Are You Curious About Bahrain Cuisine?


August 10, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Bahrain-chickenAre You Curious About Bahrain Cuisine?

I know I am and would first like to thank Noor from Ya Salam Cooking for extending an invitation to me to host this month’s country of Bahrain and its cuisine as part of the Middle Eastern & North African Cooking Club.

Middle Eastern & North African Cooking Club was started “for foodies worldwide who have a love of trying new things.”

Everyone worldwide is welcomed to join in the monthly cuisine challenges; each month a different country is explored.

The club’s philosophy is “We hope to make new friends, learn more about food and just have fun.
Two recipes are chosen monthly by the host (savory and sweet dish) and the dishes remain a secret until the reveal date!

What did I know about Bahrain and its cuisine previously?

Very little, so it gives me great pleasure in not only hosting this Bahrain cuisine challenge, but this is only the second country’s cuisine showcased as last month, Asmaa from Halal Home Cooking hosted Algerian cuisine.

For those who may not be familiar, Bahrain is located in The Middle-East on the continent of Asia; located off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain is a chain of islands (archipelago) made up of 33 islands.

Bahrain-country-map                                  Images Courtesy of

Bahrain was one of the “earliest areas to convert to Islam.”

Bahrain has an extensive history, long ruled by the Arabs as Bahrain was considered to be an important trading region which goes back to Roman Times.

Bahrain was a protectorate, ( autonomous territory that is protected diplomatically or militarily against third partiesWiki) and in 1971 declared its independence.

In 2002, Bahrain was declared “a kingdom,” having a Chief of Staff (Bahrain’s king) and a Prime Minister.

Bahrain’s terrain is mostly barren desert land; petroleum processing and refining and international banking are Bahrain’s primary industries.

Bahrain’s main produce is poultry and dairy products and fresh vegetables; specifically dates, tomatoes, citrus fruits and pomegranates.

Due to its location to the Persian Gulf, fresh fish is also is part of the cuisine.

All of this history if making me hungry….YOU?

“What recipes did you choose to challenge people with this month?” I “hear” you ask?

That is a very good question today!

I chose this Traditional Bahraini Chicken Machboos (also spelled Machbous) as found on

Per the original recipe, Machbous is a rice and meat dish “popular in many Gulf Countries and across Saudi Arabia!”

I must say, it was the first time I made Traditional Bahraini Chicken Machbous and it came out terrific!

The highlight of the dish, other than its “ease, simplicity and wonderful flavors,” is the subtle hint of rosewater and the Baharat spice mix is “the secret ingredient” that really causes your taste buds to say, “WOW!”

I had some beautiful Egyptian Baharat spice mix on hand which was made up of nutmeg, pimento, coriander, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and “other exotic spices!”

The sweet dish I chose was Bahrain: Halwa Bahraini as found on 196recipes.

What a challenge and what great dishes I have already been entertained to view!

I only wish I could come through the screen and try each and every dish!

Look forward to me highlighting the dishes in a future blog post!

Here is my Traditional Bahraini Chicken Machboos I made for you!

Thank you again to Noor and all the wonderful participants in this month’s Middle Eastern & North African Cooking Club.

Please visit the other delightful dishes made this month too!

Do you like Bahrain cuisine?

Have you ever tried it before?

Would you like to try this dish?

If you could pick, would you pick a sweet or savory dish to try if it was your first time trying a cuisine?

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20 thoughts on “Are You Curious About Bahrain Cuisine?

  1. As always I learned something when you first posted the recipe and again today. Congratulations on being featured.

  2. I have never had the opportunity to try Bahrain cuisine. I enjoyed learning more about it in your wonderful post and your dish looks absolutely delicious!

  3. I love this dish joanne!!! So authentic and hearty! Thanks for linking into Munching Mondays! xo Nic

  4. Amira says:

    What a wonderful host you are Joanne. I’ve never been to Bahrain and never tried a specific Bahraini recipe but I’ve tried several recipes from the gulf area. Thanks for all the information you provided us with. Your dish looks amazing, I was so angry that I could not make it this month as I was just back from a quick and tiring trip to Egypt, But for sure I will try the recipes you suggested.

  5. Thank you Joanne for actually finding a country I had not explored culinary wise before lol. Love the recipe, looks almost as good as yours! And the Baharat spice mix was a great discovery. Off to visit the others!

  6. Sadaf F K says:

    I love the way you gave all the required history on Bahrain and more than that to get it to know well. Your Machbous look perfect. Pretty good pictures. 🙂

  7. Aiza says:

    Hey there,
    Your food looks amazing, especially the last shot- swoon worthy.
    Thanks for including the history, I don’t think I knew anything about Bahrain until participating in the challenge. Gracias.

  8. Noor says:

    Joanna you were the perfect host and actually seem to know more than I do lol. I will def be telling everyone here is HOW you host 🙂

    Bahrain is a two hour drive from where I live here in Riyadh. Both my brothers are in the US military and have been there working at some time or another. They have a large base to protect Saudi I suppose.

    I loved all the history you have gave and more than anything I love when someone that has never tried the food, tries it and loves it. I was once now the same way 🙂

  9. Thanks Joanne! TBH I had no idea about Bahrain cuisine so this was very helpful 😀

  10. Darya says:

    Joanne, this is a wonderful post and recipe. I am so sorry I couldn’t participate in this month’s challenge, but I am on holidays and have almost none of the ingredients on hand (and there is no chance I can find most of them either, spending my vacation in the middle of nowhere). Your maqboos looks delicious! I will definitely go and check out the other participants’ recipes, and hope to join you all in the next MENA adventures!

    • Thank you Darya for stopping by and commenting. Please there are no apologies as more than understanding. Your comments made my day and look forward to your future recipes when you are able to! Enjoy your vacation!

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