Dear Thermalina THIS is WHAT Cooking With Thermomix IS About


September 27, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Thermomix-cooking-class-whatsonthelist Dear Thermalina, should we welcome Thermomix and non-Thermomix owners alike to my blog post today?

Of course!

I am sure viewers have previously enjoyed Dear Thermalina Is Thermomix REALLY for ME? and Dear Thermalina is Thermomix for Brekkie REALLY for me?

Courtesy of Thermomix Team leader Sandra D, I was invited to her Cooking with Thermomix last night!
Honestly Thermalina, it was “my pleasure” and “a total delight!”

Thermalina, I WISH you could have come with me!

Sandra demonstrating a wide variety of foods that the Thermomix could do!
Might I add Thermalina, the tastings were “very tasty” too!

The night started Thermalina with an Avocado & Lime Sorbet!
Thermomix-lime-sorbet-whatsonthelist Sorbet-lime-ThermomixLet me tell you, LOVED the recipe and the “hints and tips” provided by Sandra along the way!

Healthy lemonade followed Thermalina!

Imagine HOW much money can be saved by making your own flavored healthy drinks at home?

The Thermomix (in my opinion) Thermalina pays for itself; did I mention the “health benefits” too?

As a “PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC” person who LOVES food, I was “intrigued” what CADA was that Sandra had next on her list!

I was very glad Thermalina that I was paying a lot of attention and the Acronym was not missed!

Coconut, Almonds, Dates, Apples!

Can you GUESS Thermalina WHAT the recipe might be?

A healthy muesli Thermalina, WHAT were YOU thinking it would make?

Not only is this a healthy recipe, but was “quick and easy” and “economical” AND for the family health’s sake!
Yogurt-natural-Thermomix-whatsonthelistI know Thermalina, the photo “might” not be the best!

But don’t you think Thermalina, that any food is always best with a taste test?

Natural yogurt was explained by Sandra’s assistant Annette how to make!

Can you BELIEVE so far Thermalina, with not only WHAT can be made in the Thermomix, but is the information too much to take?

The museli had C-R-U-N-C-H, lovely texture and you could FEEL how healthy it would be for brekkie (Aussie lingo for Breakast) Thermalina?

A shame you could not taste it, but you and viewers will HAVE to rely on what I say is true! lol

As gluten free bread was explained by Sandra to the large group and me, butter was the next demonstration which we ALL learned something new and was “genuinely” great to see!

Sandra’s Three Cheese Scroll “totally” fascinated me!

Annette demonstrated the “process”; with the “Wiggle, Wiggle” on how to get the dough out of the Thermomix bowl, and what followed re the “hint and tips” getting the maximum amount of dough out of the bowl in an easy way, what to do with your hands in dealing with the dough and how to combine salt and yeast was written down by me!
Thermomix-cheese-scroll Cheese-scroll-Thermomix Scroll-cheese-Thermomix Thermomix-baked-cheese-scroll  “How many people use their Thermomix to make dips?”, Sandra asked.

LOTS of hands went up in the audience!

Crunchy Style Basil Pesto Thermalina was YUM!!!

Perfect “balance of flavors”; not to oily!
Thermomix-basil-pesto-whatsonthelistThis got a “two thumbs up” from the audience with many going back for seconds and third tastings!

Next on the list Thermalina was Crunchy Carrot Salad…I don’t mean to keep saying, “YUM” to you!

As people were tasting each sample, “YUM” and “mmmmmmmmmm” seemed to be THE two most popular sounds.

I wish you could have heard them for yourself Thermalina.

“How many people use their Thermomix for salads?”, Sandra asked the audience next.

I looked around as the hands went up, observing the smiles…Thermomix owners are REALLY and GENUINELY proud!

Sandra share GREAT tips on how you don’t need to clean the bowl between making dips and salads.

As adding a bit of oil, can transform what’s in the bowl into a beautiful salad dressing.

If you need to bring a salad to a barbeque, Sandra’s Brown Rice Salad from the Everyday Cookbook with Variation was very tasty to try!

Sandra “bulked up” the salad with fresh veggies (Aussie lingo for vegetables) to serve the audience on the night!

Rice oil, rice vinegar, tamari, sesame oil combination recipe was an “absolute delight!”

Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup Thermalina was made “quickly” before our eyes!

Did I mention Thermalina, Sandra asked Annette (her assistant; as a future Team leader) to share her story about how she got involved with Thermomix and it was an “interesting story shared.”

Next on the agenda, while the soup was cooking, can you GUESS Thermalina, WHO was asked to come and share HER story about HER access to a Thermomix for a couple of weeks?; WHAT was made, WHAT was the highlights and what ARE the benefits of Thermomix?

Yes Thermalina, it was ME who was invited to speak and yes Thermalina, I remembered to thank Sandra for the opportunity to share my “unique” story as told through my fun-food adventures and through my “child-like” eyes!

I KNOW how you have a sweet tooth Thermalina, so Sandra’s White Chocolate Chip Orange Custard and Torte Caprese ( a traditional chocolate Italian cake with…) would have “totally” temped your taste buds!

Yes, Thermalina, I totally enjoyed tasting this and to you and my viewers, it was
“slurp-a-licious” and yes Thermalina, I KNOW it is not a word, but creates an image of HOW I was with the combination of flavors on one plate! lol

“With what?”, I “hear” you exclaimed Thermalina?

I am not going to give away ALL of Sandra’s secrets away today! lol
Thermomix-torte-chocolate I can share with you Thermalina, it WAS as good as it looked and tasted “even better!”

LOTS of questions were asked by Thermomix owners and non Thermmomix owners.

The audience learned HEAPS and I “especially enjoyed” learning more about the Thermomix mat.

Dear Thermalina, THIS is WHAT Cooking with Thermomix IS About!

Did your enjoy Thermalina what I shared with you today?

What’s that Thermalina?

You would love to read comments from people, TRUE!

What’s that you say Thermalina?, comments would MAKE YOUR DAY too?

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Thank you!

What “intrigues” you about my blog post today?

For Thermomix owners, sharing YOUR favorite recipe, would MAKE my day!

For non-owners of Thermomix, WHAT questions do YOU have for me or Thermalina?


7 thoughts on “Dear Thermalina THIS is WHAT Cooking With Thermomix IS About

  1. caterina says:

    Thanks for joining us Joanne – glad you enjoyed the evening and learnt alot from it. They definitely are worth attending. Hope you enjoy your very own Thermomix <3 xx

  2. There’s so much you can do with one-I had no idea that they had that many cookbooks!

  3. I have heard of thermomix before, sadly I haven’t encountered one in the offline world yet. It’s quite a power tool no? I did hear too that it’s quite pricy, but maybe I ll be able to buy me one in the future. =)

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