10 Ways Dilmah School Of Tea Inspires Tea Passion


August 17, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

Have I perked your curiosity with 10 Ways Dilmah School Of Tea Inspires Tea Passion?

I hope so and now hope you will sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Dilmah Tea with me!

Last week, I was extended a gracious invitation, courtesy by Dilmah Tea to participate in their School of Tea event here in Adelaide.

Dilmah-school-of-tea-banner-whatsonthelist Dilmah-school-of-tea-inspired-whatsonthelistYou can imagine how I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D when founder of Dilmah Tea, Merrill J Fernando’s son Dilhan presented me with a signed Tea Certificate Course in appreciation of participating at the Dilmah School Of Tea!

For those who may not be familiar, Dilmah is a brand of Ceylon tea and is a family owned business that was founded in 1974 based on “a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea.”


The name Dilmah was chosen by combining the first names of Fernando’s sons Dilhan and Malik.

Did you know tea is one of the oldest drinks in history and was discovered by Chinese emperor Sheng Nong in 2737 B.C. where tea was not used as a beverage, but for “health benefits?”

Did you know tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water?

If you are ever on a television show and your $64,000 question is, “What is the species of small tree or shrub whose leaf buds and leaves produce tea?”

Camellia sinensis; all true tea comes from this plant!

You can thank me for sharing this information, as learned from Dilhan at the Dilmah School Of Tea!

Did you know only top two leaves and buds are hand picked and then processed into any of the four types of tea, which are Black, Green, Oolong, and White?

Are you feeling tea inspired?

There are three tea growing regions in Sri Lanka; low, mid and high with “the taste, flavour and aroma of teas from each region are influenced by the conditions particular to those regions.”

Dilhan shared that “the quality of the tea starts at the field,” and interestingly, Dilmah Tea still uses the “traditional method” of handpicking tea.

I loved when I recently read founder Merrill J Fernando say, ”my family cares for your tea, from the tea nursery right to your teacup.”

One could feel the love and passion for family values and for the Dilmah family’s commitment in providing quality in real tea.

Here’s a tea tip learned at the Dilmah School of Tea:

“Never put milk in your teacup first!”

Do you know how to brew the perfect cup of tea?

I now do!

Did you know sunlight, heat and moisture all affect tea?

Do you keep your tea in the fridge?


Does white sugar or raw sugar make a difference in tea?

Should you stir tea while brewing?

Does the water you use affect the taste of the tea?

Did you know mint, ginger, lemon, honey and real cinnamon (not cassia) can enhance the flavor of tea?

I think you might have to attend The Dilmah School of Tea!

Do you know the best way to taste tea is by a loud S-L-U-R-P?

Tasting tea and smelling the aromatic flavors of tea is quite interesting and fun!

I found that like experiencing wines, one does not taste the entire depth of flavor right away.

One gets an initial introduction by smelling the aroma of the tea, but when tasted, one may get an initial taste, then it changes to another taste and then a third may appear!

There are many layers of tastes and different people can may find different tastes.

Did you know tea is good for diabetes, in the prevention of cancer, helps with concentration and focus, is a strong immune booster, beats off stress and can help one lose weight?

As a home cook who tries to inspire people one recipe at a time, I was particularly interested in The Marriage of Tea with Food, Tea Mixology and Tea Gastronomy!

Dilmah Tea with food pairing = beautiful harmony

Dilmah Tea’s unique Gastronomy innovative programme (pairing tea with food) and Tea Mixology programme (pairing tea with drinks) both combine balance of flavors with unique, creativeness and brings the food or drink to another level, enhancing the flavor and creating a new creation that “produces harmony.”

At the Dilmah School of Tea, we were all encouraged to try various foods, brew our own tea and S-L-U-R-P! lol
Dilmah-school-of-tea-tastings-brewing-whatsonthelistDilmah-school-of-tea-brewing-times-whatsonthelistDilmah-school-of-tea-brewing-tea-whatsonthelist Dilmah-school-of-tea-variety-of-leaves-whatsonthelistDilmah-school-of-tea-Szechaun-chicken-whatsonthelist Dilmah-school-of-tea-wyugu-beef-whatsonthelist Dilmah-school-of-tea-fudge-mint-tea-whatsonthelist Dilmah-school-of-tea-seabass-tea-whatsonthelistIMG_6907IMG_6912
I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try and create a recipe combining food and Dilmah tea; blog post coming soon!

Did you know you can brew tea overnight in the refrigerator?

Did you know in Russia, they put fruit jam in their tea?

Tea tasting is not the same as tea drinking.

Dilmah-school-of-tea-types of tea-whatsonthelist
While we all associate aroma and flavor of tea, did you know the Tea Terroir simply stated is the physical (soil, climate) and biological environment that surrounds the tea plant and affects the tea plant’s taste, quality, character and appearance.

If you asked me, “What makes Dilmah not JUST another cup of tea?”, what would I say?

When you purchase Dilmah tea, you are not JUST purchasing any tea!

You are purchasing “real tea” using the “traditional method” of handpicking tea insuring the highest quality.

“Dilmah have been the only tea marketing organisation in the world to grow their own tea.”

The MJF Charitable Foundation was set up by Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando to fulfill his commitment to sharing the success of his Dilmah brand with the underprivileged, the disabled and childrenreceives 10% of Dilmah’s global earnings before tax, and well as the was Dilmah Conservation which was initiated to incorporate environmental conservation efforts into the MJF Charitable Foundation.

Via video, all who participated in the Dilmah School of Tea, heard Merrill J Fernando’s words:

“People who do well must help others lead for a better life.”

Please take a couple of minutes, perhaps when you are brewing a perfect cup of Dilmah tea to reflect on Merrill J Fernando’s words:

“We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. The wealth some of us acquire is owed to the efforts and cooperation of many others around us. Let us therefore share that wealth, while we are still around, so that the goodwill and contentment created thereby, may make our world a happier place for others too.”


Would you like to enjoy a Dilmah tea with me?

Of the Dilmah teas I highlighted above, which one would you most like to try?

Would you like to suggest a recipe with Dilmah tea, you would like me to do?

Are you looking forward to what dish I created?

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99 thoughts on “10 Ways Dilmah School Of Tea Inspires Tea Passion

  1. theninjabaker says:

    Fantastic philosophy! Such thoughtful tea connoisseurs and loving parents <3 Thank you Joanne for the mini course in tea. Must say I'd be inspired to enroll in the Dilma School of Tea if I were in Australia <3

  2. I met the family at the Dilmah high tea challenge a couple of years ago. Gracious to a fault so I know you had a good time.

  3. XmasDolly says:

    What a highly informative Post you have here about tea! Personally not until recently do I drink different flavors of tea, but only the cold ones. Hot tea… sorry I’m a one flavor person. Plain tea… I know boring, but I do like cold strawberry tea or peach.

  4. What an incredible invite! I love tea and would definitely have found this totally fun, I love having tea at the end of a long hectic day, it just seems to bring a sense of calm to my life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and the background of what looks like a really amazing tea.

  5. I drink tea often but honestly, I have never given too much thought to it before. Thanks for all this useful info.

  6. Krystal says:

    The Moroccon mint green tea sounds like one I want to try. I bet it is so refreshing!!

  7. taranoland says:

    Lovely post and they look like great teas!!

  8. Tea is the comfort drink…soothing.

  9. Kirsty says:

    Wow, what a fabulous opportunity you had, and a very informative post. I had no idea you could brew tea overnight the fridge, I must look into this. I love the Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla, tastes like liquid turkish delight. I eeeeespecially love their Italian Almond Tea, although its getting harder to track down!

  10. Wow, I know I will never look at a cup of tea the same way. This is very interesting and I would love to take this class. The food looks amazing also!

  11. Looks like a fun time! I love tea. I would love to attend that school!

  12. I would love to attend the Dilmah School of Tea! What an interesting day you had, Joanne! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and I learned a lot too 🙂

  13. Et tu teas? I have been learning about wine, beer, and tequila, but there is a whole world of tea. I’ll add it to my list.

  14. Moroccan Mint Green Tea would be the one I would love to try first. I actually would love to try them all though. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Tea and wine are two things I’m trying to learn more about. Love all your info.

  16. chbernard says:

    Wow there are so many things in here I didn’t know! I am an avid tea drinker but tips like don’t put the milk in first (though I don’t) are great to know! My husband has just entered the wonderful world of tea and is loving it! Love this post!

  17. I’m not a big tea drinker but this information is fascinating.I didn’t realize there were so many specialties or that little things make such a huge difference in the taste.

  18. That looks like a fun event, or shall I say tea party? I have to admit that I’m more into coffee but definitely would love to consider trying tea. Since it’s healthier too right? Those tea variations sounds very appealing though, I would to smell them!

  19. Stephanie Keeping says:

    I haven’t heard of this tea before, but I would love to try the Rose with French Vanilla !

  20. What a great and informative post Joanne. I have explored Chinese teas a lot this year but not beyond.

  21. dishofdailylife says:

    I love good tea…you can definitely tell the difference!

  22. leybainpublic says:

    Hmm. haven’t tried Dilmah. By the looks of it, it seems like it’s a very nice and promising tea product. Would love to try it if given the chance.

  23. I’m such a coffee drinker! But this looks like such a great experience for a tea lover! When I do drink tea, I add lots and lots of milk. And sugar of course.

  24. I’m so glad they doing things like this. I love their tea, actually addicted to it.

  25. I wish I loved tea. That said this looks like a fun experience that might change my mind. I loved all your fun facts.

  26. What a fun experience! I would totally love to try a school of tea.

  27. These are great facts about tea. I love drinking tea and I would definitely enjoy a Dilmah tea with you.

  28. Wow, what an incredible amount of information there is to learn about tea. I had no idea it was virtually a world and culture unto itself. This is so interesting.

  29. It seems like I only drink hot tea in the winter but I drink hot coffee all year long! I need to change that and try some of these blends:))

  30. I love a good cup of tea! This sounds like such a fun event to get to attend! I can’t wait to see what recipe you whip up with it, the food at this looks amazing as well.!

  31. Jeanine says:

    Wow this is interesting! I am a huge tea lover! I had no idea tea could brew int he fridge, overnight that’s awesome and great to know!

  32. Nancy says:

    Yep, now this is my kinda blog post to read. Anything about tea, has me hooked line and sinker 🙂 In fact, I can only find the one tea that I currently like to drink, in Canada. Although Tetley Tea is sold here in the USA, I can’t find my favourite flavour: orange pekoe… it’s a black tea. But I find that the other black tea’s I’ve tasted here,doesn’t really compare. Hehe 🙂

  33. I’m not much of a tea drinker but it’s interesting to learn more about the entire process!

  34. I love tea! More than coffee so this would have been right up my alley and I love the different facts that I had no idea about. I must hear more and I didn’t know you could brew tea overnight this will help me as I love tea, honey and lemon on most mornings.

  35. I know tea is extremely good for you! I would love to try the mint of this brand. I like drinking mint tea to settle my stomach.

  36. I am a huge tea drink and I think I have about 10 if not more different flavours of tea in my home. I can not get enough of it, looks like you had an awesome time at the event

  37. Michelle says:

    I did not know all of those interesting facts about tea. I’ve gone back and forth between being a coffee and tea all my life. I feel healthier when I’m a tea drinker.

  38. Jacob Fu says:

    That looks like such a cool experience! We definitely love drinking tea at home and need to see if we can do a similar experience here.

  39. Melissa says:

    I had no idea there was so much to tea. I have never had a “good” tea before, after reading this I thinks it’s time. I always put milk in before the tea, I didn’t know it mattered.

  40. To be honest, I have never been a tea drinker, unless it’s a bit of chamomile when my stomach is upset. Looks like a great event though.

  41. Sage says:

    What a cool event, I never get invited to fun things like that!

    I’ve been drinking tea since I was a little girl. The waitstaff used to look at me oddly when I ordered hot tea instead a soft drink, and a few times they even brought me an iced tea!

    My English husband prefers coffee to tea, but he makes a great cup of tea, which is lucky since I quaff a few liters of it a day. I love the taste of it, and I love the antioxidants I get from it… tea is my beauty tonic and I’m looking forward to hearing more about Dilmah teas : -)

  42. Michele says:

    I was brought up drinking tea-it wasn’t until I went off to college that I learned to love coffee as well. I have never heard of or seen Dilmah tea in stores-where can it be purchased in the US? I definitely like the owners philosophy!

  43. I AM looking forward to the dish you create! I am a former tea blogger and have more tea than I could ever drink but I still would LOVE to try Dilmah! Thank you for sharing your tea journey with us. I doubt they will make their way to Kansas but if they do – I WANT TO GO!

  44. Rosey says:

    I like the tips. I do enjoy tea but I’ve never had it with milk. I’m curious to try it that way though.

  45. marysmarbles says:

    I can always go for a cup a tea, doesn’t matter what season we are in. Moroccan Mint , and Orange creamsicle are my favorites this year.

  46. When I studied in China and went to one of its tourist places, one of the guides mentioned about the history of tea and specifically also said that it was not used as a beverage but for its health benefits. There are now so many variations and flavors of tea. It’s great to know that we should not put milk in the teacup first. But I wonder what’s the reason behind.

    • Thank you for stopping by and it has to do with the reason the campaign was started TO put milk in the teacups first; as the porcelain after the war was scare and inferior and could not sustain the heat of the tea in the cup first without breaking; a clever campaign it was!

  47. I love tea.. i bought too many tea, i couldn’t even finish them ! My favorite : Jasmine!

  48. What a worthy cause Joanne…and yes, I’d love to share a cup of Dilmah tea with you!

  49. Being British I love my tea and this is my kind of event. Great post.

  50. Moya says:

    What a wonderful tea experience, no wonder you squealed with delight. I couldn’t live without my cuppa. My husband always puts the milk in first when making tea, I tell him it should be the other way around. Looking forward to your tea inspired recipe. 🙂

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