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February 16, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Chocolate-high-heels-class-whatsonthelistHands up who thinks Chocolate High Heels Next Fashion Accessory is for them to further explore?

“I MADE THIS!”…. I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D on the day!

With regards to the reaction, WHO could want more?

Courtesy of Anna from the Adelaide Chocolate School, I was S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G with delight experiencing her Chocolate with Style – high heel shoe class.
Adelaide-chocolate-school-signage-whatsonthelistLucky for me, Anna (and my friends) have experienced the S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G before when I attended Adelaide Wishes Appliances Online a Very Happy 8th Birthday and created this Sunbeam Blender with my friend Helen from Recycled Interiors.
Appliances-online-class-chocolate-fondant-whatsonthelistBefore I begin, you might start thinking I have a chocolate fetish “thing” going on with
 Chili Mojo Mexican Chocolate Bit of Olé, Morish Dark Chocolate Caramel Coated Nut Bowl With…,and These Chocolate Shoes were made for Adelaide Walking (part 1 and 2) to name a few!

Back to the Chocolate with Style – high heel shoe class eh?

No skill or prior chocolate experience was a “bonus” for me!

While I LOVE playing with my food (as you know by now), I have not had a lot of experience melting chocolate and certainly not decorating “elegant,” “chic and stylish” high heels!
Photo Courtesy of the Adelaide Chocolate School

Anna explained the process of what we were about to embark on in “very easy to understand” language and instructions; even the five year old inside me

Anna explained about the “purpose built chocolate machines” and how we couldn’t burn our hands on the inserts which can be easily handled and are cooled.
Chocolate-vessels-whatsonthelistAll colors of the chocolate rainbow were prepare for our group prior to our arrival.
Chocolate-coloring-whatsonthelistAnna must have heard a story or two about how I “may” have burned myself on an occasion or two being curious.

NOTE TO SELF: placing one’s fingers on anything hot WILL result in unpleasant

Anna explained about the moulds our group would be using, the equipment and most importantly the techniques we would need to “create our creations!”
Chocolate-shoe-mould-class-whatsonthelist Chocolate-class-tools-whatsonthelist Chocolate-shoe-how-to-demo-whatsonthelist All items are available for purchase, but all items necessary (chocolate, colorings, moulds, brushes, and decorations) are included in the price of this 2 hours of “fun-filled chocolate adventure!”

It made me FEEL like a child of 5 again!

The Adelaide Chocolate School runs a variety of chocolate courses for “children of all ages” and it is a great venue for kids birthday parties, corporate team-building and or if you are just looking for something “different to do” in Adelaide.

No mess! No cleaning up afterwards! Children and parents can simply relax, have fun and enjoy!

Adelaide Chocolate School “specializes” in chocolate corporate gifts and can personalize chocolates with your company’s logo that your client’s will remember, appreciate and love!

Adelaide Chocolate School can also “create a range of unique and indulgent chocolates from decadent truffles to solid or filled chocolates, lolly pops, 3D, upright creations and centre pieces.”

I personally think the Adelaide Chocolate School venue is PERFECT for hens nights (who doesn’t like having fun with chocolate? ) and it also (in my opinion) is the PERFECT “foodie fun” for tour groups and clubs!

Anna explained to our group how to fill the moulds to wherever our creativity took us!
Chocolate-class-filling-moulds-whatsonthelistAnna explained how we could fill the moulds and see the design from the other side and to not worry if the brushstrokes and or the design did not “look” perfect as it was all about fun and when the chocolate fills the shoe, “magic” occurs in hiding some of the imperfections too!

Our group could choose white, milk or dark chocolate to fill our “little high heels.”

The designs, techniques (drops, stars, sqiggles to name a few) were left to our unending possibilities of our creative minds!

Let me tell you, our group was indeed VERY creative on the day!

With chocolate poured and secured, off to the fridges for time to “work its magic too!”

Anna was there with our group “every step of the way” and entertained our questions; SOMEONE asks A LOT of questions; not sure WHO!

Our group enjoyed chatting about Chocolate High Heels Next Fashion Accessory and “wondered” if any shoe designers might be interested in our creations!

Heck, you never know WHERE people of all walks of life get inspired from!

With our groups confidence now high, it was time for us to learn HOW we were going to make our HIGH heel shoes as there was going to be a totally different technique!

Let me share, there is no need to panic, even with no chocolate skills as Anna makes everyone in the group FEEL like we have been doing this “for years!”

At this point I felt like our group had a VERY important job ahead of us; to create that glass, um, well, I mean chocolate slipper for Cinderella to wear to the ball!

Okay, so maybe my creativity and imagination was in overdrive, but still it was fun to see how we would create the high heels of our dreams!
White-chocolate-shoe-class-whatsonthelistWith TWO moulds secured together, our group learned “the dipping process” of not only what and how to do, but how much chocolate was needed to cover the inside and outside and how to get rid of the excess without getting it all over ourselves!
I must admit, this too was heaps of fun and was A LOT easier than I and the others initially thought!

With our color options sorted, Anna explained how we could “glimmer and shimmer”; as this is a G rated blog, I am STILL talking about the chocolate “making and decorating” process too!
All in all, I LOVED having fun with the Chocolate High Heels Next Fashion Accessory!

I think I could improve on some of my “cutting and polishing” skills.

My mother used to describe me like “a bull in a china shop” as I don’t have the most delicate of hands and initially I was concerned that I would break through the chocolate as I was moulding and playing with this!

I can HIGHLY recommend this class to one and all; blokes (Aussie lingo for men) too!

It would also be a great class to surprise mum for Mother’s day and have a mother-son bonding day or mother-daughter girl’s day out!

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Do you have a favorite Chocolate with Style – high heel shoe ?

What color shoe would YOU have chosen?

What design or technique would YOU have wanted to do?
I am always interested in hearing what you think or wish to share too!

You know what this Chocolate High Heels Next Fashion Accessory class was all about!





22 thoughts on “Chocolate High Heels Next Fashion Accessory

  1. Yum, and to think you can fun with the chocolate designs and then EAT what you make, as well!

  2. I loved the last one! They are all so sweet and I know you had a terrific time. You do the best things.

  3. Joanne that is to freaking adorable and such a cool experience. I am jealous! Very cool.

  4. What a fun day. This course looks like it would be full of good times. I love all the gorgeous shoes – what a lovely collection xx

  5. theninjabaker says:

    Fantastic fun, Joanne! Now I do wish we lived next door. Melted chocolate can be challenging but you really did handle the stuff like a pro! Love your heart high heels as well as your clever last shot of What’s on the List <3

  6. Very cool! Everyone needs a chocolate shoe or two 🙂

  7. So pretty and fun! A wonderful class.



  8. Cute! They look like Barbie shoes! 😀

  9. What a fun class! So adorable!!

  10. Mel says:

    They are awesome! Also I love when I find a fellow Aussie blogger 🙂

  11. glamorous glutton says:

    These look amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. GG

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