Where Can You Find Argentinian Paella in Adelaide


August 24, 2015 by Joanne T Ferguson

Where Can You Find Argentinian Paella in Adelaide?

At Gaucho’s Argentinian Char-Grill Restaurant located on Gouger Street in Adelaide of course!

For those who may not be familiar with Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant, it is a family owned South Australia business, with brothers Joe and Tony “at the helm.”

Hailed as “one of Australia’s pioneering Argentinian restaurants,” Gaucho’s “is one of South Australia’s most successful, award-winning restaurants” established in 1988 and is synonymous with “amazing char-grilled steaks.”

I can already hear you ask, “If Gaucho’s Argentinian Char-Grill Restaurant is know for its amazing steaks, why are they serving Argentinian Paella?”

A good question today!

Courtesy of owners Joe and Tony, and by invitation by Belinda of Neon Moose, I was invited to a Bloggers Dinner to experience the launch of Gaucho’s new Summer Menu, which features Argentinian Paella aka Paella De Mariscos, which includes “a wonderful, selection of South Australian seafood,” married with Calaspata rice, aged chorizo, with their own special family recipe, saffron, paprika and white wine!

Let’s get started on the sampling of foods, eh?
Antipasto-platter-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistI don’t know about you, but I enjoy starting a meal with an antipasto platter, as I think it is a “warm and welcoming” “starting conversations at the table” type of dish!

This Picada Con Berenjenas en Escabeche consisted of a selection of local South Australian salumi and house charcuterie with pickled eggplant, mustard and crostini.
You could taste the quality of the ingredients with every indulgent bite and the thinly sliced oxtail was an unusual delight, as it literally melted in my mouth! The slightly sour pickled eggplant, combined with the variety of cured meats, mustard and crostini, provided quite a variety of great tastes and textures.

Can you smell the Artisan Sourdough bread from where you are? I must admit I am a “dipper and a dunker” when it comes to “beautiful warm bread right from the oven,” as this was accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and organic sea salt; Olivia – warmed mixed olives with chili, paprika, lime and tequila were “a lovely starter” for me! The Beurrot 2013 Pinot Gris served was from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia and provided a “crisp, fresh, fruity” taste that was very refreshing; good choice!
Bread-dips-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Pinot-gris-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistI enjoy when you have a group of food bloggers together and or people who really appreciate and enjoy food and wine! When the Provoleta (a vegetarian dish) was served in a terracotta dish baked with melted cheese, roasted peppers and green chimichurri sauce, we all tried our best to guess what cheese was used and when the waitress explained it was provolone, several of us did the “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” thing! This dish is best enjoyed while it is still piping hot, so one can “dunk and dip” their sourdough bread through the “ooey gooey” richness of the provolone cheese, combined with the roasted peppers and sauce! A good combination dish that did please!


Talking about sauce, Joe and Tony shared that what started off “as a kitchen creation,” has now resulted in a partnership with Beerengberg Family Farm, a local South Australian company, with “two of the most sought after products on the menu – the Chimmi and Diablo sauces.”; GUESS what came home with our group “as a courtesy” from Joe and Tony! South Australians, don’t despair, as you can now purchase the sauces online or at your local Foodland and other selected stores. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
The Empanadas de Carne aka traditional Argentinian pastries were filled with a “delightful and unique” combination of beef, olive, eggs and raisins! The pastry was “light and flaky as can be!” HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I loved that Tony shared the char-grilled pork and fennel Chorizo sausage is made “by a local butcher,” combined with their family secret spice recipe! Of course, what kind of food blogger and food lover would I be, if I didn’t ask them to share their family recipe? Psst…it’s still a secret! The quality and char-grilled taste of the chorizo sausage was thoroughly enjoyed with each bite!
Sausage-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistThe Bife de Chorizo 450 grams, grain fed New York Strip from Riverina, New South Wales, was aged 42 days and literally melted in my mouth! It was perfectly seasoned and done exactly how I love steak! The “juicy and delicious” steak, when combined with the chimichurri sauce, was a match made in “steak and sauce” heaven!
Steak-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistThe chorizo sausage and steak were enjoyed with both this 2011 Chianti Colli Fiorentini, a “fine and fruity, dry Chianti” with a unique flavor combination that compliments both of these dishes; RECOMMEND

I don’t want to give all of Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant’s food/wine secrets away, but I would suggest you try the 2010 Marcelo Pelleritti Reserve Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina!
Chianti-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistChianti-Malbec-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistThe feature on the night was indeed Paella de Mariscos; filled with a wonderful selection of fresh seafood, the dish can be ordered for a minimum or two or four people to enjoy! I can honestly say it is the best Paella I have tasted in a very long time and certainly since my arrival in Australia in 1997! The seafood was all cooked to perfection and I particularly enjoyed the prawns and calamari. The dish was perfectly seasoned with the subtle hint and flavor of the saffron/paprika combination and the aged chorizo provides an additional smokiness taste! The presentation is very appealing, but it is a very, very generous serving; this dish would serve 4 people!
Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Argentinian-paella-seafood-healthy-delicious-Adelaide-whatsonthelistThe Summer Menu selections were served with Calabaza – roasted butternet pumpkin with smoked butter and spiced pepitas, as well as Brocoli – fried broccoli with anchovy, chilli, garlic, pan grattato (breadcrumbs) and parmesan.
Roasted-pumpkin-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelist Broccoli-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistLast and certainly not least, was the warm Churros served with a choice of salted caramel sauce and raspberry sauce; salted caramel sauce was my choice!
Churros-Argentinian-paella-Adelaide-whatsonthelistGaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant has been successful in creating amazing steaks for 25+ years!

They are still around and Joe and Tony pride themselves “offering an unrivalled culinary experience” in South Australia!

While Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant is known for its steaks and wonderful hospitality, there’s a new dish in town on the Summer Menu, which expands “the passion and love” of their award winning restaurant — Argentinian Paella!

Bring your Appetite and enjoy!

Which of the above Summer Menu dishes would you like to try?

Where Can You Find Argentinian Paella in Adelaide:

Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant 2015
91 Gouger Street, Adelaide, South Australia
Telephone: 08 8231 2299

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116 thoughts on “Where Can You Find Argentinian Paella in Adelaide

  1. Joanne, I’m now making a second comment here! I was just passing by this restaurant the other day- I’m determined to order their Paella- looks so good!

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    This looks awesome! I would love to give it a shot and try it for myself. I love seafood too!

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    I love wine with meat and cheese platters. Yummmm. I am also a big fan of Chorizo meat. There is just something about a good quality Chorizo that really makes the meal that much better.

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    The food looks so amazing! I have never heard of Gaucho’s but I would love to go there. I wouldn’t be able to try the seafood because I have a shell fish allergy , but I could sample everything else. It looks like you had a great time and thank you for sharing.

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    As a Latina with some Spaniard roots I definitely love my paella and I am a huge seafood lover of course! I will definitely check out Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant when I visit Adelaide, thanks so much for this neat heads up! Wish I was there!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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    So many delicious looking foods in one post!

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    The first photo of the pasta dish looks good too even though I haven’t had clams before. As long as the clams are cooked, I’d be willing to try them. I just don’t eat raw food, ewwww.

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    This food looks absolutely amazing! I do’t live close to this restaurant, but it is one worth checking out when I do! My dad loves Paella this would be a great place for him to try it!

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    I’ve never had Argentinian food but everything sure does look delicious. The appetizer plate with the salami & bread (my weakness) yum! Love me some seafood and the rest of the meals also look divine!

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    OMG, Joanne! That food looks delightful, and I’m a vegetarian, so that’s saying something : -)

    You had me at ‘artisan sourdough bread’ then you showed me that Provoleta! I have no chance of getting such a thing in Denmark, so I’m going to investigate a recipe to try myself. Roasted butternut is one of my favorite autumn vegetables, and I’ll bet the smoked butter made it even better! And those churros… and salted caramel sauce? I can only imagine how great that was!

  56. *drool* Looks so yummy that I’m seriously thinking about adding Adelaide to my travel-around-Australia-plans. I haven’t had Argentinean paella, but have had plenty of Spanish which is obviously amazing. Do u know the difference between the Argentinean and Spanish?

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    I love Churros, but I have never had them served with a sauce before. I think I have been missing out. Raspberry sauce…YUM!

  60. Gee, I remember eating there in the late 1980’s- amazing they are still going strong. I remember they served huge platters of meat that was sizzling as it was brought to the table. Their variety of food looks amazing! Thanks Joanne..

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