The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook Review


August 26, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Cake-peach-coconut“How to achieve baking perfection in your own kitchen.”
with Foreword and Practical Tips by Dan Lepard and Kerry Vincent

From Biscuits and Teatime Treats through Desserts and Gâteaux’s, The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook will have you salivating and excited how you too can “achieve baking perfection in your own kitchen.”
The-Great-Australian-Bake-Off-book-cover Courtesy of Random House Australia, The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook via Dan Lepard gives you recipes that the judges loved and were “wowed by.”

Each recipes is “home-baked” and has been “triple tested” and lovingly presented by “the band of bakers.”

For my readers who may not be familiar with the The Great Australian Bake Off, it is an exciting new Australian cooking series.


The Channel Nine Network in Australia searched “high and low” for Australia’s 10 Best Home Bakers.

Over eight “gruelling weeks”, the contestants have been challenged beyond their wildest dreams in baking “mouth-watering selection of cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, breads, biscuits and desserts, all in the hope of being crowned Australia’s Best Home Baker by two judges, internationally renowned Australian bakers, Dan Lepard and Kerry Vincent.”

The show is hosted by Anna Gare “one of Australia’s favorite culinary experts” and Shane Jacobson who in 2006 with his oldest brother Clayton, wrote the film Kenny; Shane starred as Kenny Smyth.

The movie “won Australian hearts” and went on to become the “highest selling Australian DVD.”
judges-approved-BABO                                                Photo Courtesy of GABO

I LOVE the tie-in of The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook with the show.

I loved the “hints and tips” provided by the judges too!

While baking (in my opinion) is an art and a science, there is always “something” (other than from trial and error), one can learn.

The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook certainly inspires readers to want to bake the recipes and continue to bake more Biscuits, Cakes, Breads, Patisserie, Pies and Savory Pastry, Tarts and Sweet Pastry, Desserts and Gâteaux’s which all are covered in the book!

Kerry Vincent in her Foreword says, …”we certainly put all the contestants through the hoops.”

With more than a 100 recipes to excite, to me, the simplest tips did delight! i.e. “How biscuits are cooled after baking varies from recipe to recipe.”

There is something for every baker and wanna be baker in The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook.

Are you up for a technical challenge?

Perhaps Tuiles and Brandy Snaps are for you!

I wanted to eat my way through each and every recipe!

Do you know how to make the perfect Victorian Sandwich?

Now I do! 🙂

What I also enjoyed was getting to see the contestants and their smiles “beam with delight” from the pages; JUST like you will be when making The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook’s recipes!

meet-the-bakers                                                  Photo Courtesy of GABO

Ever wanted to make a Checkerboard Cake?

Perhaps you have already baked one to date?

Perhaps there might be a “hint and tip” to achieve being a better baker in your own kitchen too!

While it was a process of elimination for me, I chose to recreate Anna Gare’s Peach and Coconut Cake.

Seeing it is not peach season here in Australia at the moment, I thought Anna wouldn’t mind if I substituted pears for peaches.

After all, the both begin with the letter “P”, eh?

Anna’s cake is AMAZING!

The combination of coconut and pears with a very “easy to follow” recipe.

I highly recommend Anna’s Peach and Coconut Cake and was even a winner to achieve for a novice baker like me!

Chef Georgio aka hubby even said it “smelled great” while baking too!
Peach-coconut-cake-whatsonthelist“So what do I do to make Anna’s cake?”, I “hear” you say.

There’s sugar, butter, coconut, flour and don’t forget the peaches (pears) too!

I can’t remember the EGG-act amounts of what EGG-actly I did do!

I have now “mastered” making The Perfect White Loaf, true!

I think you KNEAD to read The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook for yourself!

Thanks for putting up with my fun pun!

I can now bake Dan Lepard’s Alehouse Rolls and S-Q-E-A-L-E-D with delight that I could do!

Trust me, if I can follow his WONDERFUL recipe, so can YOU!

I fooled around with Monkey Bread and LOVED The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook’s Sticky Buns, true!

You will want to make these recipes time and time again because they ARE easy to follow and you WILL feel victorious too!

Ever have trouble with Puff Pastry?

The explanation and solution is easy and was excitingly and easily understandable  by me!

Millefeuilles with Raspberries is now “on my list”, true!

Did you know “the sweet puff pastry of a thousand layers – each layer is made up of 729 leaves too?

In The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook, making Chantilly Cream and Pastry Cream will be a lot easier than it does seem.

Learn “the tricks” that make pastry easier; another great read!

The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook not only creates a reason WHY you want to bake NOW, but your baking heart and mind the book DOES feed!

Lemon Meringue Pie has always been a favorite of mine!

Should you wish to read about my disaster, feel free to do a “quick-click” of my Member of the Month Interivew via (yes, my hair color has changed too!)

I have now “mastered” the art of Making Perfect Meringues thanks to the Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook, true!

The Queen of Sheba you will be, if in The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook, you follow the recipe!

In case you are wondering what the Queen of Sheba is like I was curious too…The “luxuriously, rich, elegant chocolate and almond cake, covered and decorated with more dark chocolate.” ; the recipe came via Julia Child too!

What would YOU like to challenge yourself to “achieve baking perfection in your kitchen?”

Would LOVE hearing in the comments your ultimate baking success recipe to date…am sure others would like to read as to me sharing is always great!



17 thoughts on “The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook Review

  1. Binty says:

    It was so fascinating to watch! Each had their own successes. I was wondering if Maria’s Choc. Cherry Sponge and cherry mousse recipe is posted anywhere?

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    I love a book with hints and tips. I also LOVED Kenny! 🙂

  3. I’m still learning much about baking so this book sounds wonderful to me. Great article, Joanne!

  4. this looks amazing, the show sounds fabulous – we have in the UK too, love it : )

  5. Has it finished already? Oh this week I see. I haven’t managed to catch one episode 🙁

  6. I’ve never heard of this show, but it’s sounds really neat!

  7. I have never seen the show but sounds fun and the recipe book, so yummy. Nope never heard of the Victorian Sandwich lol.

  8. I tried hard to get into this show but I just didn’t like it. I think the premise was great but the set reminded me of the Teletubbies or Play School and does anyone ever cook anything in a kitchen like that? I’ve heard there’s a Season II. Maybe I’ll like that better xx

  9. trudy shearer says:

    Hi Joanne,
    Love this show. What a shame it’s finishing this week.

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