What About This Food Dehydrator Has Your Curiosity Today?


October 20, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Dehydrator-whatsonthelistWhat About This Food Dehydrator Has Your Curiosity Today?

Well you must be curious as you clicked on the link!

Why not sit back and enjoy a cuppa while I review this Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White “graciously” sent to me via CrazySales.com.au
“as a courtesy” as part of their Small Kitchen Appliances Range.

Maxkon-rectangular-dehydrator                          Images Courtesy of CrazySales.com.au

It “seems” word has spread, not only am I The Party Queen that does lots of entertaining, but anyone who has been following my blog, will also know I am also The Gadget Queen like In My Kitchen, March 2014, These Three Eggs Came to Breakfast, and in Are You Curious What’s In My Kitchen in July? to name a few!

My fascination with “all foods to dehydrate” began when I experiencesd the Tomato Festival 2013 Adelaide “Preserving the Italian Way!”

CrazySales.com.au is 100% Australian owned and operated and “one of the largest Australian online stores.”

While the company has an interesting story how it was founded, WHAT makes CrazySales.com.au different than the rest?

Not only can you save “30 – 80% off retail prices,” get lowest prices around with top-tier quality,”, but there are HEAPS of bargains found every day!

About-us-banner                         Image Courtesy of CrazySales.com.au

My name is Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG and what did I know about a dehydrator before?

Well, um, gulp, to be honest, I had no clue, so this experience and challenge was unique for me too!

I did EXTENSIVE research in the “concept of dehydrating food,” and the earliest known dehydrating foods aka food preservation was practiced as far back as 12,000 B.C. by people of Asia and the Middle East.

What dehydrating foods does, is stop bacteria, mould and yeast through removing water from foods.

Dehydrators such as this Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White speeds up the process.

CrazySales.com.au claims the product is “Easy to use and so convenient…”; makes
dried fruits, vegetables and beef jerky with ease!”

Absolutely true!

Features highlighted are:
* Light Weight — surprisingly is
* Stores Easily — depending on your storage space
* Saves Money and Allows You To Make Your Own Healthy Snacks — BONUS

Did you know “Convection Action Requires Less Power?” — product saves money

For the “more technically minded,” the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White is 550 watts, has a 1 – 48 hour timer (BIG BONUS I think!), is about 4.2 kilos, and the dimensions are approximately 45cm x 29cm x 22.5cm.

The product came “very well packaged” and delivery was “very timely”; and not because I received this “graciously” from CrazySales.com.au.

What do I personally LIKE about CrazySales.com.au other than the wide variety of quality products? ; I LIKE bargains too!

One of my biggest “pet peeves” with most companies worldwide is how difficult they make it for the customer to contact them and even if you find out how to do (after clicking multiple links and answering multiple questions) is they simple do not reply back (in my opinion) in a timely fashion; this has NOT been my experience with CrazySales.com.au.

The customer can contact CrazySales.com.au by email or the conveniently located form on their website and they claim “You will receive our response regarding your enquiries within 24 hours”; this was indeed my experience as I had a question regarding the product.

CrazySales.com.au rewards their customers with Crazy Points which in turn can be used towards future purchases.

CrazySales.com.au has a 30-Day Change-of-Mind of Policy; conditions apply, but I think are more than fair.

96% of CrazySales.com.au orders are shipped overnight and depending on what is ordered and the weight, decides what courier or parcel delivery service will delivery your product; the cost of insurance is included in the delivery.

While there are a variety of payment options, CrazySales.com.au never stores credit card information and welcomes people paying by PayPal and BPAY.

Did you know CrazySales.com.au has had over 1 million “Happy Customers” to date?

Here is the breakdown per each Australian State!

Why_bfpic05                             Image Courtesy of CrazySales.com.au

“What did you make and what else did you think was good about the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White?” I “hear” you ask?

While I researched how to make soup (on the list) by dehydrating carrot, celery, onion and “other yummy stuff,” I wanted something that sounded interesting instead of what most of my friends use their “much more expensive” dehydrators for getting the same results as the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White.

Their list included dried fruits and vegetables, beef jerky, fruit chips, fruit leathers etc, I chose two recipes that initially appealed to me:

*** Similar to Better Crocker Brownies via Joye at Home— I have to admit I was VERY skeptical, as honestly thought Betty Crocker was my aunt when I was little, as I also thought she sent my mum many boxes of her favorites for mum to bake her cupcakes, muffins and brownies!

Brownies-carob Dehydrated-brownies-carob Carob-dehydrated-browniesI couldn’t help but every few hours EXCLAIMING, “Are YOU done YET?”; all in good fun as these do take 6 – 8 hours to dehydrate!

They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it and not only was I E-X-C-I-T-E-D my very first attempt at dehydrating was a success, but they got two thumbs up from Chef Georgio as he asked, “Can I have another piece?”

I was genuinely surprised HOW quiet the machine was as several times I came to check that it was still on; the timer was easy to set and the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White”  gave me the confidence right away in what else would I like to do.

Other than “drying flowers for future craft projects” (on the list), I LIKED that the
“6 adjustable trays” were easy to adjust for smaller multilevel batches or for larger quantities; was also very easy to clean; BONUS for me!

Princess Gardenia (of In My Kitchen November 2013) “kindly” lent me The Dehydrator Bible by Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay Nutt & Don Mercer; HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who owns a dehydrator obtain this unique book!

I recreated Apple Cinnamon Oat Crisps and psst, here’s the secret, “They came out GREAT!”; you can quote me!

“What are the negatives?”, I “hear” you ask?

Dehydrating foods takes a bit of time to research “what specifically” you may want to do with your machine.

Personally, I don’t think people NEED all “the bells and whistles” in investing in a “much more expensive machine!”

Other than dehydrating food take a bit of patience (as I wanted it to dehydrate right away lol), I thought there may have been some baking sheets to go for this particular model, like there are for other specific models, but really, for a product of this quality and price, it is NOT a big deal to use baking paper, and when whatever you are making starts to set, you “simply” remove the baking paper and place it onto the trays direct; as initially, any softer liquid mixture needs something to place it on or else would literally drip through the trays.

I did rotate these throughout the cooking process as the ones on the bottom seem to cook a little bit quicker than the top, but once again, just because you had to put the machine on hold while you adjusted the trays, it was easy to continue the program or re-program it for the remaining time.

Lastly, despite my pre-conceived notion, onions and garlic can not be dried enough for powders; they need to be re-hydrated; the thought never crossed my mind, but also, is not a big deal for me!

“What is the price?”

Best of all, it’s “On Sale” at the “Crazy Price” of $59.95; a convenient online calculator based on your post code reveals the delivery price including insurance!

“A quality product, add the great price and customer service, I would recommend the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White.

This review is my own own thoughts, experience and results and have not been influenced in any way because this Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White by CrazySales.com.au has been “graciously” sent my way “as a courtesy!”

All comments “on my blog” and shares, MAKE MY DAY!

Look forward to what recipes with the Maxkon Rectangular Food Dehydrator with Time LCD White I do!







17 thoughts on “What About This Food Dehydrator Has Your Curiosity Today?

  1. Can you dry nuts in there and how long? planning to make activated nuts.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mariska and activating nuts would be great in this dehydrator. As I don’t like to include active links in my comments section, there is a great article called Everything You need to Know About Activating Nuts which you can obtain via Google. It will have all the times and is a very informative article. Good luck and please let me know how you go!

  2. Erlene says:

    Such a great deal on this dehydrator. Wish they delivered to the US as this is a great price.

  3. I don’t know too much about food dehydrators but a friend of mine has one and so I was inspired to get one. I have heard they are cost much more, I believe hers was $300-400. This one is much more affordable so I’m excited to learn that. That’s so good to hear that they are easy to contact and reply back quickly, too! Thanks for this review, it was so helpful!

  4. What an awesome looking dehydrator! Thanks for the reminder to dust mine off and start using it again. The possibilities are endless!

  5. ferulang says:

    Thanks for this useful review. I’ve never use it, but now I see that it is can be good for products. You do a great job!

  6. Carolann says:

    That was a great and comprehensive review. I had one of these ages ago and it worked great. I see they have improved them which is nice. I love dried fruit might be worth looking into a second time! Thanks much.

  7. Malia says:

    I have never tried a dehydrator… sounds so cool! Stopping by via G’Day! xo

  8. I never realised how important a food dehydrator is and how useful it can be! Thanks for introducing me to it 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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