A Very Merry Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary


December 27, 2013 by Joanne T Ferguson

anniversaryHOW excited do you think I WOULD have been celebrating A VERY Merry #Christmas (where Father Christmas aka Santa Claus decides whether I have been naughty or nice) Happy 1st Blog Anniversary?

If there is any message to take away today from this post, it is that life doesn’t always turn out like we might like, but we get there in the end.

This post was delayed due to no internet connection by Telstra ;was “supposed” to be A Very Merry #Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary.

It “was” the one day to connect with family and friends worldwide and yup, thanks Telstra for this year taking that away from me.

Seeing my friends call me the Eternal Optimist, I am sending out “positive internet vibes” you WILL get to see A Very Merry #Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary post today!

I don’t know if it is just me, but when I started What’s On The List “for fun” ONE year ago, I honestly did not know what a blog was, what a blog did and was curious on Christmas Day (of all days) to “fiddle around” to see what I could do!

I am computer self-taught and wanted to see HOW difficult it would be to get a blog
“up and running” and within 1/2 hour (TRUE!), not only did I have my very first blog post, a photo, a recipe and then I waited! Shocked

I know it might “sound” silly, but I wanted to know would ANYONE out there in Computerland “actually” be interested in the fun-filled food adventures of ME! Laughing

Even though Slightly Naughty Mushroom Pate did not receive any comments, I DID receive HEAPS of emails (200+) worldwide cheering me on with people looking forward to what next I would do and were “as excited” as me that I started a blog!

To these people, I will always be grateful!
It was THEN, I caught “the blogging bug” and have not looked back ever since! Very HappyWhat would I write about, what would I do? Shocked

The BEST piece of advice I received (interestingly from a book publisher) was “just be yourself” and “have fun!”

I set myself some initial goals….
1) ALWAYS have fun; I do! Wink
2) Be true to myself; I am! Wink
3) No pressure or schedules; I had that MANY years ago when working; am happily “retired!” Wink
4) Try my best; I do! Wink

This past year has presented many exciting experiences and personal challenges; some of which are still pending, but they WILL be achieved and completed; very, very few (am thinking two) just not completed in the time frame I would have liked; they WILL be done! Wink

Not in any particular order, but I thought I would provide some highlights that were indeed special to me:

1) Happy 80th Birthday Mum’s Special Spice Cake #Bundta MonthpiccBFZ63— mum would be “tickled pink” smiling from the heavens above knowing her 4th generation handed-down recipe would be and continues to be shared worldwide; feel free to re-create mum’s recipe and brighten mum’s and my day! Very Happy

— the recipe was made and blogged via Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella‘s The Three Week Christmas Cake ; very special to mum and me; Lorraine did not know mum played Scrabble all the time! Check out Lorraine’s blog post; an omen from above indeed!

2) Lost and Found Dad’s Sinner and Saint Birthday Cakeimg_3840— dad “continues” smiling from the heavens above knowing I celebrate life (and birthdays Wink) everyday; dad taught me a GREAT life philosophy that I live by!

— it gives me GREAT pleasure that I have inspired people to make the cake as a worldwide tribute to my dad they never even knew; knowing HOW much my dad meant to me, people worldwide “feel” the love through this recipe! Very Happy

3) Lucky “Peeking” Peking Pork
— where I first introduced Princess Svetlana who is my best friend from primary school; I “knew” this post would make Princess Svetlana laugh and squeal with nostalgia having this “thing” about foods staring at us! Shocked

4) Lucky Lemon Chicken
IMG_0407— where I re-lived Princess Svetlana’s and my ordering at a Chinese restaurant when we were in primary school; and STILL believe that some foods (like Princess Svetlana and I) are indeed lucky! Wink

5) Curious WHAT made “The Campbelltown South Australian Community HOWL?”01112013014— by now, you know my PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for all things food and wine; love promoting the Flavours of Campbelltown Council Food Trail, local South Australian businesses and the Flavours of Campbelltown Council Food Trail producers who are PASSIONATE about their food and wines too; The Moonlight Markets are an initiative of The Campbelltown Council here in South Australia; my first experience was memorable! Wink

— this blog post has made it to The Campbelltown Council’s official report; has been saved for posterity; am humbled and honored; look forward to more “On The Trail” adventures in 2014! Very Happy

6) #Christmas Is All About Steamed Puddings, Custard and Cakes

IMG_7127— I had never made a steamed pudding or custard from scratch.
— you know by now how I love a food challenge; what a beautiful personal challenge this was with Herbie’s Spice of the Month (@Herbiesspices,#HerbiesSOTM, #Herbies) Mixed Spice; incorporating the challenge with *wink wink*, *nod nod* push to Queen Lou and her subsequent win made this post very special to me; please read the post to see why.

7) Sopa Castellana: The Daring Kitchen’s Cooks November 2013 Challenge
img_0268— was a bittersweet post as I LOVE participating in The Daring Kitchen Cooks and Bakers Challenges each month, but it was with joy and sadness this post was a tribute to Liz, Co-Founder of The Daring Kitchen who was an extraordinary person, generous of her time (she gave up her own blog to do The Daring Kitchen website); Liz touched a lot of people worldwide in ways that still cannot be expressed in words; a worldwide tribute was done via blog posts; lots of joy was expressed in being blessed to know someone like Liz; lots of tears were and continue to be shed, but we all know we are much better Cooks and Bakers because of Liz.

8) #Shortbread, #Shortbread #Shortbread
IMG_7286— without What’s On The List, I would not have connected with so many wonderful bloggers and people around the world who inspire me daily and touch me in various ways; through laughter and tears; love learning all things new when it comes to food; sharing/giving gives me one of the greatest pleasures in life; success to me is if I can brighten even one person’s day! Very Happy

Shortbread by Maureen from The Orgasmic Chef and Ginger Shortbread by Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella; without embarrassing both, I want to personally thank Maureen and Lorraine for everything they both have done (and continue to do) throughout the year; as am STILL in AWE of both of you and thank you (beyond words) for “cheering me along the way” and inspiring me in both of your own unique ways; Thank you! images9) Cuisinart Valentine’s Day Foodie Dream from The Heartrestaurantsydney— this blog post was not about the win, but unique friendships formed on Valentine’s Day; I KNOW, it was difficult to spend Valentine’s Day in a private cooking class with Matt Moran AND lunch at Aria Restaurant!Laughing Wink
— for those who know me (in real like Laughing), this trip was not only about the win, but for the personal “Mount Everest type” achievements ALL accomplished in those three days in Sydney; an experience I will never forgot; Chef Matt Moran, a very big thank you!

10) Food Conversations at *press food wineimg_56211— based on the above, I have been blessed to meet “an extraordinary lady” who I am privileged to call my friend; my friend Judy has a passion and zest for life and food; “Following a loss of a wonderful friend to breast cancer,” Judi works endlessly for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Volunteer Committee, Hobart;

Judy is one of the Foundation’s “highest fundraisers.”

I honestly didn’t know how this blog post would unfold after it being so anti-climatic in me sharing A Very Merry #Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary.

I want to thank each and every person who has supported me and my blog this past year and there are many wonderfully exciting projects in the pipeline in 2014 which I am S-Q-U-E-A-L-I-N-G already to share!

I have learned SO much in this past year, but most of all, it was in the sharing and caring of how food inspired my desire being united with fun food friends in an extraordinary way!

I think I will end here with a tear of joy today!

“Was there a cake in celebration of A Very Merry #Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary?, I “hear” you say?
Look forward to the Celebratory Cake blog post shortly coming your way! Wink

Psst….our secret….it looks more like a donut I think….you will have to decide…lol
Please feel free to share this post and if you are not currently following, please do via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. (click on the social icons on the right hand side of my home page) Thank you!
All comments brighten my day!Very Happy
Hope you enjoyed A Very Merry #Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Very Happy

11 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas Happy 1st Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary, Joanne! Happy Holidays and so happy to read about your goals for What’s On The List…Truly, what is the point at doing anything without joy? Thank you sooo much for the reminder =)

  2. Congrats on your milestone! I hope there are many many more in the years to come and that your blog is everything you want it to be! Cheers! ~Sue

  3. Well a happy 1st Blog Anniversary to you Joanne. So happy I did come across your blog, love reading your posts. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. peacefulnightdove says:

    Congratulations!!!!! And Happy (belated) First Anniversary!!!!!!! 😀 (Kelly from wildflourskitchen.com)

  5. Trudy says:

    Congratulations Joanne on your first year anniversary of your blog. Look forward to see your birthday cake photo.

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