Cudo.


GREAT homemade style Lebanese food!

29 thoughts on “Hello Dolly Lebanese Delight

  1. Love the photos of the food, Joanne! I am huge fan of Shawarma and would always have it in the Philippines. Thanks for the lovely post!

  2. Winnie says:

    You know that here – Lebanese-humus (chickpeas spread) is something that is very very popular and loved
    They sure have a wonderful cuisine

  3. joe defazio says:

    hi joanne we have been there mainly for take away over the years and yes the food is very good, especially the baklava, my other half loves it. one piece to eat on the way home so her grown up kids dont know she’s already eaten one and the rest to share with them. next time we shall sit there to eat.

  4. Oh, drool! Lebanese food tastes damn good. it is one of my favorite cuisines.



  5. liannelow says:

    Your lebanese feast looks delicious!! (: So glad I just had one too or else I would need to head down for some lebanese food tmr! hehe Great photos! xx

  6. Gloria C-L says:

    Sounds like a fabulous meal! I love Greek and Lebanese food, and recently discovered Egyptian cuisine which is also fantastic. Interestingly, many of the same dishes are common among different Mediterranean cuisines but with their own distinct twist, which makes it fun to try the different versions.

  7. Joanne this sound like it was a fabulous meal and I am a big fan of good Lebaneese. First pic sold me!

  8. We love Lebanese food too. John would eat it exclusively if he could. I love food memories.

  9. I adore Lebanese food! You’re making me crave for it now and I’m in Bangkok and it’s just after midnight! 😛

  10. danapny says:

    I enjoy Lebanese food Joanne, this post is making me sooooo hungry for it!!! Beautiful pics you’ve captured as well. 😀

  11. Wowzers!! What fun!!!!!!!! 😀 The food looks phenomenal!! 😀

  12. wow wow wow Lebanese food~~ I made some super special burgers tonight and will blog soon. Happy Dolly is one that I have been wanting to try for a long time. lol

  13. Caterina says:

    Brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing. Might have to go again for good ol time sake 🙂

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