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October 4, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Crab-chilli-Adelaide-food-wine-whatsonthelistDISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be a restaurant review, but of food conversations between friends at Adelaide’s Restaurant of the Year 2012 — press* food & wine.
I leave the reviews to the experts!

All conversation material was used with the expressed permission of
“my friend Judi!”

Have you ever met someone once and just know you will be friends for life?

Without embarrassing my friend Judi, I think she is “an extraordinary person” with a passion for life and food second to none.

She is living proof and demonstrates not only through words, but action HOW (through PASSION and enthusiasm) things get done.

While I am not a religious person (but respect people who are), I was “blessed” to have met Judi via an experience made possible by Cuisinart (promoting their Hot and Cold Blender) in Australian Gourmet Traveler Magazine and Madison Magazine in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (promoting October as National Breast Cancer Month)Judi and I (along with the other winners of the promotion) independently created a “pink dish” we would be proud to serve family and friends

I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D (I know you are surprised by that lol) when as part of the experience, we received a private cooking class by Australian Chef Matt Moran  and lunch at ARIA; his restaurant overlooking the Sydney Opera House!

Photo Courtesy of ARIA Sydney


Although Judi’s visit to Adelaide was “bittersweet”, I was glad we caught up and thanks to friends for recommending “the perfect” place to have lunch!
Press-Adelaide-restaurant-signagepress* food & wine have upstairs and downstairs dining options.

“It’s walk-in only downstairs”, “loft-style place” with “soft on your eyes lighting”, fit Judi and me.
Press-Food-interior With a wide variety of “seasonal produce sourced from local suppliers and small-scale farmers”, press tasting menu offers “the way we like to eat…let us feed you!”
Menu-Press-Wine-AdelaideJudi and I decided to create our own tasting menu with pairing wines as suggested by “our very warm and welcoming, very knowledgeable about all things food and wine” waiter!
Wine-selections-pairing Wine-tasting-Adelaide-whatsonthelist press* food & wine is a “participating” bread for bread restaurant; an additional one dollar per bread serving is added on the bill; all proceeds are donated to Variety – The Children’s Charity of South Australia.
Bread-Variety-charity-program-AdelaideDo we go for Coffin Bay Oysters with wakame  (edible seaweed) and ponzu (citrus based sauce) or Moonlight Flat Oysters® Clair de Lune Bouton®, Moonlight en Surface®, or moonlight kisses?
Oysters-moonlight-flat-whatsonthelistWe chose the Clair de Lune Bouton® for their “suggested” taste being slightly nutty! (like me!) lol

Beautiful choice I might add!

“Following a loss of a wonderful friend to breast cancer,” Judi works endlessly for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Volunteer Committee, Hobart.

Since 2004, Judi is one of the Foundation’s “most valued fundraisers!”

Judi is one of the most “humble and down to earth people” one could meet!

With always optimism and a smile to share, we decided to try the raw fennel, witlof, radish & orange salad; a good choice!

We both commented (through our non-stop conversations) what a generous portion too!
Fennel-witlof-saladRaw scallop, avocado with miso dressing was beautifully presented and we both enjoyed this dish!
Scallops-avocado-misoIt’s SUCH a good thing that Judi and I have a PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for all things food, as we both laughed when I initially asked her, “Would it be okay if I photographed the food?” lol lol

Judi replied, “Great! Not only was I going to ask YOU, but today I will take the day off and will look forward to your photos and blog post when you do!”

We both just understood and knew!
Isn’t that what a good friendship is all about too?

October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is a very busy time for Judi.

The Volunteer Committee announced Hobart Lumin8 started on the 1st of October.

As “loyal supporters of NBCF”, the Hobart City Council lit the Hobart Railways Foundation Pink for the month of October.
Hobart-Fountain-National-Breast-Cancer                                       Photo Courtesy of PMC Photography

On the 13th of October, the Volunteer Committee will hold a “free community tribute event” where the public can “place a tribute on the lawns ahead of a photo shoot” to commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Shannons “Take Your Top Off For Breast Cancer” follows the event and takes place on the 26th of October at Parliament House House; all funds raised to be donated directed to NBCF.

For more information on any of the events proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Hobart, contact “my friend Judi” aka Judi Adams on 0415294610 or

I think Cancer affects us and unites us all worldwide in an extraordinary way!

Onto our next course while we continue to “chit-chattered” away!

For a smaller portion, we decided to experience the soft shell spanner crab.

Did you know the Spanner Crab is also know as the Kona Crab, The Frog Crab, the Red Frog Crab and the Curacha Crab in the States?

Remember…born and bred in New York; now an Aussie who calls Australian home!

This was the “outstanding dish of the day” and think Judi did agree!

We genuinely did think “perhaps just one more dish” and inquired about the Rodriquez Bros. (a leading manufacturer and importer of quality Spanish smallgoods in Sydney) morcilla, kohlrabi, wombok & apple salad or the chorizo, roasted peppers with choka sauce…

Gluten-free morcilla (Black Pudding) is available in Cebolla (onion) or Arroz (rice).
Sausage-black                                     Photo Courtesy of Rodriquez Bros.

I always genuine enjoy learning something new food wise…YOU?
“What about the wines?”, I “hear” you say?

While someone you have come to know enjoys her South Australian red wines, Judi enjoys and appreciates her white.

2010 5452 by KT Shiraz Genache Tempanillo Mataro, Clare Valley, South Australia; flavors were “pleasantly” enjoyed by me.

2011 Benjamin Darnault Piopoul de Pinet, Languedoc, France and a 2012 Adelina Riesling, Clare Valley, South Australia enjoyed by “my friend Judi.”

If you ask Judi, she will agree.. time F-L-E-W magically!

We laughed, got teary, we laughed some more…Isn’t that what true friends are for?

If you enjoyed this post,  please follow me on Twitter and Facebook and I would feel “honored and humbled” if you could spread the extraordinary achievements the Hobart Volunteer Committee of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and support fundraising for Breast Cancer like my “untiring and totally devoted to fundraising for the NBCF”…my friend Judi.
All comments will brighten my day!

19 thoughts on “Food Conversations at press* food & wine

  1. Greenthumb says:

    What wonderful time you both had the food look outstanding, how lucky to be able to share it with your girlfriend. We had our christmas party at Aria last year, what a great place and the food was to die for.

  2. Everything looks absolutely scrumptious — I’d love to try it sometime!

  3. A good story Joanne and it’s always good to chat with friends at lunch or dinner. The dishes look mouthwatering. You sure this is not a restaurant review :P? I like press esp their offal platter. LOL ^_^

  4. Dining with food loving folk is such a pleasure isn’t it? 😀

  5. Eva Taylor says:

    Sounds like a fantastic time and really yummy food! I’m sure your friend Judy feels the same way about you.

  6. danapny says:

    What a great post and a wonderful way to tie in such a worthy cause Joanne! 😀

  7. I have dined at Aria and been in absolute awe. I was in awe from the moment I arrived – just taking in the view and the setting and the beautiful decor; all before I even saw a menu. How lovely that you have made a very wonderful friend xx

  8. A wonderful place! Sharing a meal with friends is so enjoyable.



  9. Judi Adams says:

    Joanne it was lovely to see you and to visit Press and share a meal and chat like old friends. thanks for your company and the wonderful blog of our day together. the food was only surpassed by the company ,

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