8 Reasons Why Food Will Make You Smile Today! {PayItForward}


October 2, 2014 by Joanne T Ferguson

Say-Gday-Featured8 Reasons Why Food Will Make You Smile Today! {PayItForward}

I can easily think of more than 8 reason WHY food made me smile today, but 8 reasons for the sake of this post will have to do!

First of all, Natasha and I would like to personal thank everyone who supports our parties each week!

I do hope everyone has as much fun as Natasha and I do!

Last week, there were HEAPS of Say G’day Party “things” to catch up with behind the scenes, but look forward to me returning to this week’s party starting soon!

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You know me by now that I only party on the days that end in “Y”, so while I am
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Winetonight, I would also ask that you:

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Not in any order (as you know by now I don’t play favorites), I’d like to introduce you all to the above blogs that are featured by What’s On The List; all will be contacted personally and all can proudly share my “You’ve Been Featured” on What’s On The List badge on their blog should they wish to!

Say Gday Feature

Today, I decided to share these blogs as after all, food, eating and Pay It Forward experiences like real life, is “all about fun!”

Starting with the top left, Cindy from Little Miss Celebration‘s Honey Apple Pie Bowls ala Mode automatically took FANG’s eye, as I LOVE the combination of apple pie and especially a good vanilla ice cream!

I enjoyed how Cindy used these baking pan bowls to make her apple pie fun!

After all, isn’t this how fun is done?

Not only did Patty from Cooking On A Budget‘s Quick and Easy: Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes catch my eye, but after all, it IS Pumpkin season and with some food photos and recipes, does one REALLY need a reason?

“Quick and Easy!” …my mind then followed by saying, “YUM!”

Don’t you agree?

Can you smell Cody from A Dose of Paige‘s Apple Cinnamon Bread?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I swear I can smell the combination of apple and cinnamon anything from almost anywhere!

I can smell Cody’s bread right now!

In real life, (not that blogging life isn’t real lol), I have exceptional smell and hearing due to extraordinary circumstances!

I reckon in one of my MANY lives, I must have been a canary; certainly NOT for my singing abilities!

Did you know that bright yellow canaries were coal miner’s detection for methane gas and carbon dioxide?

If the canary didn’t sing aka died, the coal miner’s had to evacuation immediately.

At least in that life, like in this one, I try utilizing my skills and abilities to help other people; whether it is brightening their day and helping them to survive another day!

How could I go past Claire from The Simple, Sweet Life‘s Cooking-ing For A Cause with these cameo cookies!

Please head over to Claire’s post and check out why she created these cookies for a wonderful cause!

You might have remembered my “Russian Blini Invasion” from my last post Can You Believe The September Challenge Is Already Here?

Russian-blini-whatsonthelist Pancake-blini Breakfast-dessert-blini
Naturally, when I saw Kat from Home.Made.Interest‘s Dutch Baby recipe as shared via Real Housemoms, the “light, fluffy, not-too-sweet alternatives to pancakes” caught my eye too!

Have you ever heard of Navajo Tacos before?

Neither had I!

I always love learning things new and while I love tacos of any kind, it was interesting to see Bonnie from The Pin Junkie‘s Navajo Tacos made with fried bread aka sopapilla!

Hands up, who would like one now?

I better keep FANG away from these today; is all about fun…remember?

Being born and bed in New York, I miss going to Little Italy, I miss “authentic” Italian food!

I DREAM about cannoli, cannelloni, and calzones!

Did someone mention Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom‘s Easy Meat Calzones?

Ah oh, I am starting to smell the wonderful Italian food smells and can’t help but hearing Dean Martin (Dino to his friends like me), sing:

“When the stars make you drool
Just like a pasta e fasuli, that’s amore
When you dance down the street
With a cloud at your feet, you’re in love”

Aaaahhhh, I must be in love!

I just realized I have never made calzones at home and now sense they are “on the list!”

Last, but certainly not least is Anne from Upstate Rambling‘s Apple Spice Cupcakes with Caramel Sauce!

There’s THAT apple and spice combination going on, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE caramel sauce and can imagine (or have dreamed) myself being covered in ….. oh, I better stop here as this is a family friend sight!

Rest assured, I am blushing (which I do easily) and wish I could indulge in one (or two) of Anne’s cupcakes right now…YOU?

Do you prefer savory or sweet?

If you could choose “just one” of these to enjoy, which one would it be and why?

You have my curiosity today!

I ALWAYS read each comment and feedback as I do believe it is important what my readers share and say!

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18 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Food Will Make You Smile Today! {PayItForward}

  1. I pinned those Navajo Tacos as well. But I missed the Honey Apple Bowls a la Mode. Checking it out now!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, I love how you paid it forward to those other bloggers, Joanne. so many yummy recipes!! I love Navajo tacos and calzones!! Yum. Have a great day! #ibabloggers

  3. satrntgr says:

    I’m going to stay calm with some of those muffins – yum!!! #ibabloggers

  4. This post has caused me to toss the diet! I plan to try to recreate them in Gluten Free versions.:)

  5. I can’t stop staring at that dutch baby honestly 😀
    So many delicious links to check out!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. My mouth is watering! There sure were some delicious posts at last week’s party. I wonder what we will be seeing this Saturday!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  7. Hi Joanne, I especially like the Navajo Tacos recipe- I’ve been making a lot of Mexican food recently- it’s easy to ingredients in San Diego where I’m staying for awhile.

  8. Another great grouping of recipes from the linking party and thanks so much for including me!

  9. I’m drooling now-problem is I haven’t had dessert and I want it!

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