Are You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?


April 10, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Handcrafted-sewing-DIY-project-nostalgia-whatsonthelistAre You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?

I know I am and I know what the hidden treasure is!

For those readers who have been following my blog for a while you would know I was born and bred in New York, am now an Aussie who calls Australia home and  who Princess Svetlana (of Lucky “Peeking” Peking Pork , Lucky Lemon Chicken, and A is for… fame) is.

I must admit as I share Are You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?, I have a tear in my eye; one of nostalgia and one of joy!

In order to understand the present, we need to appreciate the past!
FlagIn “looking back” (not that I and Princess Svetlana are oh so old), we had a wonderful childhood full of life, fun, laughter and many food and life adventures!

I remember these events as if it was yesterday and ol’ (not old friends) mean the world to me!

If you will indulge me so you can understand the “significance” of the hidden treasure, I bring you back to 1976; a VERY, VERY memorable year for Princess Svetlana and me!

For those unfamiliar, 1976 marked the United States Bicentennial and there was a series of numerous events that paid tribute to the history that led up the the United States becoming “an independent republic.”

I can close my eyes and see, how companies used to hold “family events” (back in the days when companies treated employees like family) in their offices; these memories are so special for me!

My dad used to work on Wall Street in New York City and one of the numerous events we participated in “as a family” was experiencing The Bicentennial Sail; 16 tall sail ships participated in the Parade of Ships.

Can you imagine what they was like in an office view high above New York Harbor?

Yes sadly, that is the Twin Towers on the right. New York Harbor                                      Photo Courtesy of NBC News

Are You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?

Of course you still are!

When Princess Svetlana and I were in Grade 6 in primary school (called elementary school in the US), we went on a class trip to Old Sturbridge Village.

For those of you who may not have heard, Old Sturbridge Village has been in existence for more than 65 years (older than Princess Svetlana and me!) and plays a vital role in preserving early American history.

What I “very vividly” remember is the volunteers were all dressed in period costumes and there were so many things to do, see and learn about American history.

I “very vividly” (have such wonderfully clear visions STILL in my head) remember that the girls participated in the communal quilting and sewing wearing period bonnets.

The boys were sent to the blacksmith’s place where they learned how to make horseshoes and what other things a blacksmith did being in a village in the 1790’s – 1840 in New England.

I took MANY pictures over the course of my life because even when I was little I would tell people I would have the memories preserved for when I could no longer remember.

VERY sadly, special photos from my life in the States was not preserved, but the memories will live on forever via Princess Svetlana and now through you.

Princess Svetlana (as best friends and twins; born in different months) and I sewed and quilted together.

Was there anything in “those childhood moments” that could have been ANY better?

It was THE BEST class trip as ALL of our class trips were; even our overnight trip to Washington D.C., but that will have to wait for another day!

FAST FORWARD…..37 years….my mum has passed away…have moved numerous times; twice overseas….

Material things are “just” things to me, but I am THE BIGGEST sook aka softie when it comes to nostalgia and sentimental people, places and things.

Princess Svetlana and I might not talk as much as we would like due to distance and life, but we have a connection forever that is WAY BEYOND words!

One day late last year (and was PERFECT timing), a parcel arrived from Princess Svetlana.


You KNOW me by now!

It was beautifully wrapped; still have the paper.

People who know me KNOW I LOVE to shake things, especially packages.

So if anyone at any time is going to give me a gift that requires no shaking, please issue a warning; as it is almost an uncontrollable thing for me to do.

So I shook Princess Svetlana’s parcel and shook it again.

I shook it as always think three time lucky; no, I am not obsessive; all in good fun.

Are You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?

I think so!

Anyone who knows me when I receive a gift and after “the shake”, I then S-L-O-W-L-Y and (almost) painfully for some “carefully and patiently” take the tape off so as to not cut the wrapping paper.

I have done this since childhood, so is not something I just developed.

Inside the beautifully wrapped paper was tissue paper.

I S-L-O-W-L-Y opened the paper and WHAT did I see?

Well, I couldn’t see a thing as I was balling my eyes out uncontrollable; teary reliving and sharing “the moment” with you!

As I lifted “the hidden treasure from the food princess” , I saw it was THE patchwork quilt piece Princess Svetlana and I worked on for a school project in 1976 as a result of our trip to Old Sturbridge Village!!!
Sewing HandmadeI had so many emotions hit at one time….

I was the child of 11 and was in “treasure heaven!”

Princess Svetlana and I actually touched and signed the piece of patchwork that we were OH SO proud of!

I actually was holding “something” from my past, that was REAL and I could REALLY feel!
USAI couldn’t speak for the longest time as I could not believe:

1) Princess Svetlana has preserved our patchwork from so long ago
2) That Princess Svetlana thought enough to send it to me

As IF that and this true story is not enough, Princess Svelana shared that the ORIGINAL patchwork was MUCH larger at one time.

Princess Svetlana had cut half of the patchwork and sent the other half to me; an EXACT replica!

The other half remains with Princess Svetlana and now through this post, Princess Svetlana will be able to share the story with her daughter, family and friends, and now we BOTH have a very special “preserved” memory.

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23 thoughts on “Are You Curious About The Treasure Of The Food Princess?

  1. Pops was a big baller! How exciting. Thanks for sharing, Joanne =)

  2. Jane Dough says:

    Thank you for the follow! Hugs to you Joanne – Be well – Jane

  3. oh oh I love parcels! It’s always something in it and the story is indeed very lovely 🙂

  4. This was a wonderful post to read, this story was lovely 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. How special and such a treasure!!!

  6. I remember the tall ships from 1977 – I saw them come into Baltimore Harbor and I remember that the crews on the ships waved to us. What a nice story! (I am a bit confused by the name ‘Princess Svetlana’- is that her ‘real’ name?)

  7. What a wonderful parcel to receive Joanne! What precious memories of times past 😀

  8. How fab that she was able to send you the treasure. What a great parcel that was for you to open 🙂

  9. Ulrike says:

    Nice, heartwarming story and well told!

  10. trudy says:

    What a lovely story Joanne.

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