Are You Curious How Chocolate and Art Go Together?


August 17, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Heart-canvas-artAre You Curious How Chocolate and Art Go Together?

I certainly was as I love both but did wonder how and why Chocolate and Art would go together!

Thanks to Chloe, the South Australian Community Manager from Yelp Adelaide for providing the opportunity for me to take part in this very interesting SALA Chocol-ART Walking Tour.

“What’s SALA?”, I “hear” you say?

You sound as inquisitive as me!

SALA stands for The South Australia Living Arts which began its event in 1998 to showcase both amateur and professional artist at numerous venues throughout Adelaide.

Per SALA, the Festival is “a truly unique statewide celebration of the visual arts and it is absolutely free.”

Starting off at the 1-Stop Vegan Shop, Bliss Organic Cafe owned by Grace Love who believes “organic food is the way to go.”

As share by Cafe Manager Pip, “most meals, produce and retail products are “organically grown or certified.”

Pip with her staff assistant Zoe shared with our group not only about their passion for all things “vegan, organic and local,” but about raw foods and what we would be tasting on the day!

In my opinion, most people’s “perception” about raw foods is that is is solely about fruit and vegetable smoothies and doesn’t incorporate other proteins into one’s daily diet.

Zoe dispelled that myth by sharing how various nuts, dates, natural honey can be combined to create “fun and yum” looking and tasting desserts.

Raw-bliss-balls Snickers-chocolate-slice
The Coconut Bliss Balls and the Raw Snickers Balls made my taste buds day; and the tour had just begun!

Throughout Bliss Organic Cafe, artist Shirleyann Brough’s “flower, vegetable and fruit” works of art are proudly displayed and all are available for sale.

Art-human-skeleton-flowers Apple-canvas-artCoffee-art Fruit-juice-framed-art
Who says you cannot get anything for free these days, except aggravation?

Due to the inclement weather, our group was “herded” (in a good way!) on board the FREE City Connector bus which is a really “easy and comfortable way” to get around the city.

I must admit, I had never been on the FREE City Connector bus and it was fun “being a tourist” in my own town of Adelaide.

Adelaide-electric-bug Free-city-bus
While walking to our next destination, we were “entertained” with various lane way visual urban art which is becoming increasing more popular throughout Adelaide.

Please tell me I was not the only one who saw this painted face that “looks so real?”

Wall-artLaneway-art Art-laneway                          Above two photos credited to artist Cam Kerr

It’s been my experience that even if every piece of art doesn’t necessarily appeal to a person, for the most part, it does get them to think about it, if only visually.

We were also introduced to local Adelaide artist Tamara Huntington owner and creator of “unique works of art” at Art Hunt Studio; her heart canvas art is the featured photo.

Tamara’s passion definitely shone through and I must say there were a number of pieces that I would see, then look away, then my eyes went back and found something new to visually experience; some of the artworks even spoke to me, but let’s keep that our secret, okay? lol
Artist-smiles Wall-art-paint Art-interesting-Joanne Erotic-art-canvasFor those who may not be able to properly see or be able to appreciate this last painting titled “She Dances To Her Own Tune” (like me!), I enjoyed the “texturally erotic” canvas artwork as throughout the piece, “the eyes” seemed to “light up musically!”; using music sheet note paper….“interesting!”

Then onto Steven ter Horst Chocolatier we did go!

But not before experiencing “the magical, mystery Tiny Door!”; that story will have to wait for another day, but was a “child-like” piece of visual art along the way!

For those who may remember, I previous have been in “Chocolate Heaven” at Steven and his partner Chantelle’s Tasting Event.


And most recently via Do Cupcakes, Chocolate & Desserts Really Make People Smile?

I can get absorbed in Steven’s and Chantelle’s passion for all things chocolate and patisserie all day, but it was time for our group to sample honeycomb chocolates (YUM!) and “lovely lemony” Lady Jane! (Double YUM!)

Steven-chocolatierHoneycomb-chocolateLady-Jane-chocolate-miniLady-Jane-chocolatemacarons muffin
All of Steven’s chocolates are name after females!

Perhaps one day, Chantelle and Steven might consider naming a chocolate after me and my “chocolate personality!”

There is always something different and new to learn each time I experience Steven ter Horst’s Chocolatier!

Please tell me I am not the only one who sees “the chocolate halo” over their store signage! lol

Some of Steven’s and Chantelle’s handmade chocolates “magically” came home with me!

One can really appreciate the time, effort and talent that goes into creating each and every chocolate and patisserie, especially when this Raspberry Blush from within Steven and Chantelle’s showcase is staring back at me!

Are you Chocolate-d (yes I know it’s not a word) or Art-ed (ditto) out yet?



Hands up, who has walked or driven past something in their own town (whether a work of art, plague or monument) and has never stopped nor has a clue what it is about; GUILTY!
Man-with-ice-creamThis “visual wall mural” was initially painted by Carol Ruff and Barbary O’Brien in 1984 with the theme being to “link older generations with younger generations” through play!

Over the years, addition items have appeared on the mural to show “a space of time.”

Our last stop on the tour was at the Howling Owl which is a licensed cafe during the day which features “100% locally sourced menu with a range of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan items.”

To complement their “grazing and cheese boards,” they also offer “a wide variety of boutique beers and wines.”

Psst…here’s a secret from me!

The Howling Owl has 40+ “small batch gins from around the world” and even have their own “Kangaroo Island gins infused with native botanicals.”

The venue is “quirky and different” and a great SALA venue showcasing works of art via the Urban Cow Studio which included local Adelaide artist Claire Ishino who began working in jewellery and now creates drawings based on nature, her personal experiences and a lot of “repetition and pattern work” with her Spring is coming: exhibition.Canvas-art Bird-art Canvas-aret-unique
As you know by now, I enjoy things, people and places “just that little bit different, eccentric and quirky,” (like me!) so here are some art works that also caught my eye!

Art Ceramic-bowl
This bowl is “so me!” lol

What was waiting downstairs at The Howling Owl for the group and me?

A Chocolate Oatmeal Stout by local Lobenthal Bierhaus!

I LOVE stout, but honestly, I did not taste the chocolate, but perhaps it was because I was indulging in chocolate all day!

Chocolate-oatmeal-stout Beer-stout

The purpose of the SALA Chocol-ART Walking Tour and the SALA Festival is to encourage people to “get out and explore the arts.”

It was also a thoroughly interesting way to learn how both new and established artists get their works into cafes and galleries.

Did you enjoy the chocolate and art tour?

What about the post today “visually appealed” to you?

I want to thank Princess What? (my good friend) for indulging in chocolate and art with me today!

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  1. So much to see in this post!! Beautiful art work, and yummy chocolate. Of course, I think chocolate goes with ANYTHING!! 😉

  2. Nice conclusion to your question of how Art and Chocolate go together. Good luck with the article. Tweeted.

  3. I LOVE the art and the chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing this Joanne!

  4. I love the idea of getting out and exploring the arts – and what a delicious way to do it!

  5. Wishing you much success. Chocolate is a fav for sure of so many.

  6. I love the ‘she laughed her head off’ bowl. And how gorgeous that all the chocolates are named after women. I love the halo – yes, I saw it! xx

  7. Fun and fab blog! Great reflection of the day. Love your pics too! 🙂

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