17 Reasons Why You Should Be Curious About Pathiri


April 21, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Inidan-Paratha-savory-crepe-whatsonthelistDo you know the 17 Reasons Why You Should Be Curious About Pathiri?

I do and today I will be Paying It Forward (like with Food Blogger Tribute – Arabianmama) with those who participated in The Daring Kitchen‘s Cooks April Challenge hosted for the first time by me. DaringKitchen            Thank you Renata for sharing The Daring Kitchen logo on your blog!

Recently I asked, “Would Pathiri Be A Food Challenge For You?”  In no particular order:

Manal from Manal’s Bites created Indian Pathiri and Jordanian Macmoorah … Similar dish in concept of what

I was excited to read Manal’s “excitement rose up the roof” when she found out the Pathiri Challenge!

Thank you Manal for allowing me to learn something new as I had not previously heard about Jordanian Macmorrah.

Sawsan from Chef in Disguise created Chatti Pathiri and shared “We all loved it but the kids loved it so much that they were actually looking forward to the left overs the next day!”LasagnaSawsan’s photos always inspire me and this plate was “gorgeous” with a quinoa salad on the side.

Renata from Tested, Tasted and Approved created Chatti PathiriChattiRenata shared shes was “a little worried about the coconut milk involved” and she assured that “the flavor was not what stood out most.”

Olga from Effortnessly created Indian Chatti PathiriKurnikOlga shared that she knew this dish as Kurnik, a traditional Ukrainian dish loosely translated as Chicken Crepe Pie.

Thank you again, for allowing me to learn something new!

Susan from The Kiwi Cook shared Chatti Pathiri which she describes as “totally delicious – loved the spices and delectable nutty aroma of ghee.”
I enjoyed the creativity of The Crepes of Wrath by Monkeyshines in the Kitchen who also shared that the American book classic “The Grapes of Wrath was published exactly 75 years ago in in April!”

Claudia from Honey From Rock created Pathiri – A Layered Savory Indian Cake made by beef.

I liked Claudia’s suggestion to “serve with a chutney and perhaps a cucumber raita, and you have a delicious meal.”

Shelly from C Mom Cook shared her Pathiri with a bit of olé which she thought was fun, tasty and delicious!
Manu from Manu’s Menu created Crespelle with Asparagus and shared “the results were amazing: crunchy top, gooey oozy cheesy inside and delicious asparagus!”
Aisha from The Kitchen of Aisha shared Pathiri vegetables with coconut milk who shared “the recipe is not complicated and laborious as it is to make crepes.”

Dee from OnTheMove-InTheGallery shared Stacked Crepes with Ginger Filling and a Coconut Sauce shared she thought “this would be fun!”
LimeMJ from MJ’s Kitchen shared Green Chile Pathiri with Pinon Nuts and Queso Fresco shared “although it was time consuming, but not at all difficult, this is definitely a dish I will be making again.”
Lemon and Cheese: A Food Lover’s Attempt At Cooking created Palatschinken via her mom who looked in “her Old Corden Bleu Cookery Course” recipes. This recipe was “given to Corden Bleu many years ago by a Czechoslovakian” as “a marvelous way of presenting small quantities of left over meat and vegetables.”

Thank you for allowing me to learn something new today!
PancakeAndrea from 4Pure created Daring cooks Pathiri shared “this is great with rice and a fresh salad.”
GingerWhile I was and am “very proud and humble” to host The Daring Kitchen’s Cook Challenge of Pathiri this month, I thought everyone worldwide had fun and learned something new.

While some blogs are written in people’s native languages (which can be easily translated), food and our participation in creating our own Pathiri this month united us all in a very unique way!

I was VERY proud of each and everyone who participated and would like to highlight Misha from Homemade food Lipa who shared her completed photo.
BriannaCukale shared:
This challenge was great! I’ve never made crepes before, let alone savory ones. I went with ground beef, carrots, celery, onion and green pepper for the filling, as it was what I had on hand, but I’m sure anything would be delicious. I invited my parents over for lunch and we finished off the entire thing!”

Despite some “posting hiccups” like we all experience from time to time, misheru shared It was pleasantly mild but flavourful. Yum! Two thumbs up in this household!”

I challenged people to be “as creative as can be!”

Everyone’s submissions “shined with creativity!”

Now the 17 Reasons Why You Should Be Curious About Pathiri you too can see!

I welcome one and all to take the time to visit and experience everyone’s blogs shared today!

Today is a Pay It Forward post, that makes me happy to share in the most unique way!

If you are PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC Cook and/or Baker, then why not head over to The Daring Kitchen and apply today!

The Cooks and Bakers monthly challenges are all about fun, sharing, meeting new foodie friends worldwide and in feeling the accomplishment at the end of the challenge which everyone who has completed the challenge knows full well about too!

Thank you to each and every person who accomplished this month’s Pathiri Challenge and we will look very much forward to next month’s challenges!

If you had to pick one or two of the Pathiri recipes, which would you choose and why?

Have you ever made Pathiri before?

If not, what savory combination would you choose?

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45 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why You Should Be Curious About Pathiri

  1. Thank you so much for sharing at Party in Your PJs, Joanne, your posts are always so fun to read. Have a blessed Day

  2. So many delicious recipes to try! What a fun challenge. The garnish really makes the dish beautiful!!

  3. Wow….call me intrigued! I want to look more into this…see if I can come up with a gluten free version. I already make gluten free crepes….so why not??

  4. Krystal says:

    What a fun challenge. That was cool to show the results. This dish is foreign to me, but I’m intrigued!

  5. Hmmm…that looks interesting. And from all accounts tastes amazing too. I wish I had more interest in making time consuming dishes – but I’m a slap it together in 5 minutes or we eat out kind of girl!

  6. Claudia says:

    Thanks Joanne for a great challenge, and for sharing our posts on your site. Fantastic job!

  7. Winnie says:

    I’ve never heard of Pathiri before, but I like learning new dishes.
    It looks great and I’m curious of how it tastes

  8. I hadn’t even heard of Pathiri before, but they all look and sound delicious 🙂 The next time I have a kitchen I may be doing a Pathiri experiment of my own!

  9. Jess says:

    Thank you for the awesome challenge this month! Sorry I’m a few days late, things got pretty hectic for me around Easter! It was worth the wait though I am not a pathiri LOVER! Check out my post: http://therapybread.com/2014/04/24/chatti-pathiri/

    • Thanks Jess! Soooooooooooooooooooooo glad you completed the challenge AND in including your link too! Well done and more than understand as some months when I was a tad behind, Lisa always understood and continued to inspire me; she still does! Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the challenge too!

  10. I want pathiri now big time, your post certainly made me curious 😀
    Wonderful write up!

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Balvinder says:

    I have never heard of Pathiri but sounds so delicious as I love layered foods.

  12. Thank you Joanne again for a lovely challenge … It was fun indeed… Looking forward to more

  13. Never tried pathriri before, but it looks very interesting. I think my husband would love something like this.

  14. Love the recipe round up! Lots of tasty ideas to check out!

  15. Jenn says:

    I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks amazing!! Great job!

  16. jodie says:

    Wow! Looks like something I’ll have to check out and attempt myself!

  17. Amira says:

    I gotta try this 🙂 and feeling bad for missing this challenge. Great post and challenge Joanne.

  18. I have never stumble upon pathiri, but I loved each and everyone of the participants’ recipes! Thanks for presenting all these delicious variations of pathiri Joanne!

  19. That’s great of you to share and feature all these posts!

  20. Renata says:

    Thanks for mentioning my results on your fun challenge, I love the idea of sharing the results of the other Daring Cooks!

  21. mjskit says:

    What a thing to do for the participants of your wonderful challenge! Thanks Joanne! It also helps me be able to get around and see what everyone else did. Thanks!

    • Thanks MJ and glad you too enjoyed! I thought it was a way of organizing the event and in also providing the links for others to enjoy and view! Thanks for participating and look forward to next month’s challenge too!

  22. I’ve never tried pathiri but they all look so good – going to have to put that on my list try make. Love the idea of savory fillings.

  23. Great to hear you were the host – wonderful to see the results shared on your site – and NEVER heard of this dish. That is the best part! To learn something new! Not sure the classic flavours would be up my alley, but I can see this is a dish that can be adapted to one’s palate – and certainly a crowd pleaser!

  24. Manu says:

    What a fantastic idea to share the results from the challenge on your blog! Thank you so much for the mention Joanne! 🙂

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