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August 11, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

Asia-in-SA-Adelaide-whatsonthelist-Are you curious about Asia in SA 8 Chefs 8 Recipes #CookingForCharity?

Asia in SA 2015 was a charity black-tie gala dinner that was held on the 8th of August, which connected 8 world class chefs, uniting together “as a team,” featuring Asian ingredients with matching wines,” in celebration “for the successes of Asian in South Australia.”

The event sold out in 24 hours for 300 guests!

I just have to say right away, would you ever imagine 8 chefs could genuinely join together in such harmony?

Courtesy of Asia in SA, I “graciously accepted” their invite to a VIP tasting of the eight course degustation menu that was being served at the event.

It was incredible “to see and feel” all of the 8 chef’s passion for food and “coming together as one,” for this event which was held at the Intercontinental Adelaide
supporting Asia in SA Beneficiary Charities SAHMRISouth Australian Health & Medical Research Institute, and Opportunity International.

SAHMRI is South Australia’s research facility that provdes a focal point for healthy and medical research to try and improve the quality of life for all people.

Opportunity International provides small loans to families in developing countries to help people start businesses, earn income and leave the life of poverty behind.President-of-Asia-in-SA-Susan-Lee-whatsonthelistSusan Lee, the President of Asia in SA, shared that this inaugural event would be an epic rock star celebrity event, raising funds for charity; the theme “Together We Prosper.”
Alvin Leung aka The Demon Chef holds 3 Michelin stars, shared the importance of “coming together and friendship,” to do “good work” and showcasing “sense of community.”
Chef-Jeffrey-Tan-whatsonthelistCooking for Charity was an initiative by self-taught Chef Jeffrey Tan some nine years ago and has helped raise $2.5 million Australian dollars for various charities such as Prostate Cancer and Alzheimer’s Australia.

Chef Tan shared his “message of friendship” based on Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher; Epicurus’ “purpose  of philosophy” was to “obtain a tranquil, happy life surrounded by friends.”
Executive-chef-Tony-Hart-whatsonthelistChef Tony Hart is the Executive Chef at Intercontinental Adelaide and shared how unique coordinating the 8 chef’s passions for “different products and techniques” were.
Executive Chef Ikuei Arakane aka Kin San, known for his regular appearances on the Japanese television show Iron Chef, shared “the importance of friendship” and long associations with some of the other chefs, highlighting not only this great cause, but it is “fun in the kitchen.”
Executive-chef-Cheong-Liew-whatsonthelistExecutive Chef Cheong Liew is one of South Australia’s best known chefs, shared he was “happy to be cooking” with this great cause and among his great friends.

Executive Chef Adam D’Sylvia shared his love of food and hospitality and in the coming together in cooking in this great event; he very much enjoys the “camaraderie among these chefs.”
Executive-chef-Adam-D'Sylva-whatsonthelistLast, but certainly not least, is Executive Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyer, who shared this event was “very special”;” not just about chefs feeding people, but is a good cause, having fun.
Pierrick-Boyer-Tasting-Palates-bloggers-whatsonthelistChef Pierrick Boyle with fellow food bloggers Anastasia and Isabell – Tempting Palates

Now that you have been introduced to the 8 chefs, let’s see the “delectably delicious” 8 recipes, eh?

Kargaroo-fillet-Nashi-pear-yuzu-avocado-dehydrated-cranberries-whatsonthelistChef Tan’s ENTREE 4 Frozen Kangaroo Fillet, Nashi Pear, Yuzu Avocado Pureed, Dehydrated Cranberries

The dish was beautiful and loved the combination of flavors; the kangaroo fillet melted in my mouth and thought it was a very exciting dish, as I had never tasted anything like that before!
Black-pepper-platinum-cape-grim-beef-whatsonthelist               Chef D’Sylvia’s MAIN 2 Black Pepper Premium Cape Grim Beef

The beef was perfectly cooked and loved the peppery sauce with kick of chili! It was one of those dishes that had you yearning for more!

Cured-duck-breast-with-beetroot-jelly-freeze-dried-raspberry-whatsonthelist Blue-swimmer-crab-Shiro-popcorn-whatsonthelistExecutive Chef Tony Hart’s CANAPES 1. Cured Duck Breast with Beetroot Jelly & Freeze Dried Raspberry 2. Blue Swimmer Crab with Shiro Popcorn

This dish was a very popular dish and disappeared quickly!

Grandvewe-sheep-milk-chevre-cheese-quinoa-salad-with-Yuzu-miso-dressing-whatsonthelistExecutive Chef Ikuei Arakane’s ENTREE 1 Grandvewe Sheep Milk Chevre Cheese & Organic Quinoa Salad with Yuzu & Miso Dressing

Would you agree, this dish was almost too good to eat?
Lobster-medallion-Sichuan-hollandaise-peas-Jerusalem Artichoke-in-chili-Xiaoshing-broth-whatsonthelist Lobster-medallions-Sichuan-hollandaise-peas-Jerusalem Artichoke-in-chili-Xiaoshing-broth-whatsonthelistDemon Chef Alvin Leung’s ENTREE 3 Lobster Medallion with Sichuan Hollandaise, Peas, Jerusalem Artichoke in Chili and Xiaoching Broth

What a lovely combination dish with the succulent and perfectly cooked, Kangaroo Island Ferguson Australia lobster. I enjoyed how the broth “made with love” brought all the ingredients in the dish together.
Slow-cooked-whole-abalone-salt-water-duck-liver-whatsonthelistI am a big fan of duck and this dish had a beautiful fan presentation with healthy greens and a sauce that “intrigued” me.

Last, but certainly not least, was Executive Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyle’s DESSERTS course of Grand Cru 64% Dark Chocolate texture, Raspberry, Sichaun Pepper and Vanilla
What an “elegantly excitable” dessert to finish off this 8 Chefs 8 Recipes VIP tasting of the eight course degustation menu that was being served at the event for me!

They say, “One has to go, in order to return!”

While this inaugural Asia in SA 8 Chefs 8 Recipes #CookingForCharity in Adelaide has just been, I can’t wait for next 8th of August 2016 when Asia in SA 8 Chefs 8 Recipes #CookingForCharity will be held again!

In closing, I would like to share Chef Jeffrey Tan’s words about SUCCESS and its true meaning to all who contributed for “Cooking For Charity” Initiative by Chef De Cuisine Jeffrey Tan!:

“Reflecting on the weekend’s successful staging of Asia in SA Charity Gala Dinner, this is one way to look at our success

There is something SUCCESS is not

SUCCESS is not fame, money or power.

Success is waking up in the morning so exciting what you have to do, you literally fly out of the door. It’s getting to working with people you love.

SUCCESS is connecting with the world and making people feel.
It’s finding a way to bind people who may have nothing in common but a dream
And falling asleep at night and feeling that you have job done the best you could.

SUCCESS is joy, freedom and friendship

SUCCESS is love.

Thank you all, the participating chefs, the Organising Committee, the Sponsors, the volunteers and most importantly the two most wonderful ladies Susan Lee and Roslyn Foo supported by their spouses (Wahtong Lee and Daniel Limmy) – our unsung heroes. From the bottom of my weak heart, thank you and God bless you all.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your friend.

I send my brotherly love to all.”

I would love if you could spread the word of Asia in SA 8 Chefs 8 Recipes #CookingForCharity today!

121 thoughts on “Asia in SA 8 Chefs 8 Recipes #CookingForCharity

  1. Adrienne says:

    What a great cause! I’m always so fascinated by self-taught chefs. It’s so neat to see him giving back to the community and giving other people opportunities that they would have otherwise not had.

  2. Katie Reed says:

    What an awesome idea to raise money for charity. I love anything food related and these dishes look like they came straight from a chef on a reality cooking competition.

  3. Katarina K says:

    This looks like amazing event with a good cause. I would definitely visit it! Also, the food is simply divine!

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    I don’t believe I have ever been to a food event before, but sounds like it would fun and exciting! Maybe someday I’ll go to one. 🙂

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  13. Krystal says:

    Those dishes are so unique. What exactly is kangaroo fillet? Is it what it sounds like? I didn’t know that you could eat them! LOL I learn something new every day! What a daring idea for a meal.

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    What a wonderful event! I’d love to be a taster for that but mostly for that dessert. YUM!

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    You lucky duck! I would love to have been able to attend something like this! And I would’ve wanted to sample EVERYTHING!

  21. upliftingfam says:

    That is so cool that you got to go to an event like this. Wow an 8 course meal. I would be super stuffed by the end.

  22. Lynndee says:

    Kudos to those chefs for making a difference. I totally admire people like them. That kangaroo fillet looks good. I think I would like to give it a try. 🙂

  23. Kathy says:

    Interesting foods! They all look delicious though! I love that they’re doing this for a cause. That’s always so nice!

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    Oh wow – these dishes look absolutely amazing! And I love that all of these chefs came together for such a wonderful cause. It sounds like an amazing event filled with a lot of delicious food!

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    I love that they all come together for a great cause. Putting everything aside for charity and coming together as a group is amazing! Looks like some great work.

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    Wow, what an experience!! The presentation of the food is jaw dropping which I guess is to be expected with the caliber of chefs. Lucky you!

  33. Dogvills says:

    It must have been so exciting to attend this event, especially that they are doing this for a great cause. I bet all the signature dishes were delicious. I would love to attend an event like this.

  34. This is a nice collaboration of powerful chefs. It’s also good that this was for a good cause.

  35. I just love to read about people who go out of their way to share their talents and success for a good cause. I am so amazed at the wonderful creations they came up with. It looks so good! (But their kind hearts are even better.)

  36. Heather says:

    What a great cause and I’m sure just an awesome event to attend and learn about. All the dishes sound great, but one question, why do they call it a degustation menu? Seems like a weird word when you are talking about food.

  37. It would be so much fun to be in attendance for this.

  38. Jenny says:

    I have always wanted to attend an event like this!! So much amazing looking food and what a fun event to attend!

  39. Melissa says:

    This sounds like a great cause and it’s nice to hear about the good things in the world these days. I’m not so sure that I would have tried the kangaroo though, I just pet one last week at a farm in Iowa and there isn’t enough time in between the petting and the eating for me to give it a go. lol Although I thought I would never eat venison and now it is almost the only meat I eat anymore.

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  42. Ricci says:

    All of this food looks delicious! I want to try the seafood popcorn!! YUM!

  43. Maureen says:

    Bravo for Cooking for a Cause! I hope there will be more events like this in the future. The food looks delicious and the chefs are truly passionate about their master pieces and for helping others. Winners!

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  48. I can see why that event sold out so quickly. I would have definitely made a point to be there.

  49. sign4baby says:

    How awesome of these chefs to come together for a good cause! It looks like they went all out on the dishes they chose to cook up too. The duck was presented so beautifully.

  50. What a wonderful event. I can only imagine: 8 great chefs under one roof, supporting each other and also others. I am familiar with cooking for charity. Growing up in Indonesia, I and my family prepared hundreds of meals and distributed it to the poor people. It gives me a sense of fulfillment; knowing that my presence in this life can help others to thrive. I hope more chefs (and also people from different kind of background) will join this cause!

  51. What an amazing charity event! I love that so many different chefs were able to come together for such an amazing cause! That is a fast sell out time for any event, and the food all looks amazing!!

  52. I can’t believe how quickly they sold out the event! That kind of commitment to a cause tells you a lot about the quality of the event and the quality of the cause. It’s great to see people coming together to support something bigger than themselves – and it sounds like a delicious way to support a cause. Good job all around.

  53. So great to get a group together like this for a good cause. It’s great when leaders from an industry come together to do an event like this! Nicely done!

  54. What an amazing event, these amazing chefs getting together for an even more amazing cause.

  55. Jacob Fu says:

    That looks like such a great event! And the creations looked spectacular! Definitely drooling over it.

  56. What a great opportunity, especially since it’s for a great cause! These looked like such interesting dishes!

  57. Michele says:

    This really does my heart good to know that there is an initiative out there started by and supported by chefs for charitable purposes only. I can fully understand them wanting to make sure the proceeds go to the charities and help who they are supposed to be helping. My hats off to all of them!!

  58. Jeanette says:

    WOW! I would love to go to something like this! Seeing this many chefs in one spot AND you get to try their food! What a great opportunity!

  59. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I can see why the event sold out so fast. It sounds like a ton of fun to watch! I would have loved to have gone.

  60. Jeffrey Tan says:

    It all started with a dream. A dream to provide an additional avenue for Rotarians and partner to have an enjoyable time in Rotary – the fine food and fine wine way. Fundraising was only a secondary consideration at that time. Nine years later, this by-product has now raised and/or helped to raise some A$2.5m for various charities including Alzheimer’s Australia, Prostate Cancer, Children with Disabilities, OTIS Foundation, Rotary Foundation, Bank of Melbourne – Neighbourhood Foundation….

    I am truly blessed to having the continuous support of a group of some 25 most dedicated Executive Chefs and the many more volunteers with whom I called them my “Unsung heroes” who followed me around Australia and overseas mainly in Asia to cook for charities.

    None of us are paid for our services. We provide our time, energy and effort to cook up a storm when needed.

    One of the factors of our success is that we will never get involved in any money matters. We leave it to various Service Organisations such as Rotary International to handle it. We would request however, that we must see that money has actually been donated as agreed.

    Likewise, we thank companies which come to our support, in kind and in so many ways.

    I would like to thank “Asia for SA” for the opportunity to be part of this hugely successful, most enjoyable and rewarding and to some a life changing event on 8 August 2015 at Intercontinental Adelaide.

    To the Asia in SA Committee, thank you
    To the participating chefs, thank you
    To the guests and supporters, thank you
    To the volunteers, thank you
    To the sponsors, thank you and
    To you all, Thank you.

    God bless you all.

    As for the culinary creation on Saturday, one of our objectives is to dare to be different, to create outside our boundaries, to look outside our comfort zone and I trust we have managed to inspire.

    Chef de Cuisine Jeffrey Tan
    IPF Culinary Consultancy Services

    • Thank you so much Chef Jeffrey Tan and I am truly blessed and humbled to have been invited to this event thanks to Asia in SA and in becoming aware of your initiative to make a difference in the world and to people’s lives! Thank you!

  61. Liz Mays says:

    It’s so cool hearing from true masters of cooking! It’s no wonder this event sold out so quickly.

  62. What a fantastic charity event! It must have been so exciting to taste dishes made from these world renown chefs!

  63. anglemoine says:

    What a wonderful event & great cause! All the dishes look stunning and delicious!

  64. What a wonderful event to support such a worthy cause! It must have been so amazing to attend, Joanne! The food looks just incredible. I think the Lobster Medallion dish is my favourite.

  65. What a privilege to be involved in such a worthy cause Joanne! And each dish truly portrays “art on a plate!”

  66. I so agree, success is joy, freedom, friendship and love. What a wonderful event!. So many perfect bites picutured!

  67. lydiaf1963 says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to dine with like minded people united for a common cause. I would have loved to try the crab with the popcorn.

  68. I am all for Cooking for a Cause or in this case Cooking For Charity. Everyone put their heart and soul on a plate.

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