Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II


February 13, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Pasta-demo-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelistEveryone looking forward to continuing to experience Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II?

I hope you are not full from Community Fun Food Carnevale!

I was there and am STILL E-X-C-I-T-E-D in sharing with YOU!

What I really enjoyed other than the Italian foods, the Italian atmosphere and being an “honorary” Italian on the day, is there was something for children of all ages!

As I mentioned yesterday, “I LOVE experiencing viewing race cars and have driven a NASCAR race car or two in my day!”

I just HAVE to share, the cars were “drool-worthy!”
Sports-racing-cars-exotic-carnevale-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Ferrari-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Alfa-Romeo-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Pirelli-ferrari-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Lambretta-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Let’s not forget HOW EXCITING the above replica of the highly successful Scuderia Ferrari F2004 race car courtesy of Bridgestone and the National Motor Museum

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there is something seriously sexy about the above restored 1957 lambretta!
Please tell me it’s not me!

I LOVE to read, especially about travels around the world, and I vividly remember reading about an Italian um, well, gulp love story which included a lambretta while experiencing the breath-taking views of Amalfi.

I blush very easily like when I recently made Matt Preston‘s mother-in-laws’ French Letters Cake aka Lemon Love Notes recipe, but I take my blushing in stride and it is as natural as my smile.
Lemon-love-notes-Matt-Preton-dessert-whatsonthelistSee what happens when I get THIS excited about fun, food and cars?

Back to Carnavale Adelaide!
San-Remo-Adelaide-carnevale San-Remo-information-pasta-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Australian-durum-wheat-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Pasta-making-sign-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelistWhile waiting for the “much anticipated,” “always enjoyable and entertaining” Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan, hosts of the popular TV show Out of the Blue cooking demo using San Remo “Simply Better” pasta, I  enjoyed a natter (Aussie lingo for chat) with the lovely San Remo girls who provided recipe cards and how and where to find San Remo on the net.
San-Remo-girls-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelistI was also very interested in learning more about the Australian grown Durum Wheat with a “higher protein” and “the higher level of gluten that holds the pasta together” from the San Remo representative.

It was an interesting discussion on Pasta Making and how making pasta has changed for the many generations of Italians.

We all agreed, ” we all want the best for our family!”

Onto viewing more stalls whose products “magically” came home with me!

It was great to see Fudge It, a participating business in the Cambelltown City Council Flavours of Campbelltown Foodtrail!

I LOVE their fudge and never need an excuse to buy!
Hand-made-chocolates-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Gourmet-nougat-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Fudge-Adelaide-whatsonthelistIf you have never experienced Sweet and Sour‘s fruit candy and licorice, I would HIGHLY recommend you do!

There is a flavor for kids of all ages and their products can be seen at many markets and events around Australia like this Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II!
Liquorice-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Cherry-liquorice-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Bubblegum-liquorice-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelist Aniseed-liquorice-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelistSour-cherry-liquorice-Adelaide-carnevaleMy favorite was the Sour Cherry Licorice and I surprised Chef Georgio with some and he agreed!
There was face painting for the kids, Monster Truck viewing of Scooby Doo, art, clothing and exhibitions highlighting Italian and Australian history.

Scooby-doo-Monster-truck Artwork-jpg Nonna-apron-Adelaide-carnevale-whatsonthelistThere was fashion, music, dancing, coffee masterclass and then there was Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan’s cooking demo using San Remo “Simply Better”
Michael-and-Michael-cooking-demo Seafood-marinara-Adelaide-carnevale  Today’s demos saw Michael and Michael making Seafood Marinara and Swordfish (which Sicily is known for Michael Angelakis shared; someone was listening) and artisan pasta with garlic, passata and one of my favorites buffalo mozzarella!

The dishes all looked fresh, vibrant and San Remo healthy!

What time is is?

Time for San Remo Ready Steady Mangia Pasta Eating Competition in conjunction with the local radio station Nova 919!
Joanne-eating-pasta-carnevale-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Let’s say the winner had an interesting “shovel it in” technique which “amazed and astounding” the crowd; it wasn’t me!

All in all, FANG (one of my nicknames), um, I had a heaps fun day at my first Adelaide Carnevale.

While the weather was a “tad” hot (understatement), it didn’t take away from “being Italian” on the day and in enjoying my PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for all things


As I always give credit where credit is due, let’s not forget to thank the sponsors who with their support put together this fun-filled Adelaide Community Fun Food Carnevale and Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II.

A VERY special thank you to Eugene Ragghianti, the Carnevale & Special Events Manager and Co-ordinating Italian Committee Inc. for “courteously” and “graciously” inviting me to my first Carnevale.

I look forward to next year’s 40th Carnevale Adelaide celebrations at the wonderful Adelaide Showground venue too!

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I do hope you enjoyed Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II with me



15 thoughts on “Community Fun Food Carnevale Part II

  1. OMG that second to last photo made me laugh. I love that photo!! It’s so YOU! 🙂 Another great food event.

  2. Another amazing review of all the Carneval event. Cars are ok for me but that is lambretta is adorable. More amazing food, love the shot of you ‘shoveling’ 😉

  3. A great event! Lovely cars and food. It looks like you had a lot of fun there.



  4. Joanne says:

    This looks like so much fun! Any excuse to eat lots of pasta sounds good to me!

  5. Karen says:

    mmhmm, I would have loved to attend this one!!!!!!!! whew, thanks for sharing such a fabulous event and so many exciting goodies!!!

  6. peacefulnightdove says:

    You are just too cool for school!!!! LOVED, loved, loved the cars and YES that lambretta was sexy! Ha! I’d love to go on a ride with my hubby checking out the scenery… 😉 😀 I have a pasta maker also, and will soon be trying out making homemade…cross your fingers! I think it may be a lot harder than it looks! LOL!!! Take care!! 😀 (Kelly

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