What Is Different About This Butter Bean Salad Today


August 18, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

What Is Different About This Butter Bean Salad Today?

You will come to see that a simple, but elegant salad, can be served as a canape, as a first course, or even a meat accompaniment.

Canapes are usually decorative finger foods aka one bite delights and are often served during cocktail hour.

If you use your imagination today, you can imagine some of these big butter beans aka habas grandes sitting on top of a toasted baguette slice!

I think that too would be very nice!

For those who have been following my blog, would know how excited I get about fun, food challenges and this week’s Salades et Vinegrette challenge via the I Heart Cooking Clubs was no exception!

“Which beautiful Salads et Vinaigrettes will you take a bite of this week?”, was the question this week as we are celebrating Jacques Pepin’s Salad and/or Salad Dressings!

In its simplicity, a salad is “a dish consisting of small pieces of food,” that “can sometimes be mixed with a sauce or dressing.”

In case you missed it this week, did you know Chef Jacques Pepin was named as the very first recipient of the Julia Child Foundation?

Jacques Pepin (L) toasts  Chef Julia Child  in Boston, Massachusetts November 19, 2000. Reuters photographer

Jacques Pepin (L) toasts Chef Julia Child in Boston, Massachusetts November 19, 2000. Reuters photographer

Chef Jacques Pepin and Julia Child were not only cooking partners, but good friends with accolades from the Foundation that Jacques is someone “who believes in teaching others about food and wine.”

Despite Chef Jacques Pepin suffering a stroke in March, he is still going strong and will receive his award at a gala at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. in October.

I thought we could have a bit of fun here today!

When I was little, we used to play a child’s game and YELL:
“Hail Caesar! I want my salad today!”

Looking back, I think it was a ploy by my mum and my friend’s mums to want us to eat salad, in particular, a Caesar salad, as we knew where the salad came from; or so we thought!

Please say you are laughing “with” me!

Did you also think Caesar salad was created and or associated with Julius Caesar, the famous Roman Emperor?

For those who may not know or perhaps have forgotten, Caesar Salad, which consists of salad greens with a garlic vinaigrette dressing is attributed to Caesar Cardini, a restaurateur that created it in Tijuana, Mexico in 1924 on the Fourth of July weekend.

Caesar-Cardini-caesar-salad-named-after                                Image Courtesy of Inspirationonline.com

The International Society of Epicures in Paris once voted the Caesar Salad
as the “greatest recipe to originate from the Americas in fifty years.”

Interestingly, the salad was created because Caesar was running low on food and actually put together this now famous salad from food that was left over in the kitchen!

The original recipe included romaine, garlic, croutons, and Parmesan cheese,
boiled eggs, olive oil and Worcestershire sauce and was served tableside.

“When the salad dressing was ready, the romaine leaves were coated with
the dressing and placed stem side out, in a circle and served on a flat dinner plate,
so that the salad could be eaten with the fingers.”

While Jacques Pepin has many wonderful salad and vinaigrette recipes, I chose to make Jacques Butter Bean Canapes.

Jacques made this recipe via his television cooking show Episode 201: Viva Espana!

But I decided to add a twist!

Butter Bean Salad With a Twist - Inspired Adapted from Jacques Pepin recipe
Prep time
Total time
Looking for a simple, but elegant appetizer dish that can also be a canape with drinks or a side dish for meat?
Recipe type: Appetiser
Serves: 4 - 6 appetizer serves
  • 1 can (15.5 ounces) drained butter beans
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard (original recipe calls for 1 tablespoon); adjust for personal taste
  • 3 tablespoons finely chopped red onion
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped garlic
  • 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • Radicchio leaf known as Italian chicory for presentation
  • Baguette slices, toasted with garlic, butter, toasted anchovy crumbs; small cubed
  1. Mix together all ingredients up to and including salt and pepper.
  2. Mixture is best when allowed to marinate for a t least an hour if not more.
  3. Place butter bean salad in the radicchio aka Italian chicory for presentation and top with toasted baguettes pieces crumbed and ENJOY!
Butter Bean Canapes - Original Recipe by Chef Jacques pepin

Butter-bean-salad-airfried-garlic-anchovy-croutons-whatsonthelist Butter-bean-salad-Jacques-Pepin-healthy-whatsonthelistHands up, who would like to try this butter bean salad today?

Are you a fan a butter beans?

Do you think the butter bean salad would go nicely with the crunch and texture of the toasted baguette with butter, garlic and crumbed anchovy?

What Is different about this butter bean salad today?

This delicious recipe that has been re-created added a dash of home cook creativity!

I am sure Chef Jacques Pepin would be smiling today knowing his recipe was the total inspiration for my dish!

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90 thoughts on “What Is Different About This Butter Bean Salad Today

  1. A wonderful salad! So flavourful and perfect for serving at a party.



  2. Anything that Jacques Pepin makes is delicious. Amen. What a wonderful man and this salad is beautiful. He’d be proud.

  3. Kim says:

    This bean salad is completely up my alley. As a lover of beans I confess that I could eat the entire batch! Serving it on toasty baguette makes it even better:)

  4. Winnie says:

    This is kind of new to me, so I’m very curious! It sure sounds very tasty

  5. Amira says:

    Love butter beans.. actually I love most bean kinds 🙂 your recipe looks so delish.

  6. What a lovely salad, Joanne. I’m not a big fan of any cold beans, but I’d give it a try. Thanks for sharing your recipe at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  7. Such a lovely salad, with the butter beans served in pretty red cabbage cups!
    And thanks for sharing the story behind Caesar Salad! Interesting!

  8. Delicious food on here Joanne.=)

  9. teaandscones says:

    LOVE how it is served in that cabbage cup!

  10. Now I’m looking at butter bean in a whole new way. Making it into canapes is a refreshing way. Kudos to Jacques Pepin!!

  11. Erlene says:

    I’ve never had butter beans because I was never a fan of beans when I was younger. Now that I’m older, I love beans and this looks wonderful. Something I could eat for a light lunch.

  12. Oh, that looks really yummy! And I learned something new today…your posts are always so informational! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  13. This Butter Bean Salad looks visually intriguing as well as something that would deliver a unique taste. As for Pepin and Julia Child, I was flipping through the channels one night and saw a very interesting documentary special on the two of them.

  14. MrsTee says:

    This butter bean salad is different but in a great way. I love the way it is presented within the leaf as the bowl. I am sure it tastes just as wonderful as it looks.

  15. Admittedly, I am not the hugest butterbean fan; however, this looks quite tasty. I would definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  16. Ricci says:

    That butter bean salad is just really pretty!! LOL!! I bet it tastes just as good as it looks! YUM!

  17. I’ve never had a butter bean salad before but this looks really good. I’ll have to give it a try soon.

  18. Your butter bean salad looks mighty tasty, we love butter beans here in Georgia. I’ve always cooked them as a side dish, never thinking how wonderful they would taste in different dishes. I’d love to try your recipe and try to incorporate them in other recipes as well.

  19. sayhellonature says:

    Oh yum! I don’t know if I’ve ever had butter beans, but this recipe looks + sounds delicious!

  20. I know nothing about butter beans and cant even remember when I ate one. But I love Jacques Pepin so this has to be yummy. Will need to figure if my supermarket sells butter beans because I so want to try this recipe.

  21. Rosey says:

    Butter beans are one of my faves but no one else in the house likes them (boo!). And LOL to the method behind the madness (old saying my mom said), on the salad game. Smart mum. 🙂

  22. Never tried butter bean salad. I love the way you did this post, very informative. I also learnt something new today. 😀

  23. I never knew where Ceasar Salad came from. All I know is this is one of my favorite salads. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Your Butter Bean Salad looks absolutely delicious!

  24. What an interesting story about Caesar salad. I had no idea. I’m curious to see how the original looked with the leaves fanned out.

  25. I never knew how the Caesar salad got its name. Very interesting. But the butter beans look really good.

  26. Angie says:

    There are so many things that I like about this recipe! The presentation, those yummy butter beans, and most of all the toasted baguette slices!

  27. nammi says:

    Butterbeans are one my favorites 🙂

  28. Dia says:

    As usual you have captured my fancy with your awesome dishes. I never thought to use Butter beans as a main dish. I love that this dish will give my dinner guest different options to choose from .

  29. Mhie Lee says:

    Wow! who would thought about Caesar salad? I like butter beans though I just simply eat it with my daughter munch it like her snacks.

  30. Michele says:

    Actually I do love butter beans and am sitting here wondering why I haven’t bought any in such a long time. This salad (which is probably how I would eat it) looks and sounds delicious!

  31. I would have never thought that Cesar salad came from Mexico that is crazy! This sounds like a great bean salad! I am always looking for new recipes to try, I love the history you shared to very interesting information!

  32. Heather says:

    I never would have guessed that the Caesar salad came from Mexico! You learn something new every day! Now that butter bean salad looks very good, I’ve never seen a salad like that before.

  33. I haven’t had butter beans since I was a kid! Then it was cooked with a ham hock and served just like pinto beans. I love the idea of eating them as a salad like you have done. That is such an original idea at least I’ve never seen it before!

  34. What a Caesar salad is not from Julius Caesar 😉 ? I did know but I would not know where to get butter beans, your salad looks awesome, great presentation Joanne!

  35. I love love love butter beans. I ate them alot as a child so they are a comfort food for me. Your butter bean salad recipe sounds great, I can’t wait to try it!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I’ve actually never heard of butter beans before. Recently, I have actually started to like the taste of black beans so I would more than likely try this salad since I see other ingredients I do like.

    I actually had no idea that’s where Caesar salad came from. Glad Worcestershire sauce was dropped from the recipe as I’ve never seen that in one. too salty!

  37. Your mum and her friend has a genius idea, I hope to use that on my future kids lol though its tough to feed me caesar salad without meat lol

  38. Jeanine says:

    I would love to try this. It looks super good. I don’t eat things like this often though, so when I do make things like this my husband loves it too!

  39. Kiwi says:

    This is delicious! I would love to try this!

  40. Christie says:

    Can I just say how beautiful this dish is! I haven’t tried butter bean salad before, but I’m loving the rich history!

  41. That is a really nice looking salad. I have never had a salad like this before, but it sounds really good. I can’t wait to try it.

  42. I love bean salad! That’s some great and interesting history about Caesar salad xx

  43. Beautifully plated with radicchio. Nicely done.

  44. What a wonderful looking Salad! Love the flavors!

  45. So good looking. Nice presentation.

  46. Love the presentation – gorgeous.

  47. I love how versatile your Butter Bean Salad is, Joanne! It sounds so flavourful and delicious!

  48. I didn’t know that about the Caesar salad! You learn something new every day 😀

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