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May 24, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Stamford-Adelaide-whatsonthelistAre you now curious about As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do?

When I was little, I loved mirrors; it was not a vanity thing!

I used to ask the mirrors in the house (or really any mirror I past), “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the funniest one of all?”

I always thought it was funny that the mirrors never “really” spoke back to me, but I can keep myself amused for hours over the smallest of things!

Needless to say, the mirrors drew me in while recently staying at The Stamford Plaza Adelaide, conveniently located in the heart of the Adelaide Central Business District.

And yes, I just “had” to ask these mirrors was I the funniest of all too!

From the moment Chef Georgio and I arrived, the very warm, welcoming and professional valet opened my car door, and our stay started As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do!
Entrance-viewSignageThere are many packages available such as the The Absolute Escape, The Romance and Seduction (a popular package!), The Sunday Sleep In,  as well the Business Saver Package to name a few!

Depending on the package, Wi-Fi is available for purchase from the front desk for 40 cents a minute or $24.99 for 24 hours.

Valet parking fees are $40.00 a night.

Check-in was efficient and “pleasantly easy” with “the greeting host receptionist” providing answers and suggested solutions for any questions that came his way; I tend to ask questions.

“They say” initial impressions last a lifetime.

As we was staying in one of the newly refurbished rooms, the views, the personalized welcome message, wine and chocolates made our day!
Room-view Hotel-welcome Hotel-view Governers-houseFor those who are not familiar with the views, the “dome shaped arena” is the “new” and “iconic” Adelaide Oval which is now “an internationally renowned, world class venue home to cricket, football and other major sporting events and entertainment”; Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones’ concert is marked for later on in the year.

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre (one of my favorite venues) is Adelaide’s “best concert and entertainment” venue!

Government House is the oldest Government House in Australia and is home to His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce; the Governor of South Australia.

As part of the refurbishment, not only did I enjoy (and slept well) on the “body contoured” innerspring mattress covered with Egyptian cotton, but I particularly enjoyed the ceiling LED motion sensor lights as well as being placed underneath the bed side tables.

Have you ever been in a hotel, opening your eyes in the middle of the night and been a bit confused?

Do you normally keep the bathroom light on so if you have to make your way there throughout the night, so you will be able to see?

As soon as you get out of bed, these energy efficient lights come on and light a path; this was a “welcomed bonus” for me!
Hotel-room The bathroom ensuite was more than sufficient which included an energy saving water head shower.
BathroomThe amenities provided are by an Australian owned company named Duke & Preston aka Amenities Australia; shampoo, conditioner, soaps, shower cap, bath gel and body lotion were provided.
ToiletriesThen, there was this “funny” smiling photographer who was curious to see how a “funny” picture would come out in a mirror!

Did I not warn you about mirrors and me? lol
Photographer-whatsonthelistRaising guests awareness about saving energy and contributing to “Reduce your Carbon Footprint” is also As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do!

Guests are asked to participate in the GROW A GREENER FUTURE campaign which continues further supporting Adelaide as a “Green City of the Future.”

As part of this campaign, one needs to simply place this “recycled cardboard” card on your pillow so your room will not be serviced on the day.

As an “incentive,” people receive $10.00 off their food and beverage bill every day; offer applies with a minimum of a two night stay.
Eco-sign-greener-future-campaignThere are plenty room service dining options available for food and wine and I liked seeing the Stamford Plaza Adelaide What’s On In May Notice Board with Mini Bar, dining specials and information about upcoming events.
NoticeboardMini Bar prices were pretty standard with chocolates, nuts, berries and or potato chips as examples for $5.00; Soft drinks $5.00 with the little more pricier items of red wine (375 ml) $20.00 and beer $10.00.

Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy South Australian red wines.

South Australia is internationally known for its wines, it vineyards, it’s food and wine regions and I love vineyard views!
Joanne VineyardLocated on the ground floor, Cascades Cocktail Lounge was the perfect way for Chef Georgio and me to relax & unwind.

We especially enjoyed “appropriately relaxing music” followed by a soft “wonderfully played” piano in the background.
LoungeDid I mentioned the “magnificent Adelaide at night views?”
Oval-night-view Railway-stationAdelaide is “officially” called The City of Churches and unofficially The City of Arts Festivals.

In the top photo on the right hand side, you will see St Peters Cathedral in North Adelaide which is an Adelaide City landmark and part of Adelaide’s city heritage.

The “illuminated” building is the iconic Adelaide Railway Station also home to The Adelaide Casino.

I got mesmerized just enjoying a wine and enjoying the light show from our 11th floor view!

Are you a “sticky beak” (Aussie lingo for being curious) like me?

I love exploring and while checking out dining options such as TG’s Restaurant (located on the ground floor) and Ginza Miyako (located on the third floor), I uncovered and loved this “delicately crafted” tapestry.
I also love chandeliers and always think of the person or people who have to clean them.
Flowers-Stamford-Plaza-AdelaideChandalierI also met up and had a chat with my Chinese Guardian Lion friends; one of my nicknames is Dr. Doolittle too!
Statue-lion Lion-statueWhat things you find most important in staying at a hotel; free internet? personalized service? a variety of on premises dining options? free breakfast?

Please let me know, as I am genuinely curious.

Would you participate in the GROW A GREENER FUTURE campaign opting not to have your room serviced daily?

Look forward to hearing all about our dinner dining experiences at La Boca Bar & Grill;
“the only Argentinean restaurant to slow cook on the Asidor.” (fire pit.)
La Boca AsidorUpgrades and concessions were “graciously” provided by The Stamford Plaza Adelaide.

My thoughts, comments and review has not been influenced by the above.

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33 thoughts on “As Only The Stamford Plaza Adelaide Can Do

  1. Maureen says:

    I’ve often stayed in a Stamford Hotel and have never been disappointed. I’ve come to expect at least free wifi. 🙂

  2. Very lovely! I would definitely feel at home there:), someday my dream will come true. Sharing on twitter for you. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful place!!! If I am ever in Adelaide, I have added this to my list of places that I want to visit!. The view is spectacular!

  4. The hotel looks gorgeous, Joanne and I’m glad you had an enjoyable time. Not sure I like the sound of the $5.00 soft drinks but mini-bar prices in Oz tend to be way over the top. The view is stunning, especially at night. xx

    • Thanks Charlie as your comments always brighten my day! While I too am not a mini gal type, I have seen A LOT higher prices for mini bar items, especially water through fine quality hotels in Oz!

  5. Love the eco-friendly touches that benefit the hotel guest with $10 off food and bev, the hotel by reducing their eco footprint and our Mother Earth!

    • Thanks Louise and yes, I was very impressed for a large chain hotel and especially loved their detail to catering for special needs as the Stamford is a sponsor of the Novita Children’s and as such have very unique options available for families!

  6. This is such a beautiful place Joanne! Thanks for the tour!

  7. Wow looks like a Beautiful place, I so enjoyed reading about it!!!

  8. danapny says:

    Great photos Joanne, and what a lovely review! If I’m ever in town, I’d certainly want to check in at The Stamford Plaza #Adelaide as well!! 😀

  9. Fiona Rowlands says:

    Wow, it looks amazing!! If I ever get over to Adelaide I’m definitely staying there!!! 🙂
    Oh Joanne, I love your “mirror selfie!” Your passion and sense of fun and adventure really shines through!
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your review on the Stamford, well done….

  10. theninjabaker says:

    Gorgeous! I bet you feel like a rock star after a stay at the Stamford.P.s. Love the mirrors, too.

  11. What a lovely stay! Those chandeliers really can make you feel like you’re at a palace!

  12. Nancy Fox says:

    What a beautiful hotel. Great review Joanne!

  13. says:

    Hi ya! Oooooh, lala! What a wonderful mini vacation! 😀

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