Are You Curious What Time It Is To Enjoy A Healthy Snack?


September 11, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Quinoa-apricot-jpgAre You Curious What Time It Is To Enjoy A Healthy Snack?

I know I am as based on my food lifestyle, there is not always “healthy option snacks” readily available when I am traveling and or for a day when I am “about and about” on the run!

Courtesy of The Good Oat Company from Clare Valley, South Australia, I got to “Meet their Five delicious flavors”, each introducing themselves to me in a “unique way!”

As you may remember reading recently via Do You Feel The Clare Valley Food and Wine Love Today thanks to Clare Valley Cuisine, the owners and all members involved in Four Leaf Milling very warmly welcomed our group and me!

Four-leaf-owners                                           Rosemary and Gavin Dunn

Four-leaf-owner              Phillip Dunn ; his partner Kathy was camera-shy on the day

Four Leaf Milling have been providing Australia with quality certified organic Australian grain products for generations.

“Phillip Dunn who is manager of Four Leaf Milling and managing director of Good Oat Company saw a need in the market place for a fully certified Australian product that is healthy any time snack.”

“What flavors do they come in?”, I “hear” you ask?

I can see you are “keen and eager” in learning more today!

In no particular order, there is the Natural (just like me lol) which is a blend of organic oats combined with the ancient grain Quinoa!

I loved the cinnamon taste (which I think enhances the flavor of any dish or snack) with a touch of sea salt.

I don’t know about you, but with my food lifestyle, this organic Oat Snack is perfect for me when I am traveling, while on the road with my busy lifestyle, or when FANG (one of my many food nicknames) simply gets hungry!

Sometimes, there are not a lot of food options that suit my food lifestyle and on two occasions, I can vividly remember being stuck at the airport at an ungodly early hour, only to find few kiosks and cafes were open.

While I try and choose “the best of what’s available,” on this particular occasion, it was a double size bag of cashews (for $15.00+) and what I didn’t eat had to be discarded as I could not take the open bag on the plane as it was restricted; wasting food (as you know), is a big pet peeve for me!

While I am not gluten-free, there seems to be a lot of people worldwide who are and whether out to lunch or dinner with gluten-free friends, I continue to hear the same “story theme” about not being able to find quick, healthy options, especially during their busy days too!

Oat Free has a “deliciously creamy taste” that is gluten-free!

I think people would agree, Organic Rice, Buckwheat, Millet, Amaranth, Quinoa, Linseed which also contains Apricots, Sultanas, Raw Sugar, Sea Salt and my favorite Cinnamon is “a healthy combination” of ingredients indeed!


On another occasion, I vividly remember when Chef Georgio and I were traveling in the South Island of New Zealand in a camper van and it was BEYOND freezing cold, making stopping anywhere (other than for petrol) impossible.

For anyone who has been to the South Island of New Zealand would know one could literally drives for hours without seeing another car or person; a bit spooky!

Unless one is “fully stocked” with food, when one finally finds somewhere to stop in one of the many small towns, most people just eat because they are hungry and what’s available; which may not be the healthiest foods.

I wish we could have had these Good Oat Company snacks which are good not only for breakfast, or lunch, but when one wants a healthy snack during the day!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I snack regularly!


Perhaps you too need a boost during the day?

I enjoy how the Good Oat Company named each of the flavors, which their “delicious energy boost” Oat Snack is called Vitality!

Don’t say I did not warn you in advance, when you are in the mood for an Oat Snack Temptation!

Will you be able to resist the “rich taste of luxury” with Organic Oats, Sultanas, Raw Sugar, COCOA and Sea Salt?

Before you ask (as can FEEL how inquisitive you are today), all of The Good Oat Company‘s Australian Riverland dried apricots, peaches and sultanas are “naturally dried” and do not contain sulphur; their organic almonds are also “sourced locally.”

Perhaps you would like to experience a little Indulgence?

Would “a rich coconut flavor” with dried fruits and nuts make your day?

All of the Five delicious flavors are sulphur and dairy-free.

“How do I know the products are organic?”, I “hear” you ask?

“The logo is recognized by the Australian Organic Standards for organic products. A stringent certification audit is carried out by the Certifying organization each year.”

I bet you are curious can you only use boiling water?

You can use hot or cold milk, but of course the taste will be different than if you used hot boiling water.

I was interested to learn (and in keeping with the Good Oat Company‘s philosophy), there are many ways to recycle the cups.

You can use them to grow seeds on a windowsill or perhaps your collection of pens needs to be organized in a holder?

Perhaps you can suggest another way the cups may be recycled to me?

The Good Oat Company welcomes people contacting them about their products, to answer questions etc.

With a “quick click,” one can check local stockists, contact The Good Oat Company by email and they can post their products throughout Australia per Australia Post.

Every variety of their Oat Snacks is high in fibre and is low GI, but did you know oats and oatmeal “help strengthen the immune system and helps lover cholesterol which reduces the risks of heart disease?”

When is the best time for YOU to enjoy a healthy snack?

Would you like to try one of these Oat Snacks today?

Which variety most appeals to you?

If you could create a future flavor, what would it be?

Do you have any questions about the products for The Good Oat Company and or me?

Thank you again to the Good Oat Company for this fun-filled healthy snack opportunity!

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19 thoughts on “Are You Curious What Time It Is To Enjoy A Healthy Snack?

  1. savoryexperiments says:

    I’d certainly give this a whirl! I’m always on the look-out for a healthy and easy snack, especially at work. I like that these can be served warm- perfect for a chilly winter day.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing such great posts. I only wish I lived in Adelaide, such terrific people and companies.

  3. Nice to have a stock of healthy snacks! Hope one day they’ll be in California!

  4. Oats are a wonderful healthy snack, and this looks great. I also like to make oatmeal balls where you mix together oats, honey, peanut butter, flaxseed, and chocolate chips.

  5. Great post, I am always looking for healthy recipes to add to my family’s meals, looks great 🙂 #saygdayparty

  6. Awesome blog post! Loving how your adding healthy and inspiring blog posts!

  7. I have steel cut oats every morning for breakfast, so I know how satisfying oats are. Happy to see you’ve found a healthful snack for yourself! Enjoy! 🙂

  8. I’ve been to the South Island of NZ and yes, it’s very cold and in parts, it can seem very isolated. I love how this product is organic and GF. What a great snack xx

  9. Winnie says:

    I’d looooooooove to try that oat snack. We love oat 🙂
    I wonder if I could get it here

  10. Is that product only available in Australia?

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