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January 17, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Recipes-tell-a-story-party-whatsonthelistWHOO HOO!! It’s FRIDAY and am also E-X-C-I-T-E-D about this week’s Foodie Friends Friday Recipes That Tell a Story!

I LOVE hearing stories behind foods, ingredients and recipes like I shared recently with Shinbone Traditional Chinese Soup Base which brought back memories of my childhood in China town in New York City!

I believe one lives in the moment, appreciates the past and hopes for the future!

I was thinking of my dad the other day, as I often do.

My parents photo is smiling next to me near the computer and I know they smile down on me from the heavens above.

As my 50th birthday nears, I remember a conversation my dad and I had when I was turning 40.

P.S. Age never bothers me and EVERY birthday I celebrate I am still alive!
My dad said I could not possible be turning 40, because like Jack Benny ( a famous American comedian) he was only 39!

For those who may be unfamiliar with Jack Benny, while “in character”, his age was always 39, regardless of his actual age.

My dad and I shared the same sense of humor; I LOVED to hear him laugh; I can STILL hear his laughter to this day!

I LOVE hearing Foodie Friends Friday Recipes That Tell a Story…YOU?

This week, I shared Lost and Found Dad’s Saint and Sinner Birthday Cake.
Birthday-cake-dessert-whatsonthelistThis cake will have to do until my birthday arrives; coming soon!
Let’s get onto the party, eh?

Curious which recipes received the MOST CLICKS?
Most-clicks-recipes.whatsonthelistCurious about which recipes were the Hosts Favorites from last week’s Foodie Friends Friday Healthy Choices Party?
Healthy-choices-favorite-recipes-whatsonthelistWith a quick click to the Daily Dish Magazine, you can satisfy YOUR curiosity!

I would personally like to thank this week’s Co-hosts:
Marlys from This and That – my love of cooking and photography
Sarah from The Chef Next Door
Joanne from WineladyCooks
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Cindy from Cindy’s recipes and writings
Bloggers Best Homemade
Foodie Friends Friday
Daily Dish Magazine

As always, just a few rules before we start this week’s Foodie Friends Friday Recipes That Tell a Story!

By linking up you agree that you read these rules and all photographs/recipes are original and belong to you.

(That’s fair enough eh?)

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Trust me, if I have figured all of this out (with a little help from my Foodie Friends Friday friends), than you can too!

Let’s get this Foodie Friends Friday Recipes That Tell a Story started eh?

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9 thoughts on “Foodie Friends Friday Recipes That Tell a Story

  1. Growing up in Japan I listened to the Far East Network and one of the shows I loved was Jack Benny!…Undoubtedly your parents are super-duper proud of their shining light, Joanne =) Okay! Off to see and read all about that marvelous teaser cake you posted =)

  2. Gorgeous Cake – happy upcoming birthday!!! (baby)

  3. I’m not sure why I find these linkups so overwhelming. I guess that anyone who’s been on the receiving end of hurtful emails is gun shy about contributing to something they don’t control. Email me and explain what I have to do and maybe I’ll get brave.

    So what day IS your birthday? in February?

    • They were to me too Maureen, but thanks to a little help from my Foodie Friends Friday Co-Hosts, they made the process SO easy too!
      I hope to continue in turn inspiring more people to join the party!
      31 January – 50th…Aquarian

  4. Happy Friday Joanne! I hope that you have a great weekend coming up! 😀

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