Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2


December 16, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Campbelltown-markets-wine-shoe-whatsonthelist he greatest ability in one’s life is the ability to laugh at one’s self; boy did I keep myself entertained at the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets!

As the Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2 continues from Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 1, let me digress for a minute!

In case you missed my In My Kitchen November post, I mentioned I initially purchased some “ewe beate” Euroscrubbies as food props; I tend to naturally draw to colorfully exciting things and people!

It was not until Princess Gardenia (real friend and neighbor) “enlightened” me that these are actually scrubbies (sponges) to clean pots and pans and they don’t scratch too!

Let me tell you, we have a good ol’ laugh about that even to this day!

Fast forward ….Now experiencing the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2!

What I LOVE about the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets (other than the food, wine, music, excitement of the crowd and community spirit lol) is the “unique items” locally hand crafted and or locally produced.
Did I mention I also tend to be drawn to “unique things” and “unique people” too?

My name is Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG, and I not a fashionista!

While  I walked leisurely around, I was immediately drawn to the Vino Glamour stall which showcased some “quite eccentric,” “quite classy” VERY high spiked shoes.

I DID wonder HOW anyone could walk in them, but luckily for me, my verbal filtering system was switched on for the night! lol
Wine-shoe-whatsonthelist-fashion Wine-shoes-miniture-whatsonthelist I also wondered if they held classes to help um, well, people like me who are um, not “naturally gifted” in walking in high heels!

It was only through “talking” with the owner/designer Tarina that I found out these unique shoes are indeed “one off designs” and are not meant for wearing!

You can only IMAGINE my perplexed face as I was thinking, “Why would someone buy a pair of shoes and not wear them?”

Thankfully again, what I was thinking did not come out my mouth; it usually does! lol

It was only THEN that I REALIZED the shoes were wine bottle holders and wine stiletto stoppers; wine IS something I DO know “a tad” about!

Are you now laughing WITH me?                                 

Next,  I saw these “wonderful” creations of Vivi & Ky!

I must admit, I love vintage tea cups and am in awe of people who can grow things as once again, I am not “naturally gifted” with a green thumb, even with succulents!
Succulents-plants-whatsonthelist Teacup-succulent-cactus-whatsonthelist Cactus-terrarium-whatsonthelistI loved the terrarium one and reminded me of a very large terrarium my mum used to have in New York growing beautiful African violets!

Mmmmmmmmm, my dad had a green thumb and grew magnificent juicy tomatoes!

My mum had a green thumb and could grow plants!

I wonder WHERE I can from?

I guess I will have to leave that topic for another day!

If you are anything like me, I tend to get “sooky” (Aussie lingo loosely translated as nostaglic) and it wasn’t long before I ran into some of Father Christmas’ elves Margot, Belinda, Merril and Jo from Espirit Quarter; a Female Barbershop Quartet.

They were GREAT and REALLY added to the Christmas spirit!

I have been known STILL to play in the land of the airy-fairy; an imaginary world!

You can only IMAGINE my S-Q-U-E-A-L  when I exclaimed (okay, I’ll fess up….it’s Christmas time) YELLED OUT, “OH LOOK, THE FAIRIES!!!” and proceeded to go in a very organized, very straight path with the child in me YELLING, “RUN!!!!! RUN!!!” true!

But LOOK who we ran into as part of the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2!
Christmas-fairy-princess-whatsonthelist Whatsonthelist-fairy-princess                                              I know, HOW old am I?

As IF it wasn’t bad enough for me to be “a tad” excited with my imaginary friend, you can only IMAGINE people in the crowd’s faces when I YELLED, “IT’S FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!”
To say I RAN to join the queue is an understatement!

I STILL view the world like a five year old with wonderment and excitement; ESPECIALLY when it comes to Father Christmas!

One year MANY years ago, my Nana and Grandpa in the States LOVED seeing a photo of me with Santa Claus even in my adult years!

I did mention previously the greatest ability in one’s life is the ability to laugh at one’s self and boy do I keep myself entertained!

One year, I did not realize Santa Claus was my friend’s father and I was having dinner at my friend’s house with ALL of her relatives that night!

You may also appreciate it, needless to say, that was the last time a Santa Claus (known as Father Christmas here) photo was sent to my Nana and Grandpa!

With darkness descending upon our wonderful night, I bid the Campbelltown Midnight Markets a good night!

IMG_7046Would you have had your photo with Father Christmas?

I hope you enjoyed Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2 as well as Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 1!

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After all, isn’t life like the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music which includes food, wine, excitement, Christmas spirit and most of all… FUN??!!

9 thoughts on “Campbelltown Moonlight Markets Merriment, Magic and Music Part 2

  1. Hehe nothing wrong with living in a fairy world! 😛 And I still can’t figure out how those shoes work as bottle stoppers!

  2. Louise Di Virgilio says:

    I omitted to add that I love the Vino Glamour shoe bottle holders. What girl doesn’t like a pair of heels, especially if you can hold a bottle of wine in one. They were really a work of art and I’m sure to be making a purchase soon. Great to see What’s on the List providing the links to these great businesses,

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