Hot Cross Bagels and Easter Chocolate Anyone? {Thermomix Assisted}


April 19, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Hot-cross-buns-cream-cheese-Easter-baking-whatsonthelistHot Cross Bagels and Easter Chocolate Anyone?

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but the weather, fun, and food invigorate me!

If you will allow me to digress a tad; as you know me by now!

I love all holidays, customs and traditions…YOU?

When I was little we are numerous traditions; especially around Easter.

I always looked very much forward to when I could um, well, play with my food despite my mother’s warnings throughout the rest of the year NOT to play with my food like in Morish Dark Chocolate Caramel Coated Nut Bowls.
NutsIt was always lots of fun to dye the Easter eggs bringing out my creativity!

My mother used to put newspaper all over the kitchen as well, as I was “a tad” sloppy!

Let’s remember, I was only little!

After the Easter eggs were dried, we had “the annual family Easter crack” which I believe the origins are from Germany; please don’t quote me as this is what I was led to believe.

Two people would choose their eggs and “strategically” hold the eggs in a position to crack the other person’s egg.

Then it was on for “one and all” and the person whose egg lasted without cracking was deemed the winner and would have good luck throughout the year.

One of the very special traditions of Easter was also making hot cross buns and enjoying chocolates that were store bought.

“The family tradition” was if it was your Easter rabbit, ONLY you could eat the ears and the rest of the head and body could be enjoyed by all!

Trust me on this, you would NOT have wanted to indulged eating someone else’s Easter rabbit ears!

Hot Cross Bagels and Easter Chocolate Anyone?

Coming from New York, bagels on a Sunday morning (especially Easter morning) were also a tradition.

This year, I decided to incorporate Thermalina (my Thermomix) into the Easter tradition fun.

Recently you experienced The Butterfingers Princess Tart and Hot Cross Buns Come to Adelaide; the tart used sultanas.
TartletI had some left over and as you know by now, I love utilizing what I have on hand; minimizing food wastage.

You can ONLY imagine HOW much I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D when I saw Thermomix hot cross bagels via Alyce Alexandra Cookbooks.

While this is a “free” recipe, it is only available to those who sign up in April to her mailing list!
Dough RisingSo Thermomix fans, head over, join the mailing list and you too can have fun creating this ABSOLUTELY wonderful hot cross bagels recipe!

The kitchen smelled AMAZING!!!

Chef Georgio (from Are You Curious How Versatile Cardamom Is? fame) devoured two with love with the Thermomix fresh butter I am; oh and did I mention the cream cheese in the featured photo via ThermoBlitz?

I love using quark in recipes!

For those not familiar with quark, it is like a European cottage cheese with a bit of a tang; very healthy and used in a number of weight loss recipes.

It is NOT why I used it; I love the taste and smooth texture!
ButterSultana RaisinThis year I decided to “slightly” adapt “the Easter family tradition” when I saw that I could “shrink wrap” our Easter eggs with these cute labels in 3 seconds dunking in boiling water; the eggs were cooked.
Chick Hard-boiled-egg Friendship means the world to me; especially around Easter time.

When I called Princess What? (from British India, Adelaide and British India, Adelaide Part II)  to see if she wanted to come over and “food play” with me, she
S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D too!!

Warning my friends…when you meet me in “real life” be prepared for “THE SQUEAL OF EXCITEMENT” too!

It then became “Chockie Time!” (Aussie slang for chocolates)
MarbledWhiteChocolateChocolateMini-EggsBlack-white-chocolateAside from the “technique” of chocolate, I came up with a very handy tip to share!

Did you ever wonder how chocolate will set in a mould if it’s oval?

The thought did come to Princess What? and me!

Egg cartons come in very handy and are very versatile indeed!

HintWith the Easter Bunny on the way, I’ll give you a “sneak peek” and what else Princess What? and I created on the day!MarshmallowsCan you guess?

It’s “light and fluffy” and can be and I can also describe it as an Easter food pillow!

Look forward to what comes next time via What’s On The List!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Let us be thankful for something today!

That food, food memories, traditions, customs, cultures and foods connect us all in my most extraordinary way!

Do you have an Easter tradition?

What is your favorite Easter food?

Would you choose the hot cross bagels or Easter Chocolate?

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31 thoughts on “Hot Cross Bagels and Easter Chocolate Anyone? {Thermomix Assisted}

  1. What a fun fusion of two foods that I love to eat! 😀

  2. Krystal says:

    Looks like a great menu! Thanks for sharing~

  3. titicrafty says:

    That bagel looks amazing! I could eat quite a few of those! Yummmm! Hope you had a super Happy Easter!

  4. So many fun Easter ideas! I love the bagel, I would so eat that.

  5. Winnie says:

    Joanne – these look absolutely fantastic!
    Happy Easter to you

  6. I’ve never made bagels myself, but I’ve been wanting to. Fresh is always best!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever had a hot cross bagel, but I would sure love to try one!


  8. cheri says:

    Love tradition, never heard of the family Easter egg crack, not sure if is your own family tradition or country’s, I am in Arizona, United States, but I love it!

  9. What lovely family traditions. In our family, if you get a chocolate bunny, you don’t have to share it with anyone but I love how at least the ears are sacred in your family. I make hot cross buns every year also but this year I had a shocker and mine just weren’t up to their usual standard. I’ve never had a hot cross bagel but it looks really good. Happy Easter, Joanne xx

  10. Can’t wait to see the Easter Food Pillow on your nextpost! I remember getting all dressed up in a new outfit with hat and gloves to go to church on Easter. Alas, church-going seems to have declined a bit these days!

  11. This looks all so delicious, Joanne. Granny was in the kitchen for 6 hours to prepare the Easter meal, all vegetarian, and she’s exhausted, but I had to come by to see you and wish you a Happy Easter personally. Btw My favorite Easter food is Tuna…hope that Bunny is bringing me a lot of it. Thanks for stopping by our bloggie. Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend 🙂

  12. I’ve never made bagels but these look yummy and doable!


  13. Love that little rabbit! Happy Easter Joanne 😀

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