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December 15, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

Oven-cleaning-review-whatsonthelistWhat IS a girl to do when one is WAITING (“patiently”) in Adelaide for her blog (which has been down for several days) to do?
Oh, have I let the secret slip out already?

What’s On The List has now “graduated” and taken the next logical step for its progress and has now become self-hosted.

Despite some initial “teething” difficulties, I am confident this is the way to go!

I HOPE you are AS excited as I am and look forward to heaps more how I will be able to interact with you!

A very big thank you to Maureen from Orgasmic Chef for her time and in answering heaps of questions; indirectly Maureen’s post Choose a GOOD Webhosting Company For Your Food Blogs parked the flame” behind the fire as only another Yank to a Yank can do! lol

What does this have to do with Adelaide Oven Clean A Foodie’s Kitchen Dream?, I “hear” you say?”

And there must be at least one person who noticed my featured photo and thought, “Is this a crime scene?”

Anyone willing to “fess up?”

Last year, after being “embarrassed” about “the condition” of my oven, I placed a “quick and convenient” call to Imi of Adelaide Oven Clean!
It was “the best oven cleaning call for help ever!”

Let’s keep it a secret between you and me….I LOVE entertaining, having many theme parties at home during the year, and think you KNOW by now HOW much I LOVE cooking and baking, so the oven is “well used!”
Oven-rack-whatsonthelist-greasyHOWEVER, right up there with ironing, cleaning the fridge, cleaning the oven is not one of my “kitchen participating sporting events” I most enjoy!

This is “not” a crime scene lol and no photos have been Photoshopped and or altered in ANY way!

My featured photo is what the door of my oven “looked” like and despite actually cleaning it many times (and using a boxcutter aka Stanley knife aka Utility knife), I could simply not get it clean!

While you are laughing “with” me (hoping you are laughing by now lol), here are some inside views:
Oven-view-whatsonthelist Oven-view-bottom-whatsonthelist I seemed to have “mastered” the art of spilling! lol

I think of “the condition” of the oven as it has been loved A LOT this past year!

I also found when I shared What’s In My Fridge thanks to Sonia from Natural New Age Mum via her Blop Hop, HEAPS of people worldwide (especially foodies) just understood and got heaps of emails from people worldwide thanking me for making them and their fridge “seem more normal” as one lady wrote! lol

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, as long as I am in “confession” mode, I thought if I was going to have a clean oven, then I would have a clean range hood as was embarrassed on its “condition” too!

Imi from Adelaide Oven Clean (last year and this year) made me feel like no job was too difficult to do and honestly, we both laughed at “the condition” of my oven (last year and this year) and my range hood too!
Rangehood-after-clean-whatsonthelist Grease-rangehood-whatsonthelist Underneath-rangehood-view-whatsonthelistI have tried to provide you with my “as accurate as I could photograph” view!

HOW does “the process” work and what about the toxic oven chemical fumes?, I “hear” you say?

You are asking good questions today!

Due to chemical sensitives, I can “assure” you one of my first questions to Imi at Adelaide Oven Clean was about the chemicals and combinations of chemicals he uses.

I can also “assure” you there are no fumes or nasty odors that linger; so was and is a BONUS for Chef Georgio and me!

You call Imi, and obtain a “very reasonable and economical” quote!

It’s a two-step process whereby Imi comes out the first day and sprays (chemicals are pet-friendly!)
The oven is sealed up overnight….
Oven-sealed-overnightThe next day Imi “works his magic” and honestly I am personally still in AWE as I watched every step of the way and I could not believe HOW easy Imi made it look!

I will say cleaning the oven is “tough work” when you are watching someone do it! lol

The stains, the spots, the splatter (oh sorry, was not a crime scene lol), the spills actually sent tingles of excitement down my spine as if it I was in an Adelaide Oven Clean A Foodie’s Kitchen Dream!

My dad always used to say, “It is not important to know everything, just know people who do!”

Honestly, I don’t know WHY anyone in Adelaide would want clean their own oven!

Think of the time it takes (YUK!), how MESSY it can be (YUK!) and you can never get it to that “brand new look and smell” like Imi GETS!

Ready for the TA-DA photos which has caused me to smile ever since!

Notice no grime or grease?
Oven-rangehood-view-grease-whatsonthelist Rangehood-after-whatsonthelist.clean Clean-oven-whatsonthelist Clean-oven-happy-whatsonthelistOven-door-clean-whatsonthelist Photographer-whatsonthelist-oven-clean I wonder WHO this strange women is who is taking a photograph in my kitchen and of my “very clean” oven? lol

Do you THINK I was and AM continuing to do the Adelaide Oven Clean A Foodie’s Kitchen Dream Dance?

Honestly, call Imi of Adelaide Oven Clean today!

With your time around the holiday season, don’t YOU have better things to do, people to catch up with and oh, let’s not forget that ironing too! *wink wink*, *nod nod*

The words, excitement and review are genuine and have not been influenced in any way (as I am already a repeat customer) by Imi’s Pre Christmas “gracious gesture” of cleaning my range hood.

What “household participating sport” is your least favorite?

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PLEASE tell me, has this been an Adelaide Oven Clean A Foodie’s Kitchen Dream?

18 thoughts on “Adelaide Oven Clean A Foodie’s Kitchen Dream

  1. Swati says:

    Our professional roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning services are unmatched as well as reasonably priced. We offer to beat any quote by 10%.

  2. Mark says:

    WOW! what a transformation! My oven is an absolute disaster, yes I am an avid entertainer as well but cleaning up the mess is not my forte…it’s that of my poor partners 😉 will certainly pass on the details to him so he can organise a nice shiney oven for me. Cheers, Mark 🙂

  3. Isn’t Maureen kind! She just goes around helping so many people and never expects anything in return. I loved my oven cleaning service and I’m so glad it inspired you to find someone to clean yours. The results are amazing. I was like you when taking a photo of my newly cleaned oven, it was so reflective it was difficult to not do a ‘selfie’ xx

  4. Wow, I normally clean mine myself, but i think I will get them to do it next time!!

  5. Winnie says:

    I honestly hate to clean the oven, but I loooooooooove when it’s shiny like yours 🙂

  6. I’m afraid to take a closer peek at my oven! Very neglected, but now I want it to shine like yours!!

  7. Wow that looks brand new again! 😀

  8. My ovens are begging for help…..!!! LOL!! I figure I will clean them after New year’s when ALL of the holiday stuff is over….my poor ovens and stovetop!! I feel so sorry for them – – I am one MESSY cook!!! ~Kelly from

  9. Louise Di Virgilio says:

    Your oven looks sooooooooo shiny!

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