How Curious Are You About Adelaide’s Willunga Wonders Tour?


May 19, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Willunga-wineyard-wine-Adelaide-whatsonthelistHow Curious Are You About Adelaide’s Willunga Wonders Tour?

I hope VERY, just like me!

For some background, you “may” remember as an Elite Adelaide Yelp Reviewer,  it gave me great pleasure in sharing Meet Me At St Louis and recently The Butterfingers Princess Tart And Hot Cross Buns Come to Adelaide.

This Willunga Wonders Tour GREATLY excited me as it was “an extraordinary way to explore the Willunga Food and Wine Region” here in Adelaide.

Before I start sharing the tour, I’d like to introduce you to our bus driver Chook from Chook’s Little Winery Tours; a colorful, entertaining Aussie larrikan. (Aussie lingo for someone who enjoys himself)

Chook added to the experience as seemed all of the Willunga locals knew Chook!

Tour-guide Tour-busOur first stop was The Green Room on High Street, a vegetarian organic cafe where we were warmly greeting by the owner Adam and his “very passionate” staff member Remedy!

It was very interesting to learn about the local food and wine community and how the locals pitch in to help each other demonstrating “sense of community!”

Remedy “very obviously” loves what she does and enjoyed learning more about organic foods, where they come from, the local Willunga markets that are held weekly and Remedy’s raw food demo on “how blissful balls can be!”
Remedy-passion Raw-foods Raw-food-bliss-ballThere were a lot of mmmmmmmmmmmm’s and aaaaaaaaaaaah’s going on around the room I can tell you!

With a short distance walk, our group entered the Willunga Leadlights and Glass Studio where our host Glenn shared his “artisan passion” for all things leadlight and glass!
Artist-GlennIt was extremely interesting learning more about “the process of blown glass” (which I have experienced before) and the “in-depth intricacies” of working with glass and Glenn’s creations.

I honestly was not aware HOW much time is involved in creating such pieces and now have a much better awareness and understanding why glass pieces have the price they do!

To me, there is no price on uniqueness, hand crafted and quality!

HOW exciting was the fact that Glenn provided our group with glass for us to be “as creative as can be” in creating coasters that after we left he would fire them, to be returned to us “as a memory.”
Glass-jpg Bit-pieces Artwork Artwork-dust Design-glassLook forward to the update how JTF’s turned out as you may know her as Joanne aka Joanna aka mickeydownunder aka FANG aka ME!

I particularly enjoyed Glenn’s “passion and smiles” in sharing a story about his favorite piece and how it came to be created. Due to the amount of work involved in it and the sentimentality, Glenn shared he will never sell it!
Artist-storiesHere were some of the pieces that were displayed in the studio.
Glass-blown Art-vase Art-vase-orange Vase-sailingBack on the bus we did go and onto The Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wine Company.

You might recognize the “absolutely gorgeous” view featured in the beginning of my post.

Joch and Louise were our hosts along with their four legged children who warmly greeted out group!

Our group was treated to a tasting of their organic “forget me not” semillon sauvignon blanc, where we then were led to their shed to learn more about French oak, American oak and unwooded barrels; samples of their young shiraz variety “made my day!”
Sav-Blanc-wineWinemaker Vines Joanne Wine-barrel Wine-barrels Winemaker-stories WineA special thank you to the my wine hand model KheShan as I always give credit when credit is due!

Back on Chook’s bus our group did go to High Street into Malcolm and Richard’s Hither and Yon and Pizza Kneads!

Hither and Yon is owned by brothers Malcolm and Richard and their aim is very simple: “respect our family’s work”  and “the way to achieve that is by sustainable grape growing.”

People who know me, know I, um, well LOVE South Australian wines; especially of the red variety.

When our group was presented with the opportunity to create our own GMS (Granache, Mataro, Shiraz blend) wine and be judged by Malcolm and Richard, I was in “wine heaven!”
Wine-tasting Wine-fireplaceThe nerves were on edge as Malcolm judged my blend, but it was “all about fun!”; just like me!
Malcolm-winemakerWhat better way to combine wine with pizza from Pizza Kneads (love the name) that was located in the back of the building from Hither & Yon!
Pizza-signHere out group not only “graciously” were provided with a variety of pizzas (yum!), but we also received a “hands on” lesson on how the pizzas are created with fresh, local ingredients as well as the history of the wood oven and “the technique of pizza placement, turning and removing!”; quite interesting to me!
Pizza-groupThanks KheShan Samantha T and Bruce L ; also pictured is our host at Pizza Kneads Gary!
Pizza-oven Pizza-tossingOur group learned “a lot” in a little amount of time as it seemed like time flew when we were here!

Not only did I love the wide variety of pizzas that were made by Gary, but he shared if people wanted to make their own at home, Pizza Kneads provides all of the ingredients to purchase; all flour, sauces, toppings are “made and grown” locally!
Pizza-bacon Pizza-lamb Pizza-Mediterranean Pizza-dough Pizza-sauceAussies LOVE their Vegemite (a yeast extract) as most Aussie children are virtually fed Vegemite from birth!

While I am not a big fan (having been born and bred in New York), I can attest the Vegemite and Cheese pizza was a BIG hit on the day with our group!

For the meat lover in me, it was The Clarice that won my heart with mild chilli and herb lamb, slow roasted tomatoes, parmesan, parsley and tzatziki garnish with my second favorite of BLT!

I guess when it comes to pizza, you can’t take the meat lover away from me!
Menu-pizza-whatsonthelistI would like to personally thank Gary for providing some “extra pizza snacks” for the bus ride home!

With our bellies full of “wonderful Willunga food and wines,” our tour came to “a sad but glad” conclusion on the day!

They say one needs to leave before one can return!

What an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, the BEST Elite Yelp Adelaide Event Day!

Which experience most appealed to you?

Did you learn anything new about the Adelaide Willunga Food and Wine Region today?

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14 thoughts on “How Curious Are You About Adelaide’s Willunga Wonders Tour?

  1. This looked like a fabulous tour, wow! Love discovering new places, even if they are only online 🙁

  2. auntbeesrecipes says:

    I am seriously DROOLING over those pizzas! This sounds like such an amazing place for a tour! I am so jealous of all these adventures you have been taking lately, but you sure do make us feel like we are along for the ride! SO fun to read! <3

  3. That was not your average winery tour. How fabulous that must have been Joanne. You need to use the photo of you as your profile photo!

  4. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    This tour sounded like it must have been incredibly fun. I will admit that the pizza and wine tasting probably would have been my favorite part :D, but raw foods, glass making and an entertaining bus driver such as Chook really rounded out the trip! Thanks for a fun armchair tour! 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    Oh I agree Joanne, what a great tour. Sounds like a lot of fun and I think the wine and then the pizza’s were the best part. Okay, I do love wine and pizza but I’m sure the food making and the glass blowing were pretty interesting too. I think being there in person brings it home more.

    Thanks for the awesome pictures and tour.


  6. How great is the tour! Those wood fired oven pizzas look fabulous 🙂

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