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March 2, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

Are you curious about this month’s Food n’ Flix Movie Of The Month The Quiet Man?

G’day and welcome to my debut hosting of Food n’ Flix March Flick: The Quiet Man.

The Quiet Man, released in the US in August of 1952, directed and produced by John Ford, is “an American romantic classic” starring John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara and Barry Fitzgerald.
It is one of the few Irish films where Gaelic (the Irish language) is spoken.

The Quiet Man is “very near and dear” to my heart, as it was a movie my father and I watched every St. Patrick’s Day, most years sharing a Guinness or two!

My dad was “first born Irish American generation” and his parents (his father from Northern Ireland and his mother from Southern Ireland) had met on the ship from Titantic’s last port of call Queentown (known as Cohb today) on its way to Ellis Island in New York City for a chance at a new life and for family.

Sean Thornton (played by John Wayne), from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania travels back to Inisfree, Ireland in the 1920’s to “reclaim his family farm” where he was born.
White-O-Morn-Cottage                                 via White-O-Morn Cottage Facebook

He meets and falls in love with “the very fiery, red head” Mary Kate Danaher (played by Maureen O’Hara).
Quiet-Man-falling-in-love                                                   via cornell1801

In Ireland, it was all about “respect and tradition.”

Mary Kate’s brother aka Squire ‘Red” Will Danaher wanted the farm for himself and when he is outbid for the farm by Sean Thorton, he refuses Michaleen Oge Flynn aka The marriage Matchmaker for Sean to allow Mary Kate to marry.
The-Quiet-man-asking-for-marriage                                               via

Being American, Sean Thorton cared nothing of Irish customs of “the dowry” and permission to marry, but in order to win Mary Kate, will he change his ways?

Will Sean, with the help of the locals, including Father Peter Lonergan (played by Ward Bond) be able to convince Squire ‘Red” Will Danaher to give his permission to marry, even if there are some deceptions, but good intentions?

If you are not familiar with the Irish culture, customs and traditions, (especially about courtship), than you are in for an enjoyable treat and I genuinely hope this film provides some laughter, some smiles and some memories for you!

Some people may find it amusing that my father and I knew each and every word of the film and used to take delight laughing at the same scenes and the same jokes throughout the movie each year, as if we had never seen the movie!

One of our favorite scenes is where Michaleen Oge Flynn (played by Barry Fitzgerald also known as the Original Irish elf) is in charge of Sean and Mary Kate with horse and carriage, where they get “the official” send off aka permission from the local community to court.

The courtship traditions are quite strict by today’s standards and Sean and Mary Kate have to be reminded of “No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times. Hold on to your hats. “
The-Quiet-Man-courtship                                                    via fanpop

There are fights galore in more ways than one (but always time for a pint), illegal betting, memorial Irish chase scenes, Irish music and food to make your day!
THE QUIET MAN - BY JOHN FORD                                             via

Here’s how to participate:
—Enjoy watching The Quiet Man and draw inspiration from any Irish cuisine recipe, not only from the movie scene where Mary Kate serves Irish boxty aka traditional Irish pancakes. I challenge you to be “creative as can be.”

Perhaps create a dish with potatoes i.e. scones, stew etc.

— Post your creation and why you chose the particular dish on your blog with a link back to THIS post AND a link back to Food n’Flix.

— Including the Food n’ Flix logo is option, but would love to see!
FoodnFlix— Your post must be unique and current; feel free to cook or bake more than one dish!

— Most of all, please have fun!

— When you post is live, please e-mail me at with Food n’ Flix on the Subject Line and include:
Your name
Your blog name and URL
The name of the dish and the URL of the specific blog post
Attach a photo you would like me to include in the Round Up

Deadline for your submission Saturday March 28th.

The Round Up will be done by March 31st.

Will Sean have a unique way of breaking with tradition and marrying Mary Kate?

Now that my dad has past, it still gives me great pleasure in experiencing The Quiet Man every year and I still laugh, I still cry tears of joy and sadness, and the movie always allows me to relive the wonderful memories I had with my dad and all thanks to The Quiet Man.

I do hope you will enjoy this month’s Food n’ Flix Movie Of The Month The Quiet Man!

23 thoughts on “Food n’ Flix Movie Of The Month The Quiet Man

  1. Thanks Kim for stopping day and would love to have you participate! The food and film friends are also fun…the ones you meet along the way!

  2. Just posted mine and sent you an email Joanne. I liked hearing your story about why the movie was dear to you. My Dad and I used to watch ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ (classic circus movie) whenever it came on so it has a special place in my heart like this movie does for you. 😉 Thanks for hosting and for a fun pick for March & St. Paddy’s Day!

  3. theninjabaker says:

    A-mazing story, Joanne! How very romantic and a bit Romeo and Juliet-ish how your parents met <3 When I think of John Ford and John Wayne, I always think Westerns. But this appears to be a slightly different take…Love the concept of this event and would love to participate…If not this time, another time…I'll do my best tho' for March 28 =)

  4. I have never heard of this movie and I just spent 7 months in Ireland! I will have to check it out 🙂

  5. I had never heard of this movie before. May have to check it out. #ibabloggers

  6. eliotthecat says:

    Crazy, but I never associated this film with St. Paddy’s Day. Isn’t that crazy? I haven’t seen this film for a long time!

  7. What an interesting idea Joanne. I love this movie and will certainly see it again. Now for the food angle… have to give that some thought. Fun!

  8. Thanks for hosting! I’ve never seen this movie. I put it at the top of my Netflix list!

  9. Looking forward to seeing it, never heard of this movie before.

  10. I already have my copy in hand, and am looking forward to seeing it for the first time…and then heading into the kitchen. Thanks so much for being our hostess this month!

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