Arrrrrg-ubly The Best Pirate Parrrty by Faaaaar


September 24, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Wine-grog-grub-whatsonthelistAHOY mateys! Come on board with me post today!

Avast! (means Stop and Give Attention or Notice to) the Pirates Grog & Grub!

Can ye hear the music too?

Please say it is not a pirate curse that has been put on me!

Not only did I dream about pirates last night after the parrrty, but I sung almost every pirate song I knew throughout the night!

Courtesy of South Australian Community Manager Chloe of Yelp Adelaide Princess What? and Princess Oriana of Adelaide Hidden Gems – Squared Mile Squared Tour fame were “me swabbies for the night.”
Swabbies or Swabs is a crew member who mobs the deck using a swab.

The celebration was for Yelp Adelaide’s first birthday!

I can HARDLY wait for next year’s! lolYelp_Pirate_Parrrty Adelaide_Yelp's Pirate Paarghty_6                                                         Photos Courtesy of Rip It Up

So now that ye hav’ ye Pirates Treasure Map, I hope ye will enjoy how me swabbies and me uncovered the Grog & Grub buried treasure and scored ourselves a spot on the Pirate Popeye high seas; well sort of! lol

Honestly, the “canivale atmosphere” made you want to “walk the walk” (yes, we walked the gangplank (ramp between a ship and a pier; in this case the door lol) and “talk the pirate talk” (which is NOT difficult to do! lol)

After all, not only was this event about a birthday celebration, a fun-filled food adventure, but was for a wonderful charity that I am also passionate about, OzHarvest.

Loved the eye patches on sale, the swabbie names electronically generated and the pirate tattoos!

To get our swabbie hearts pumping, The Timbers Band & Astro Cobalt’s contemporary Bluegrass style music lifted our landlubber’s day! (person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing)
Pirate-band-party-whatsonthelist“Why not start with dessert?” Princess What? suggested to me!

Onto finding the Fakery Bakery Cupcake Loot!

Who would find it first?

Princess, um, I mean swabbie What? lol or Princess, um, swabbie
Oriana or ME?
Pirate-vegan-cupcake Vegan-cupcakes-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Healthy-vegan-cupcakes-whatsonthelist
We were then asked, “Hav’ ye been Thistle Be Good Pirates today?”

We all looked at each other and didn’t know what to say! (in a fun way!)

It was then me swabbies and me learned of Thistle Be Good’s Pirate Quinoa, Pirate Aracini and the company’s other products and local South Australian history!
Quinoa-healthy-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Rice-quinoa-balls-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Happy Little swabbies we were, when we found (and got rewarded) by pies, pasties and quiches from local South Australian Artisan Perryman’s Bakery!
Pastry-Adelaide-bakery Quiche-mini-Adelaide-bakery Can ye HEAR “me Pirate S-Q-U-E-A-L” on the day?

More treasure to discover, please continue to enjoy this post today!

Mama Pierogi’s  with their “traditional European style pierogi” was “well worth the wait” to find, TRUE!

Without starting a local South Australian pierogi pirate war (lol), Mama Pierogi’s spinach and feta, cheese and potato were “ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS” and “the best” my swabbies and me have tried; between us three with pierogi, we all have a long history!

Me swabbies asked that I  thank Mama Pirate, Papa Pirate and Baby Bear Pirate for their WONDERFUL hospitality!
Pierogi-business-Adelaide Pierogies-cheese
Sitting Ducks Cider made with 100% Adelaide Hills apples YELLED out to me swabbies and me!

The cider YELLED, “Taste me!!! Taste me!!!”

Sitting Ducks Cider refreshed the worst pirate thirst, that was “not to sweet” and us pirates LOVED that the apples (and comes in Pear Cider called Peary) is  “locally sourced, locally produced in South Australia!”

You will just HAVE to taste it for yourself as the taste (based on this pirates taste buds) is made “quite uniquely.”

Me swabbies and me found our “liquid gold” buried treasure at Hither and Yon,TRUE!

We were greeted very warmly by the very professional, very friendly, very knowledgeable about wine, Hither and Yon wenches.

I also enjoyed learning more about Hither and Yon’s reds and whites, and their South Australian family owned business in McLaren Vale history!
Hither-Yon-Adelaide-winery Wine-piratesApologies in advance for the name of Malcolm’s female pirates, perhaps it is
just me?

Malcolm being half the team of The Brothers Leask; Malcolm works in the retail liquor, wine trade in Australia and overseas, on the corporate and private sides of the business and of course hospitality.
Joanne-Malcolm-pirates“Seek and ye Shall find,” Malcolm said to me swabbies and me.

If people can’t get to their cellar door, don’t to get Pirate “hot & bothered,” just “Call, Email or Tweet.”

All inquiries will be welcomed by Malcolm The Smiling Swashbuckler and his Hither and Yon family.

High Flint’s Hughsli’s Pirate Scroggin’ was easily found and he shared his “very passionate and enthusiastic” knowledge about his company’s “top-quality” “local and hand crafted” food products, which include cereals, nuts and bars from Hughsli’s kitchen in Adelaide, South Australia.

I think me swabbies and me are finding our treasure per our Treasure Map “Swashbucklingly!”

I know it’s not a word, but “sounded” like a word a pirate might say spontaneously! lol

Buskers and bands entertained our “Merry Band of Pirates” too!
Pirate-band“THE PIRATE POPEYE!!!!!!”, my swabbies and me S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D when we found we won free tickets to board the South Australian icon, Popeye  Bacardi Oatheart Rum or Birbeck’s Brewing Company’s Beer Boat (please don’t make me say that three times fast! lol) when checking in on Yelp Adelaide’s App! The Yogurt Shop’s Pirate Yogurt naturally attracted me swabbies and me!
Pirate-crowd-AdelaideI personally LOVE the Yogurt Shop’s products, especially their store at the Adelaide Central Markets; they are “Berry, Berry” nice and did I mention healthy?
Yogurt-berries Mr. Darcy’s Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Balls by Delectaballs was a “TREMENDOUS Pirate find!”

David’s secret Pirate recipe for his Pork & Fennel Sliders in a Vodka Bacon Rose Sauce was “Delectaball-y Delicious” and was a Pirate grub “one-of-a-kind!”

For those readers overseas who may not be familiar with the food truck culture in Adelaide, Mr. Darcy (the name of the food truck) houses Delectaballs (the ONLY meatball food truck) and has a unique history!

These definitely got the Pirate Two Thumbs up from me swabbies and ME!
Delectaballs-Dave Delectaballs-Adelaide-food-truck Thank you for getting to the end of the Arrrrrg-ubly The Best Pirate Parrrty by Faaaaar today!

Blimey! (Exclamation of surprise) will ye look at the time, how fast it did go!

Down the gangplank went me swabbies and me!

What a “Pirate Buried Treasure Pleasure” Yelp Adelaide’s first birthday turned out to be!

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Pirate comments WILL delight me merrily!

15 thoughts on “Arrrrrg-ubly The Best Pirate Parrrty by Faaaaar

  1. Hehe I do love a theme! Although I’ve never done anything pirate themed…;)

  2. Great recap Joanne! It really was a most enjoyable afternoon 🙂

  3. danapny says:

    This looked like it was soooo much fun! That looks like my kind of party with LOADS of personality!! 🙂

  4. Eva Taylor says:

    Looks like a fantastic time! And good eating too!

  5. peacefulnightdove says:

    What a wonderful paaarrrggghty!!! 😀

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