Conversations over Chivito and Churros


December 17, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Chivito-sausage-sandwichHands up, who knows what the National sanger (Aussie lingo for sandwich) of Uruguay?

I don’t see many hands up in Internet Land!

Are you salivating just looking at the photo too?

An imaginary friend and I decided to get together and enjoy Conversations (boy, can we BOTH talk lol) over Chivito and Churros at one of our favorite places…elbio patisserie and cafe, a participating business of the Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail.

You would think my imaginary friend and I are twins, born in different years and you would even laugh as my imaginary friend starts a sentence, I finish it; she starts a story, goes to another come, comes back to the original story and I do the same, but we never miss a beat!

We both laugh when we both say at the same time, “Now where were we?”

While perusing the NEW Breakfast and Lunch Menu, there are so many wonderful options to choose.

Honestly, you would not want to try and attempt to speak to me without my morning coffee, true!

Is it me?

Or do you see this elbio coffee smiling back at you?

I suggested we try the Chivito as a starter; my suggested Churros for dessert with double dark chocolate! YUM!

What’s a Chivito?, I “hear” you say?

Good question for me to answer with this warm to very warm weather we are having today in Adelaide!

I always enjoy the history behind foods and hope you will enjoy knowing this dish is served based on owner elbio’s Latin American heritage, but Chivito origins started in 1946 at a restaurant in Uruguay where a patron wanted a sandwich like the one she had tasted in Argentina.

In Argentina, Chivito is called Lomito.

Since the owner did not have a sandwich (made from baby goat meat), he created his version with toasted bread with ham and sliced steak with his own seasonings.

Hence the Chivito was born.

elbio’s offered two choices:

The Original – with cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers (love them!), palmitos and Elbio’s homemade mayonnaise; YUM!

With the Lot – with cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers (still love them! lol), palmitos and Elbio’s homemade mayonnaise; YUM!

My name is Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG and I have a confession!

Normally, I would have gone “with the lot” to share with my imaginary friend (more like scoff the whole thing myself lol), but thought I would pace myself (and play nice and share lol), seeing we both “knew” we were going to enjoy one of our favorite desserts; Churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce; YUM!

Let’s say (for a moment), you are a “listening” aka “just happen” to be ease dropping on our Conversations over Chivito and Churros, one of the many conversations sounded something like this:

“What’s a palmito?”

“I don’t know; let’s order it and try!”

“But what’s a palmito, is that something like an artichoke?”

“What’s the unusual flavor?”

“Love Elbio’s homemade mayonnaise!”

“I WONDER if it’s pickled?”

Hands up, who has heard of swamp cabbage?


Chonta? (in Ecuador, it is called chontaduro)


Palm cabbage?


Peach palm as it is known in English?


Hearts of palm?


Palmito is heart of palm; a favorite of mine, true!

Did you know Ecuador is the main producer of Hearts of palm?

Palm hearts easily found in supermarkets                                              Photo via Hot & Chilli

“Isn’t it TIME for Churros?”, I “hear” you say?

ONE of us wanted to start at dessert and make our way back, true!

Due to both my imaginary friend’s curiosity and mine, Chivito was already ordered; pending surprise of what palmito was!


For my readers overseas, the time shortly before Christmas and sometimes lasting until the middle of January is unofficially called “The Silly Season” and gives me an um, well, excuse to be a little silly on occasion!

I am prefacing my *blushing* (which I do very easily) and hope you photographers out there can laugh “with” me….(I promise this will be a G rated comment)

No matter what way, angle, lighting – flash on or off etc today, my imaginary friend and I we could NOT get a photo of these “wonderfully tasting” Churros AND the dark chocolate sauce together in a photo!

I will leave it to your imagination to ponder; all in good fun!

My imaginary friend and I can attest, we had absolutely NO willpower at pacing ourselves WHILE still having Conversations over Chivito and Churros!

Trust me, elbio Churros will do that!

We did BOTH remind each other….“one bite at a time, one dip” and then both YELLED …“NO DOUBLE DIPPING!” (take a bite and put it back in the sauce)

I know, HOW old are we?

My imaginary friend and I had “no clue” WHERE the time flew, but only knew we laughed, laughed, talked, talked, talked some more, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our time at elbios with Conversations over Chivato and Churros!

Did you know what a Chivito was?

Did you know what palmito was?

Would you order something off a menu where you did not know what something is?

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25 thoughts on “Conversations over Chivito and Churros

  1. savoryexperiments says:

    I’m salivating over ALL of this food. I’ve never made churros at home- but now I want to make them. Like right now.

  2. auntbeesrecipes says:

    I love churros and your sandwich looked SO GOOD!

  3. Paula - Buenos Aires says:

    *Hands up* I know, I know! 😉 Uruguay is just on the other side of the river so we were there many times and ate all that. 😀 Churros and palmitos are available here too.

  4. Great looking sandwich!! and I LOVE Churros!!

  5. Joanne, you are always on the go! Fun read.

  6. Delicious looking sandwich and great story Joanne!

  7. the sandwich looks so good! Thank you for sharing!

  8. That is one seriously good looking sandwich! Never heard of Chivitos before and I’m always up for learning something new. Thanks for sharing this great post. Cheers!

  9. babso2you says:

    I love hearts of palm and that sandwich looks scrumptious! It’s making my stomach growl!

  10. Hehe the best thing to partner with good food is good company! 😀

  11. I know what churros are but all the rest is new to me! And wow on the elbio coffee too. Looks amazing and what a blast!

  12. Louise Di Virgilio says:

    Can’t wait to get a little pickled! I talk faster.

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