What Dish Would You Share At An Easter Party?


April 18, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

EasterWhat Dish Would You Share At An Easter Party?

This is the question we at Foodie Friends Friday we will be asking people!

When I was little, part of our Easter traditions was always dying Easter eggs and receiving chocolate.

Our family had a traditional Easter egg “crack” whereby you would hold your decorated egg in your hand and then had to advance towards your opponent to try and crack their egg.

The person whose egg did not crack would then have to challenge the next one and so on and so forth.

The person whose egg was not cracked at the end was the winner, but more importantly received good luck for the following year.

Oh how I miss those childhood traditions, customs etc of our culture.

I do hope you know EGG-ACTLY how I feel and will look forward to some Easter surprises that will soon be coming via a blog post at What’s On The List.
Gday Hen Egg 
Curious which recipe received the Most Clicks from last week’s party?
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This week I am bringing two dishes to the What Dish Would You Share At An Easter Party?

Would Pathiri Be A Food Challenge For You?

Are You Curious How Versatile Cardamom Is?
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Trust me, if I have figured all of this out (with a little help from my Foodie Friends Friday friends), than you can too! Let’s get this What Dish Would You Share At An Easter Party? started eh?

IF you HAD to choose, which ONE would you choose?

It is all in good fun!

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5 thoughts on “What Dish Would You Share At An Easter Party?

  1. Thanks for hosting Joanne! I’ve linked up my hot cross buns! Great party!

  2. christine says:

    Thanks for hosting! I brought over my best Easter desserts! Have a great weekend/Easter!

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